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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Walrus and El Chucky Behind the Ambush of the Federal Police

The federal Public Security Secretariat today introduced two sicarios of La Familia Michoacana that are being accused of having participated in Monday's (June 14) ambush on the federal police officers in Zitácuaro that killed 12 officers.

He also revealed that the brains of the ambush was Nazario Moreno González "El Chayo," leader of "La Familia" that has its roots in the state of Michoacán.

Elements of the Federal Public Security Secretary presented in a press conference to the media Alan Escutia Ruíz AKA "El León" and Emilio Ovet Palacio AKA "El Mostro", who were said to have participated in the ambush of the federal police in the town of Zitacuaro, Michoacan, on June 14 that killed 12 troops from the police force.

The men arrested were identified as Alain Escutia Ruiz, "El Leon," 20 years old and Emilio Palacios, "El Monstruo," 22, that were under the command of the chief known as "La Morsa" (The Walrus).

The arrest took place two nights ago in the city of Morelia, when the subjects were acting suspiciously while walking carrying two large backpacks and wearing dirty clothes, said Ramón Eduardo Pequeño, chief of the Drug Enforcement Section of the SSP.

At a news conference officials reported that an individual nicknamed "El Chucky" and another known as "La Morsa" coordinated the ambush against the Federal Police. He added that this action also involved another man known as "El Beto" who died at the scene.

They also revealed that the brains of the operation was the capo of the family Michoacana, Nazario Moreno. "El Chucky," received orders from Moreno Nazario to carry out the attack and with the help of several other subjects of the criminal organization they gathered in a gas station known as La Cotorra in Zitacuaro.

According to Pequeño, from there they left in 12 SUV's and they stationed themselves in one of the bridges where the ambush took place. Another group of nine sicarios stood at another bridge in four vehicles, which in total amounted in between 20 and 26 sicarios, including members with nicknames like; "El Chilaquil," "La Víbora" and "El Sapo."

When the subjects were detained they were carrying several firearms, including at least two 765-caliber rifles, tactical gear such as pants, jackets and two license plates from the Mexico City belonging to vehicles that had been reported stolen.

Pequeño reported that "La Morsa" and "El Chucky" ordered the sicarios to disperse to several municipalities in the state and to keep hidden for a period of eight to 15 days after the attack on the police.

The detainees told the police that on Monday, after the two groups of sicarios had positioned themselves in the highway bridges in Zitacuaro, they only had to wait 10 minutes for the federal agents to pass in the convoy that was attacked and where the shooting lasted for about 20 minutes.


  1. Here again who were the informants that allowed the gang to set up the ambush ? Who owns the vehicles used by gangs? Where did the gang stage up at who's home ranch etc There are records no? These captured fellows need to be liquidated quietley. Cop killers in the USA seldom survive capture.

  2. Mexicanos! No se rajen de estos animales. Tomen ustedes el poder de sus pueblos y ensenenles a los narcos que ellos tocan pitos. El pueblo es de ustedes. DENUNCIENLOS O MATENLOS. Amigos de la federal, ojo por ojo. Es lo unico que estos burros entienden. NARCOS CAGADOS, HAY BIENEN LOS PEPES POR USTEDES, bola de bastardos.

  3. I find it funny that they stop two guys walking with back packs and BAM get the whole story all wrapped up with a bow tie,

    When they parade them in front of the cameras i wish they were just in there boxers so you could see all the abuse marks on there body from the interrogation.

    Mexico needs allot more help in dealing with this than some cops who well sell out his Buddy's for a piece of the pie.
    I would recommend that Mexico contact the FBI and give every cop a polygraph every thirty days,
    If the FBI did it then you know it would be hard for the dirty cops to buy them.

    Just my two cents!!!!

  4. Is it me but does the guy in the light colored shirt look allot older than 20 to 22?

  5. I agree, he looks like Officer Garcia from the TV show Reno 911. He has the grayest hair I've ever seen on a 22 year old.

  6. I've seen a four year old loaded with gray hair and a 20 year old with a greatly reseaded hairline.

  7. He looks old cuz he doesn't sleep well...


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