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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monterrey a Battleground after Top Zeta Captured

Hector Raul Luna Luna aka "Tori", the head of the Zetas drug cartel for the state of Nuevo Leon was arrested by the Mexican Army in the city of Monterrey, after which armed attacks and road blockages occurred throughout the city. El “Tori” worked under Miguel Trevino Morales (Z-40), one of the top 2 leaders of the Zeta drug cartel.

The Ministry of Defence, SEDENA, confirmed the arrest after a confrontation with the military.

According to neighbors, “el Tori” was captured around 4:30 PM in a house located in the Barrio Colonia Estrella in northwest Monterrery.

Minutes after his detention, a military convoy supposedly repelled an attack by gunmen, after which about 5:30 PM a series of blockades were thrown up by armed street gang thugs who hijacked buses, tractor trailers, cars and pick-ups throughout the metropolitan area.

The vehicles were then placed at main intersections across the roadways in order to block access. Some of the main roadways such as Fidel Velazquez had up to 4 different blockages in place.

In the avenues Miguel German and Las Americas up to a dozen public transport buses were taken at gunpoint and used for the blockages. This area was particularly affected as gang members armed with steel bars and guns threatened civilians and hijacked their vehicles en masse.

Many vehicles used in the blockages had their tires shot out or were otherwise damaged to make the task of removal more difficult.

A total of 19 streets and intersections were affected.

Areas of the city most affected were Monterrey proper and the suburbs of San Nicolas, Santa Catarina and Guadalupe.

Traffic flow was severely disrupted and reports describe a city in chaos.

At many of these points, the authorities took more than three hours to react and were kept busy until after 8:00 PM.

Officers of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) were given the task of removing these obstacles, Highway and transit police allegedly received threats from gunmen and the city of Monterrey made a decision to quarter all municipal police.

Gun battles were heard throughout the city. In the Gonzalitos area the ministerial police headquarters were attacked by gunmen. Also attacked was the municipal police headquarters in the suburb of Garcia where several injuries were reported..

There were unconfirmed reports that the U.S. Consulate may have also been targeted.


  1. So now the judicial system of Mexico will give him a cigar demand he say 100 hail Marys then let him go or put him up in a cush state pen---

  2. You have the (L-40) incorrect, he is Z40 or El 40.

  3. Police car drove by and made a U turn as soon as they saw the crimnals. If they run why they call themselves police. Are they on the same team?
    I guess.....

  4. Mexico, stand proud against the scum of the earth. Let them know that this is your country and not theirs. DENUNCIEN A TODOS ESTOS CRIMINALES.

  5. I thought these guys were highly trained military, the only thing he looks highly trained at is eating

  6. He was from the rollie pollie division of the lard ass brigade of the zetas,

  7. Has me worried, My family in Mexico moved to Monterrey from Juarez. Doesn't look like there are many safe places left in the country.

  8. Those words would not be the same if you were in mexico tuff talk is cheap come here and make a difference. This LT. is over weight because he calls the shots .He is the Man who gives oreders to cut your head off .

  9. Mexico is in a state of Anarchy (Anarchy: Absence of government; a state of lawlessness due to the absence or inefficiency of the supreme power; political disorder) Pople should realize that it will not easily change. If you try to replace the government, who will replace it? The only way out is to invest a military leader and have a Martial Law in effect immediately until control and order is restored. All other means will fail AND cost abundant life and material resources. Martial Law will be an inconvenience to civilians but certainly better than the law of terror and definitely a step towards solving the situation.

  10. Why doesn't someone accidently put some lead in this loser's head?

  11. talk is cheap...i agree.. but if they will just let someone go in and just start killing off the lower level scum, then the big fish will come out.... start from the bottom up.. no jail time, one in the head as soon as they are caught... better yet, if these "leaders" are soooo powerful, why not instruct their men to leave ordinary citizens alone, and only go after their enemies??? why, because they have no real control over their men... they may be (or have been) paramilitary, but they are not soldiers just because they have weapons... just thugs with guns...

  12. this is a war! when there is a war you are gonna have collateral damage. the bystanders are that collateral damage!if you think you can solve the problem you are more than welcome to come and solve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. On the Mexican news 06-10-10,it was observed that the so-called "zetas"(maricones),that
    blocked the roads,(41 roads)in Monterrey were
    wearing those baggy pants that cholos wear. These thugs need to be captured and lined up against a wall and taken care by a firing squad.
    Poor people in Mexico that live in fear of thugs,police,soldiers and government agents!

  14. The stories you hear about them being highly trained military is propaganda. The original Z's may have been highly trained but the current members are a mostly common street thugs. They are very organized and function efficiently. You won't see the well disciplined type like before. If they still had it together the way they used to, I believe they would adopt the tactics of the Islamic insurgency in Iraq.

  15. Is there anything to the fact that mexican police cannot have tattoos?

    Because we were pulled over 1 year ago yesterday in Monterrey by uniformed police with heavily tattooed arms. Brothers! They took us from our car and put us in their squad are (a 1982 Dodge Diplomat?.. kind of old for Monterrey?) It was around 4 PM on a monday. They said the
    Police Station was closed. We were speeding, and would go right to jail for 36 hours. Car impound. The usual threats. But no police station, no ticket. They ordered us out of our car, and searched it. Not much to report. We were thrown into their police car. As I said, kind of old?
    But how could I judge. Look at Guanajuato's busses...

    anyway they held us for almost 4 hours; this same road (pictured) looks
    familiar. They said it was a school zone. (?!!) and we were speeding.
    Yes,, a school zone. Way up there, on the hill was a school. Across a divided highway.

    They wanted 2,000 USD. I was smart-mouthed and said they had the wrong guys. NO GRINGO carries that kind of cash. Also I showed them a bank statement with a SocSec monthly deposit. What the heck?
    So they wanted all our cards and PINs and also to call people in the US
    for more money if we wanted to be alive. AS a very recent cancer/chemo survivor, I said 'just shoot us, and stop wasting my time"

    (everything I said was so unlike what they were used to hearing)

    Anyway, we were robbed of all cash and cards and PIN numbers

    (that is the penalty for speeding in MX?? I thought it was 900 pesos at most...)

    and we were taken to a
    tow-yard, to face a long trough of water, at the back.
    This was
    June 8 or 9, last year. This is when I finally got scared.

    Their cellphones started ringing off the hook suddenly. They threw us into the car and used sirens to blow thru 6 intersections, to the highway where our car was. They told us to GO. (funny, we never did get that speeding ticket) They said GO, NOW, LEAVE! GO! (I took my time and
    faked a leg injury out of the cop car-- i know, i'm stupid--

    I pretended to collapse getting out of the cop car.
    I no longer cared.

    I was sure we were toast, back at that tow yard, facing the trough of water, when I told them i DID NOT have that kind of cash, and if they called my family in the US, my family would tell them to go
    to hell. I said worse, but I cannot print it here. They were mostly amused by me. I wasn't groveling. I told them they insult me, and they dishonor their own country. They said back 'you have no idea how little we earn as police." I said Fine-- ask me for 500 pesos or even 1,000 but no moron is carrying 2,000 dollars, and if tere are, you chose the wrong guys, and have wasted your time. You clearly have not been doing this very long."
    (i just didn't care anymore)

    we made it to san miguel, 13 hours later, I had hidden money for gas under the auto carpet, which i was NOT going to reveal; it was 3 am
    but we got there. Never again will we drive in Mexico. You are ok where you are, but there is no infastructure of safety, on interstate roads.
    I couldn't even report the incident in San Miguel (it's a different state!)
    The MX gov is not interested in seeing that the roads are safe. One day, a roadblock. The next day, none. Then, four. And they check every gringo's paper. What are they looking for,a flat screen?
    This is lives we are talking about here.

    I could almost go back to the days of the 200p mordida, but greed has taken over.

    This date, last year, was the afternoon that the FEDS came into Monterrey to arrest half the police force.. SO maybe we were saved.

  16. No entiendo porque Calderon no pide ayuda a EU...esto ya se hubiera acabado desde hace mucho. No se a quien quiere engañar. Toda la autoridad alla es corrupta. Toda. Por eso se callan y cuando pasa algo a la ciudadania ni mueven un pinche dedo.

  17. i would like to personally shoot this fat fuck..pinche culeros Zs, got too greedy and fucked up a good thing...Monterrey was the best town, the coldest beer, the best musica, y la chicas mas caliente, now it aint even safe to be on madero o villegran i really miss goin to Matahuelas y bar inter..hope this shit is over soon...

  18. Your Right there nothing more than a bunch of fake ass malandro's. They need to have a rakateer act like they have in E.U. Just for being affiliated they should be put away then the gobierno should whack em on the inside. These are wannabe gangsters not real gangsters. The real cartel n shot callers might live in fear of Chota. But they dont live a shitty life like this fat fuck. They should tear these queers from limb to limb whatever works. Yes martial law will work. Act now if you know of someone who you think is one. Take him Out!!!

  19. pray, pray, pray, pray. God will sort them out!


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