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Friday, June 11, 2010

Video of Shooting on U.S.-Mexico Border Released

A video released Thursday shows a U.S. Border Patrol agent firing earlier this week on four Mexicans who threw stones at him after they were spotted trying to enter the United States, an incident that left a 14-year-old boy dead.

The video, which was made by a Mexican with his cell phone, shows the four young men walking under a bridge over the Rio Grande, known in Mexico as the Rio Bravo, that links Ciudad Juarez to El Paso, Texas.

The Mexicans can be seen approaching a fence in their attempt to enter the United States.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent then arrives on a bicycle and manages to detain one of the Mexicans, while the other three run back toward the Mexican side of the border.

The three teenagers realize that their friend has been detained and throw several stones at the U.S. agent, who fires three times at close range at the Mexicans, killing Sergio Adrian Hernandez.

The Border Patrol agent fires while holding the detained Mexican by the hair, sending the others scurrying for cover.

A group of people watching the incident unfold, including the man who took the video, shout “they are throwing rocks,” followed by the sound of gunshots and a person saying “he hit him, the stupid man hit him.”

One of the other teenagers raises his hands and surrenders when he sees that Hernandez has been shot in the head, and more Border Patrol agents appear on the riverbank.

The video appears to disprove the U.S. agent’s account that he felt his life was in danger and also contradicts the statements of Hernandez’s mother, who said Wednesday that her son did not cross into the United States and was only watching what was going on.

The killing has sparked outrage in Mexico, which condemned the incident and called for a full investigation by U.S. authorities.

Hernandez will be buried Thursday in Ciudad Juarez.

The Defense Secretariat, meanwhile, denied reports that Mexican soldiers pointed their weapons after the shooting Monday at FBI agents on the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso border.

Soldiers stationed at the El Paso del Norte international bridge, the border crossing in the northern section of Ciudad Juarez where the incident occurred, were aware of the situation but stayed at their posts, the secretariat said.

Deaths and injuries of Mexicans at the hands of U.S. agents have risen, according to Foreign Relations Secretariat figures, from five in 2008 to 12 last year and 17 so far in 2010.

The FBI, which has jurisdiction in cases involving federal law enforcement officers, is investigating the shooting with the assistance of other federal agencies and the El Paso Police Department.

The boy’s death occurred a week after Mexican national Anastasio Hernandez Rojas died at a U.S. hospital after being beaten by U.S. Border Patrol agents.

The 35-year-old Hernandez Rojas was beaten near the Tijuana-San Isidro border crossing moments before being deported to Mexico after living more than 20 years in nearby San Diego, California.

Mexico’s independent National Human Rights Commission, or CNDH, condemned the incident and said Hernandez Rojas was beaten by at least 20 U.S. federal agents for apparently “resisting repatriation.”

“They hit him repeatedly and gave him electric shocks even when he no longer put up any resistance,” the CNDH said.

Illegal immigration is one of the most contentious bilateral issues, with deportations and voluntary repatriations of Mexicans from the United States numbering in the hundreds of thousands every year.


  1. I think that there are a lot of people that think that this officer was just deffending his life, I just have one thing to ask,
    What would you think that would have happen if the one that killed the 14 or 15 years old kid in the border was a Mexican
    officer and the kid was an American(Yes think that all that happen was backwards). I know that many of you would be
    asking and why would an American kid be doing in the border. It's just an example! I really know that there are a lot of
    Mexicans and other hispanic people from Latin America that come to this country to do a lot of stupid staffs, but there
    are also alot of people that come because the government of their country just still every thing from them, and also to
    scape from the violence of there country. I think that every American citizen should be more councern of what their
    government has been doing. Because if you didn't kne the one that did the "Terrorist attack from 9/11" were the US
    government jus as the Pentagon attack. How could you think that terrorist would have the capacity to enter to a place that
    has been the most protected place for decades if that was truth then that would had mean that the US has never been the
    most powerful nation in this world, those terroris were contrated by the CIA

  2. That sounds like an idiot who had one too many cervesas.

  3. I'm a fellow law enforcement officer and it's always "Better them, than us!" The agent was being held the subjects and the others were throwing rocks.... He could not retreat therefore did what he had to do to make sure "HE" (agent) returned home to his family!!!! The parents of the boy should have been educating him instead of allowing him to run out by the mexico/us border. FBI will see this video and coincide with the agents report and he will be cleared from any criminal negligence.

  4. The phrase "stoned to death" does not refer to inhaling too much "Arkansas Polio Weed" (AKA Mariguana), but to the practice of actually throwing stones at a victim. Pretty bad to watch, last one I saw was in Kabul. Where is the hue and cry from SOB(South of Border) for the 200 or so young women who've been lost in Cd.Juarez? Back to sobbing in my beer.

  5. Como eres un burro, no, mejor un Buey. Stay with the subject. DON'T THROW ROCKS AT BORDER PATROL AGENTS... This is obviously a guy who smoked everything that he was supposed to smuggle in to the US.

  6. How many Americans are beaten or robbed by Mexican law enforcement in Mexico? Did they ask for it? Was it their fault for being in boys town or at the bar district? Did they enter into Mexico illegally or did they facilitate a crime in Mexico. You can not defend your stance when there is alot to answer in Mexico. We Americans are very aware of the 911 alledge cover stories that are happening in our country and we worry about it started awareness groups long ago. Now worry about your country and its corruption before you start to point fingers at ours.

  7. Rocks can kill. It's as simple as that.

    If you throw rocks at Border Patrol agents, you deserve everything that comes back your way.

  8. Turn the story around. If it were some american kid on the border throwing rocks at a soilder from Mx. He would've been shot no questions asked. I bet you!

  9. Burro? Buey? (sticks and stones...) What the "little darlings" throwing the rocks at the armed border patrol are called is PENDEJOS!
    Too bad Mommy and Daddy didn't teach them "rock,scissors paper" games don't count when .38s are included. Nice try vato but I've lived in Mexico and seen the corruption esp. the "little darlings" operating with impunity.

  10. Anyway you look at it ...The kids should have never been there at all ,Then to top it off throwing rocks or any kind of object to any federal officer is Assult people...What would you do if you were the officer ? What if a rock hits you in the face or head and really hurts you with a life injury the officer has to deffend himself . Im sure the officer is not trained to throw rocks or run .

  11. completly agree with anonymous of 9:20 am (How many Americans are beaten or robbed by Mexican law enforcement in Mexico? Did they ask for it? Was it their fault for being in boys town or at the bar district? Did they enter into Mexico illegally or did they facilitate a crime in Mexico. You can not defend your stance when there is alot to answer in Mexico.)--that´s real and it´s wrong in the way you look it, actually we need to protect ourselves from our own police they are our first criminals. (protect from the cops before you protect from the thieves)
    by the way in the case of the kids that didn´t happen in the u.s. the kids have turned back and the agent was in mexico´s territory ...yes they threw some rock´s but he first drag by his hair his friend and hit them aiming his gun to his face, they only try to help his friend it´s called friend loyalty, no terrorism or anything else..
    don´t try to justify some wrong action with another wrong action both cases are wrong!!

  12. Rocks can kill. It's as simple as that. uh sure!! that´s how you justify the bord... "the murder patrol agents" or the kills of many innocent people in irak cause they have a lot of rocks who can kill a lot of soldiers that´s why they shoot them with his innofensive m16´s ...they have some "rocks of mass destruction"
    it was no necessary to use lethal power against a kid, if the officer have release that guy they wheren´t throw any rock to him and he was in mexico side

  13. If you understood Spanish you would infer that there is no contradiction to the statement by the agent of being pelted with rocks. Here's a translation of the shooting incident just before the shots began. Here's what's being said:

    (First female seemingly poking fun of the border agent holding one man down), 'estupido', meaning stupid one. (Another female),'they're throwing rocks at him'.

    At this point the first two shots are fired. (Third female), 'he has to defend himself'. (First female), 'the stupid one hit him, 'le dio', (shot him). (Other female), 'because they're throwing rocks at him'.

    From those interpretations I already made my judgement. I'll let the readers decide. I must agree though, it was a tragic incident. May I also mention that if anyone throws a rock at a Mexican Federal agent, I highly doubt that the agent would not defend themselves too.

    As a Hispanic I understand that this incident is being misquoted by the Spanish media. It just adds salt to the wounds of hate. I am concerned though about the border agent's lack of restaint firing upon a person who is clearly on foreign soil. If this was the border in Korea we would have a potential war situation. I wonder how does the Border agent feels now that he knows that the person he shot was a 15 year old boy? As for the LEO that feels its a 'him or me' scenario, you are not the type of police officer I'd like to commend. This was tragic all the way around. You're clearly in need of more training.

  14. the BIG issue is not who to who or why, but the fact that a shot was fired across from 1 country to the other and hit somebody. many border patrols are shot at during their patroling of the border, but you dont hear/see them shooting across. find another job in the great country of yours if your not up to the challenge of protecting your country and maybe not returning to your wife and kids!

  15. That's why Mexico is in the situation it is in. There is no respect for law or law enforcement. The Mexican youth have grown up knowing they can run from the law and if they get caught, they can bribe the officer.

    The video clearly shows that the kids were throwing rocks hoping the BP agent would let the kid loose so he could run.

  16. A shot was fired from across the country? What about the rocks that were thrown from "across the country"? I'm sure the rocks did not stop, just because they crossed the border.

  17. Lleven su llorerio para otra parte. Pobrecito nino era estudiante y innocente. Yeah right, what about the U.S. Consulate workers who got killed, what about the 3 students killed by the Mex Military in Reynosa. Are you crying out for them. They crossed an international boundary and want to taunt the BP and adding insult to injury you want to throw rocks at the BP Agent? Well my friends, rocks can kill or cause serious bodily injury resulting this Agent of losing his job for the injuries. I say, Good Job BP, Godspeed and I know you will be cleared. You have LE full support. Brother in Blue.

  18. A rock can do a lot of damage, it can kill too. Look what happened to the McAllen Agent that got hit by a rock in the face just recently. He had to go through reconstructive surgery.

    The ones that work in this field knows exactly what that kid was doing. Kids around this age are used by smuggler organizations as guides. They know that if they get caught, they get released due to his age.

    Most of them are under the influence of a drug. They think that they can get away with anything. Now they know what is going to happen next time they throw rocks at a BP Agent.

    The Agent did the correct thing. He felt his life was in danger and he didn't hesitate in taking the appropriate action.

    That's why is good to practice that one hand shooting during quarterly qualifications. I support the Agent. Keep up the good work.

    PS# If you don't want to get shot, don't throw rocks at the BP Agent.

  19. I believe the Agent was right in doing what he had to do to go home to his family at the end of the day. He also protected his partners its an oath we take as law enforcement. It does not matter how old the kid was. People need to research on what this kid was really involved in...... Rocks can and will kill you. For those people who think that you can survive being hit by a rock thrown at you, then please I will be glad to throw a rock and hit you in your head and lets see your chances of living!!!! Then if you do you would start defending the Border Patrol also!!!!!!!!!! THE MAN DID HIS JOB!

  20. I would hope the the BP was trained better than that because killing a rock throwing youth is unprofessional and a complete over-reaction. Simply put, it was uncalled for at best hitting him with a Non-lethal round, taser or baton to the head would have been more acceptable than pulling out his service pistol and blasting that kid.

  21. As a LEO myself I dont blame the agent for doing what he did. It is unfortunate that a 15 year old kid lost his life but people need to know that a rock to the head could cause you to loose consciousness then that kid could have gotten that agents weapon and probably execute him. Everyone has the right to defend themselves by using whatever means necessary. Its sad that the kid lost his life for his stupid mistake but they need to learn to respect law enforcement.

  22. Wow, Lets just not have anyone securing our borders. Now multiply the number of kidnappings, killings of US citizens, Mexico dose not care. Why don't you stand by the border on US soil, while they throw rocks, granades, ect... what to do, never know what to expect, or do you. Is all the news about the drug wars lies. All though I believe more caution would have occured if the daily threat was'nt there. I am a US citizen of hispanic decent and support BP. they protect our homes and our children. We as parents warn and teach our children to stay out of harms way and to respect those that protect us.

  23. Im speechless don't know what to say! My prayers go out to the family.

  24. To many are quick to judge the actions of the agents. No one seems to know what the word " ILLEGAL " means anymore. It doesn't mean Welcome!!!A rock is a weapon just like anything else. People need to look at the big picture if a simple individual can walk across illegal what's stopping international terrorist from walking across? It's time the government wakes up and realizes we don't need kids graduating high schools and becoming border patrol agents since they hardly have standards anymore. Now a days the only thing you need to become a border patrol agent it two arms, two legs, and a brain that works from time to time. We need the military to step in and take care of this problem.

  25. Anonymous 4:19 pm, let me throw a rock at you and hit you on your head to see what happens. I bet you won't like the results. Now, how the hell can you hit the youth on his head with a baton since the aggressor was in Mexico. And, for a tazer the aggressor wasn't within range! So what next, throw rocks across the border? Absurd because LE aren't trained to repel attacks with rocks. On the contrary, if someone attacks you with deadly force you RESPOND accordingly. So the agent acted correctly and made it home safe to his family. The death of the agressor was tragic, but his parents should have taught him the difference between right and wrong. Crossing the US border illegally is wrong, and to throw rocks at a US Federal Agent wasn't not only wrong but outright malicious!

  26. Yea the Bp had a right to protect himself and I was agreeing with most of your comments, until I thought of the fourteen year old closest to me, my little cousin. I see him as a baby not bc he's my cousin but because he's still a kid. I think the bp should have those guns that shoot the rubber bullets that are for th most part non deadly. Just a suggestion I know he problably didn't have one on him at the time but to me that would be the best answer to all of this.
    In the end yes he had a right to protect himself, but he killed a kid, not a young man, a kid. and that's just messed up when u really think about it, fell sorry for that dude he's problably gonna get fired ouch. But more importantly my prayers go out to the family of the young boy

  27. Don't bring rocks to a gunfight.

  28. Now the next time BP agents run into mexican youngsters tryin to cross the border, instead of throwing rocks they will throw grenades. Hahaha You people defend the agents alot, ok no problem...but the next time I feel my life is being threatened by some police brutality, like the mexican man killed out by san diego even when not resisting, and I pull out a handgun and blast his ass, then let's see if you people will defend me and say the same shit you all are saying about the border patrol and get on the law enforcement like y'all are getting on the mexican kid. Like, oh that's what he gets for fuckin with him. Well I wanna go to my family too fuckers! Its either him or me right? Hahaha yea right

  29. The BP came and they saw him and ran back, except for one, who would have if he let him. Ok now if he just chased them back, he did his job. what does it do by catching one? it costs money to process him and wastes how many others time just to send him back.

  30. For those of you who question the BP Agent's actions. Throwing a rock can kill a person. I wonder how REGINALD DENNING feels about being assaulted with a rock. RD was the tuck driver that was pulled out of his semi truck during the LA Riots and was struck with a brick that MAIMED him for the rest of his life. The person responsible for the assault was given a lengthy prison sentence.

  31. Posting by Anonymous June 11, 2010, 11:06 PM, You still don't understand. You don't want to get burned - don't play with fire. You want to be a criminal and use any force against LE, Well LE will accomodate the use of necessary force. The last stupid thing you want to do is pull out a weapon on the police. The mexican kid should of stayed in Mexico. And why should you feel that your life is being threatened by some police brutality. Citizens live entire lives not having any contact with the Police. I take it you are a regular with local LE.

  32. It's tragic that the situation got to the point it did A life was lost, but these kids were 13-15 yrs where were the parents? Besides it's not like the agent shot at them for no reason a rock can cause alot of damage if it hits the right place.So i say the parents are to blame too for not bothering to check where their kids play

  33. A rock is not a bullet. No matter how you apologists for the BP try to downplay it, that Pendejo over-reacted.

    Plain and simple.

  34. To those defending the officer: He never felt threatened, he could have retreated if that was the case, I'm sure kids threw stones to the officer but he always moved forward with his hand firm and shooting, adrenaline always takes over and blinds judgement. If stones were so deadly the officers Union would be all over the place advocating helmets and body guards for them. How many officers have died because of stonning? The fact is that most of the people crossing illegally rearly have any weapon or are any threat to the officers, they just want to escape. Just profiling, I'm sure most of these officers are just blind officers of the law and forget in their duties what is to be a man. It is clear the kids crossed illegally but when they saw the officer they tried to return to Mexico, he could have let them go back without any incident; but no, that is not what an officer must do, he has to enforce the law, does not matter if it results in a 14yrs old kid dying because of his lack of judgement. So sad.

  35. KID is a KNOWN CRIMINAL. VIDEO shows the WHOLE story. Lesson:
    Don't throw rocks at someone with a gun, or they will DEFEND themselves, with what ever they feel necessary. What did you expect? For the BP Agent to throw rocks back? I'm sure some of you out there expect that, but sorry. This is NATIONAL SECURITY. The kid's parents are at fault, and so is the child. HE knew what he was doing. The BP AGENT was obviously defending himself. If this happened more often, and we treated our ILLEGALS like Mexico does, we would have wayyyyy lesssss people ILLEGALLY entering our country.

  36. That border patrol agent should have fired off some warning shots before using deadly force.The kid looks like he was already trying to get away when he was shot that border patrol agent is a coward

  37. Would the outrage be lessened if the individual who was shot was a gang banging felon? It was tragic that a fourteen year old lost his life but I doubt there would be the same amount of public outcry if he was older and less of a "model citizen". A fouteen year old is just as capable to harm someone as a grown man. I don't see anyone volunteering to let a fourteen year old throw rocks at them. I know I wouldn't....

    You people who judge the BP agent before knowing the facts should put the shoe on the other foot. What would you have done? Seriously, would you just stand there and possibly get hit in the head by a rock? The agent did his job and no, warning shots are not legal, nor are shots to simply wound someone.

  38. But shots to kill someone are legal? I think it's all about circumstances wether to injure or kill someone. In this case I simply don't see enough of a threat for the BP Agent to act this way. Furthermore to all those who like to compare the situation with the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Well I sure hope to expect a different attitude from a US Border Protection officer than from Mexican. Or do you live by the saying if they can so can we??! It's obvious that mexican Border Agents have their flaws and misuse their power but this doesn't mean our officers have to act the same way.

    To me this seems more like an act as if he was thinking: "You just wait and see, you throw rocks, well I can even "throw" bullets at you and than we'll see who's worse off."

    For all understanding of patriotism - but let's not blind our judgment!


  40. The BP agent is the only one who knows what was in his mind. If he was in fear of his life, he acted appropriately.

    Speculation about the Mexican boy and his family are non issues. We have allowed well over 20 million people to enter our country illegally, mostly to enrich corporations that provided jobs. Over the past few years we've changed the rules.

    The kids on the border often ask each other, "Have you crossed?" because it has almost become a right of passage to cross our border.

    It looks like the two or three other kids threw rocks at the agent when their friend was arrested. Stupid kids. I don't blame the agent if he feared for his life. Been a cop all my life and know about situations like this and how easy it is to pass judgment.

    The agent is under investigation, talking with attorneys, second guessing himself, playing 'what if' and is a human being in one of the least appreciated and thankless job in law enforcement.

    99 times out a hundred, these agents catch people looking for work or kids. BUT that other guy is armed, smuggling dope, or a wanted felon. The agents are not mind readers. Fear, adrenalin, and worry about being killed, imprisoned, sued are all factors that press down on you during the 10th of a second you have to make a critical decision.

    My prayers and heart go out to the agent and the boy's family.

    I do blame Mexico. The government knows our enforcement policy has changed and make no effort to enforce its own laws about leaving Mexico from places other than legal points of entry and exit. Yes, there is a Mexican law that could be used. At the least, Mexico should be hammering away at known crossing points and lending cooperation to the U.S. so these situations may be avoided.

    As for the Perer's post about 'lessons from the Soviets', we are following their example. We are building a wall. I can't imagine a more despicable ideology to follow that that of Communist countries. But, I am just an American and in love with the ideals our country used to exhibit to the world.

  41. Bob from San Antonio....

    I commend you. Very well put. Mexico should pay the boy's family reparations for allowing him to do such a stupid deed. They are responsible for his death by not guarding their side of the border.

  42. You, that think it was OK what happen to the boy, are criminals as same as the BP.In all the world they know you like people who think their right is on top of the others.
    You are so, so wrong.

    A lot of people wants to make this thing like something without importance, by talking about the drugs cartels.
    That is very smart, may think.
    Can you see the diference?
    And it is the second killing by the BP in less than two weeks.
    What is wrong with you people.

  43. Here is the problem... You who think the BP agent was at fault are just ignorant and not aware of the daily activity on the border.

    First, of all let’s set something straight… that "Kid" was a known smuggler in that area and was on the top 3 most wanted juvenile smugglers list in El Paso, TX. He had already been arrested 6 times for smuggling and illegal entry into the U.S.. This was not some good little school kid that was just playing by the border like the media/family likes to portray. Furthermore, the Agent isn't able to tell someone’s age as he is dodging rocks that they are throwing at them. A "kid" can kill you with a rock just as fast as an adult can. Everything needs to realize that the border were they are at there is nothing separating Mexico and the U.S. except for a “line drawn in the sand” It wasn’t like this Agent was behind a fence or had some kind of cover. If he wound have been hit in the head and knocked unconscious then he could have easily been killed by the “kids”. Those “kids” would have run over and stolen everything off his belt and don’t think they would have left his gun. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! KIDS AREN’T INNOCENT!!!

    Let's not forget what happened to Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas in Campo, CA just last July. When he was patrolling the border and was lured to a location next to the border fence and killed by a few illegals. One of the members who was arrested, Christian Daniel Castro Alvarez, admitted assisting in the murder of Rosas and he was just 16 at the time.

    Kids aren’t innocent little kids anymore like some of you think. The smugglers hire those kids to smuggle people because they know they will be sent back to Mexico and not charged because they are under 18 years old. These “kids” are raised as harden criminals and smugglers. They will gain respect/rank in the smuggling organizations if they can injure or kill Border Patrol Agents. Of course you don’t see the parents getting involved and trying to educate their children because they are bringing home the money and so they don’t care.

    Hernandez Rojas died of a heart attack in the hospital after the Customs and Border Protection Officer used a Tazer on him. It was not US Border Patrol who tazed him. CBP officers from the San Ysidro POE assisted Border Patrol agents who were trying to control Rojas after he started to fight with them. CBP officers used there Tazer on Rojas because he wouldn’t stop resisting. BP agents NEVER were beating Rojas, if anything Rojas was getting the upper hand that is why the use of Taser was needed. Let’s not forget that this Rojas was also not so innocent, he had Methamphetamines in his system and was already diagnosed with Hypertension. Have you tried to control a man that is on Methamphetamines and is fighting you?? A tazer was the best choice, since ever agent/officer who is carrying one has been shot by it and it didn’t kill them. They know what the effects of the Taser are since they had all been tazed and they know that would be the safest way for them to subdue the subject with the least amount of hard to him and to the agents. It is not easy doing a medical evaluation on a person that is geeked up and trying to fight you to make sure the doesn’t have a medical condition that will cause the Taser + Methamphetamines + hypertension to kill him. They were defending themselves from an attacker and not doing anything that they shouldn’t have done.

    If you don’t know the truths don’t write on subjects and act like you do.

  44. Apparently the same ignorant stance has been taken by citizens of Mexico that the evil empire is just out to get them. I see this daily living near the border (san diego) and choke down the rhetoric constantly which most often is accompanied by the "racist" card when logic has defeated the shouts of ignorant nonsense. Rule of thumb, don't argue. With an idiot, especially when they are irrational. Now a fine point for those of you who believe the Agent is a bad guy who used excessive and unecessary force; you have a gun, and a group of my homies and I are trying to bust your brains out of your head with jagged rocks (with what they no doubt believed would be with impunity since history shows they always retreat further into mexico). You actually manage to stop one of us in the middle of comitting a crime against you. Your position would then be to give us a hug, hope we go away, or perhaps the one of us you did catch was a convicted child rapist. You really defend this position by saying u would let the criminal go? That you would be bullied and retreat, allowing the criminal and his criminal friends caught in the act to escape with impunity only to come back to your home (or job) even more brazen to this time be successful at collapsing youjr skull eviscerating your brains? What would your family say to that? Your community? Alas, I imagine you will retort with "I'm a racist", right? Well, I. Am an american, with a spanish last name. Maybe I should hate myself then in that case. If you are proud of your country and you aren't american its fine, but if you are an american you are a racist who hates everybody and are trying to hold everybody down when your opinion is voiced. Perhaps if your beloved Mexico actually adequately put effort into controlling the border these idiot people would have been stopped before they had a chance to try and kill the agent, then the poor bastard wouldn't have to carry the burden of choosing his life over someone else.

  45. The ones who know the least, always shout the loudest to be heard. What's wrong with people is that they prefer not to get stoned to death. People don't like being in fights. With people whom are irrational, high as a kite, and feel no pain. Both of the subjects chose to engage law enforcement officials, tried to hurt them, and suffered the consequence of their actions. Meth head smuggler gave himself a damn heart attack. If anybody is able to fight off several people uncontrollably they are lucky they don't get shot. If you just whooped three four five of my buddies ass I'm not going to fight you I'm going to stop you by any means necessary

  46. he shouldn't have shot the kid...shoot over his head his head no...but the kid paid the price for playing with the bull...what would mexican policia/militares do if a gang of gringo kids were throwing rocks at them....we all know the answer...sad situation


  48. Murder! That's all there is to it. It's a cold blooded murder.


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