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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zetas Attack Police in Matamoros

Los Zetas on the offensive against the Gulf Cartel

A comando of heavily armed Zetas attacked the building housing the Ministry of Public Security in Matamoros, Tamaulipas on Wednesday June 9th. Matamoros is considered one of the main plazas and home territory of the Gulf Cartel.

According to unofficial information, the shooting began at five in the afternoon and ended around nine o'clock at night. No civil authority has officially confirmed this incident. An unknown number of municipal police were killed, wounded and kidnapped.

Gunmen belonging to Los Zetas have attacked other cities and towns under the control of the Gulf cartel in the last two weeks such as Mier, Reynosa, Tampico and Valle Hermoso.

On the morning of June 4, groups of gunmen entered the border town of Mier where they burned homes, businesses and vehicles and looted several properties and abducted people.

Gunmen believed to be Zetas raided the municipal police headquarters in Valle Hermoso early Sunday, June 6. According to neighbors, gunmen kidnapped an unknown number of municipal policemen. The Zetas then staged other shootings in different parts of the city.

Also this weekend a similar attack occurred in the town of Abasolo, by a group of Zetas that kidnapped at least ten people, according to reports from inhabitants of the town.

In the case of Matamoros, police sources revealed that Los Zetas searched for two days to enter the city, which is one of the most sheltered places under the control of the Gulf cartel, until the afternoon of Wednesday's attack materialized .

According to The Brownsville Herald the mayor , Pat M. Ahumada Jr., called for U.S. citizens to avoid crossing the international bridge to Matamoros due to the violence that occurred that occurred Wednesday afternoon and night.

"The mayor says he learned that up to ten people, including police officers, may have died in the shooting," notes the article published in the newspaper.

This confrontation, during which opposing armed groups, as well as elements of the Navy, began in Los Laureles, located just off Sixth Street, near Matamoros New World Theater.

Versions of the attack were also disseminated to the effect that the Municipal Security Secretary Ruben Hiram González Barrera, was abducted during the armed raid, but no authority confirmed or denied the rumors.

In Tampico, this morning a command executed a traffic policeman and wounded two elements of the Metropolitan Police while they were at the crossroads Tampico-Mante.

The Zetas were originally the bodyguard and enforcement branch of the Gulf cartel (CDG) but split off to form their own drug trafficking organization. Since February 2010 the CDG and the Zetas have been waging a brutal war against each other.


  1. i know that the perfect setting would be for all this organized crime, drug trafficking, etc to END, but let's be realistic people: IT NEVER WILL AS LONG AS THERE IS A DEMAND FOR DRUGS. So, the solution? Well, may be this is "wishful" thinking as well, but the Zetas and CDG should just reconcile already! That would bring peace to our local bordertowns and wouldn't their combined skills (if you can even call them skills) benefit each others' groups? I'm just saying. If they were really smart, they wouldn't call in outsiders (which brings the risk of being overtaken by them and would cause even more chaos) and realize they are better of (and the rest of us too!) working together.

    organized crime with peace is WAY BETTER than organized crime with no peace.

  2. Matamoros citizens, stay on your "violent" city and please, don`t cross the bridge to the quiet USA to spend your money. Let zetas and CDG`s people go and sell drugs for addicted american people and with that "quiet" MONEY buy "violent" american GUNS.......Ja, ja , ja....this "internatinal" thearer!

  3. This violence will never end until all drugs are legalized. If the drugs were legal then they would be grown and sold locally and not only would a billion dollar industry be born but the violence and drug smuggling days would be over. You cannot wipe out all of the drug addicts so there will always be a demand for drugs. The government can say only those that are 18 or 21 can buy drugs from the "drug stores" just like how they do with cigarettes and liquor. If someone is dumb enough to take drugs when there is information on the drugs that state that they are highly addictive and will kill you then it is that persons problem. For too long many people have suffered in developing countries including Mexico because of drug production and smuggling and there is no other realistic way to deal with this issue then to simply make it legal. I understand that many will be shocked by this, but realisticly think about what I am saying and tell me if you can think of any other way to solve this. For all of the drug lords Mexican military kills or imprisons, there are plenty of other drug lords waiting to fill their spots. All of these efforts seem like flees a fart in a hurricane. You know I'm right.

  4. The fact is that The Cartels and the Mexican army, government, and police (State and Federal) are all one and the same. Elements of these groups are fighting each other for control of smuggling routes but overall, I doubt that Calderon will end this war without the support of Sinaloa, much like Cesar Gavira in Columbia had to play nice with the Cali Cartel.

    The U.S. will NEVER legalize any drugs beyond marijuana. The only thing that will stabilize Mexico would be an increase in its private sector i.e. more jobs that pay a living wage. Too many foreign companies have come in and exploited the cheap labor of Mexican workers only to leave when other countries like China are willing to work for even less that the Mexicans. I see no reason that the citizens should not be entitled to more of the profits from the drug trade because the CEO's of Halliburton, Exxon and BP are starting to look very similar to Lazcano, Guzman, and Fuentes, they take a whole lot of money but leave very little for the common man. That much money is obscene

  5. good points here...the cdg / zetas should just call it truce and become a couple again (THAT WOULD DEFINETELY BRING US ALL PEACE)


    if the U.S. legalized drugs, it would be cheaper to purchase them at a "drug store" (as stated above) for a cheaper price than from the black market, there would be no business in forming/keeping cartels since they would be driven out of business, and OUR ECONOMY WOULD BOOM...for a while at least. The U.S. would be liberated from the parasites (drug addicts-assuming they eventually overdose and die) and our country would be a better place!

    People who choose to use drugs will use them regardless if it is legal or not.

    Alcohol wasn't always legal, and when it became legal it's not like the entire country died of alcohol poisoning...just those who didn't drink responsibly.

  6. puRO caRteL deL goLfo 10-4 bien pendientes


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