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Thursday, June 17, 2010

9 Police Officers Executed in Monterrey

In what has been the bloodiest day in recent memory 13 people including 9 police officers were executed by unknown gunmen in Monterrey on Wednesday, June 16.

The city has seen an upsurge in violence and murders associated with organized criminal groups since the detention of the Zeta cartel leader for the state of Nuevo Leon, Hector Raul Luna Luna “el Tory” last week.

The murders occurred in the cities of Apodaca, Guadalupe and Santiago which make up part of the Monterrey metropolitan area and within Monterrey itself.


The tortured and mutilated bodies of five Apodaca police officers , two of them women, were found in a vacant lot Wednesday morning by passing motorists.

In a sign of the increasing brutality practiced by criminal gangs some of the victims had been disemboweled and one was decapitated. Three of the victims had “narco-messages” addressed to a rival criminal group nailed to their bodies with ice picks.

Some of the bodies were placed to form the letter Z which is a signature used by the Zeta drug cartel to claim responsibility for the action.

All five officers had been abducted from their homes the previous night. Two of the officers, Juan Roberto Escobedo Lopez and Dulce Maria Esperanza Lira Torres, both supervisors, were a common law couple.

On Wednesday the couple’s two sons were also abducted according to family members. Their fate remains unknown.


At approximately 1:00 PM three unidentified youths were shot and killed in the Primero de Mayo neighborhood in the city of Monterrey by a group of gunmen shooting from an identified vehicle.

According to neighbors the youths were associated with a “narcotienda”, a location where illegal drug sales occur.


On Wednesday afternoon two Santiago municipal policemen were murdered while patrolling on National Highway 85.

According to witnesses they were intercepted by a group of gunmen in various vehicles and were hit by gunfire from automatic weapons. The police unit ended up in a creek after losing control.

In the last 3 months a total of eight Santiago municipal policemen have been assassinated by organized criminal groups.


Wednesday night the bodies of three men, two of them Guadalupe municipal police officers, were found executed outside of an industrial park in the neighboring city of Apodaca,

The two officers were abducted Wednesday afternoon immediately after finishing their shift. The third man was a known drug dealer who may have been under the protection of the two policemen.

In a news conference Thursday the Nuevo Leon state prosecutor Alejandro Garza y Garza “washed his hands” of Wednesday’s killings.

Stating that the incidents were a result of an “ajuste de cuentas” (settling of scores or revenge hits) between 2 rival cartels currently at war, Garza y Garza stated authorities were unable to prevent them and are only able to investigate after the fact. No arrests are anticipated at this time.

The state prosecutor said the investigation would be based on the assumption that all the victims of Wednesday’s executions were involved in drug trafficking and connected to one cartel or the other.

The Zeta cartel and its rival the Gulf cartel and its allies have been at war for control of the “plaza” or drug trafficking corridors in northeast Mexico including the state of Nuevo Leon.


  1. Its a pretty sad state of affairs when the prosecuter won't even pursue investigation or charges when 9 of his police officers are executed by criminal organizations. But I guess the guy is worried that he might end up riddled with bullets if he looks into it.

  2. Mexico, you are losing your War on Drugs....if you don't start to fight the Zetas with all you have you will lose control of your lives and country. Then when the US comes in with the military to regain control for you a lot of innocent lives called collateral damage will be lost.....fight people fight!!!!!

  3. In order for there to be concern for police there must be respect for police Mexico for the first time is seriousley attempting to upgrade law enforcment this is a great thing and many of the officers in Mexico are good honest and are trying to pull Mexico out of the mud many are being killed the good cops need support.

  4. When cartels can execute law enforcement officers without fear of investigation or prosicution, police will very likely take the law into their own hands.

    This is one more step in the breakdown in the rule of "law and order" in Mexico.

  5. Mexico needs some very serious help with this problem,

    I feel they need some top government advisor's from the US to come in and purge the Police forces of the dirtys cops first,
    And not just fire them because then they become full time employees of the cartels they had sold out to.
    Mexico needs to start building a super max prison for about 10000 people and use it to house and interrogate these dirty cops after they are found.

    From there you can start a process of cleaning from the top down, it doesn't work from the bottom up because everybody is tipped off.

  6. what a shame ..i love Monterrey, i wish the US army would come and kill all the pinches Zs

  7. Hmmm. WHEN was there EVER a "Rule of law and order" in Mexico?

  8. @ June 18, 2010 8:45 AM
    Anonymous said...

    I know the question what should be done concerning all the problems faced with is not easy but the idea of a super prison just strikes me, when I come to think of the American Guantanamo catastrophe. This was designed with the same purposes and now prisoners have to be spread out to all sorts of countries because the US. can not handle it alone.

    Anyhow I think it's important to create new jobs and improve education. Education together with job opportunities is key since many teenagers enter a cartel in the first place because of the hopelessness they find themselves in. Nobody would try to get a job where he or she risks his life if one could get a job with a future that doesn't pose such risks.

    How to achieve this is of course another question. But only to send in soldiers can not solve the fundamental problems Mexico is faced with.

    As for the current situation in Monterrey it's really sad to see that the police is no longer investigating the murders. Just to assume that all these police officers were involved in the drug trade is quite an affront against the relatives! Even though in some cases this might be true it's surely not always the case and marks every dead police officer as a criminal!

  9. SEND IN THE FUCKING UNITED STATES MARINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!

  10. Yeah, turn Mexico into a super prison because THAT is a the best end result. What a terrible idea I would rather fight to the death with Cuenos de Chivo against a battalion of Narcos and Federales alike than see my country turned into a giant prison. Only someone who isn't Mexican or never lived there can make such an assanine statement.

    Pinche Metiche Extranjero Pendejo! Y a ti que te importa? No tienes negocio en esta bronca cabron.


  12. La tristesa de Mexico es la muerte. El Terrorismo enemigo no es arabe, pero hermanos mexicanos. Desperdiciando la sangre de la vida humana. Cuidado con lo que seconsede podria llegar la fuerza mayor de el mundo acabar con todos. Dios los proteja.

  13. Until the public says that they are fed up, as long as crimes go unreported (like the thousands of kidnappings no one hears about), as long as pay for police and miltary officers is low, Mexico will never be free of the violence. But it all begins with people saying "ENOUGH!!!". Take a stand or it is only going to get worse.

  14. deberian de meterse todos una barra de marihuana por el culo y dejar de decir tantas estupideces, donde consigo a los zetas que les tengo un trabajo aqui bien gordo en chavezland

  15. it is so sad how monterrey has changed so much i can't believe that authorities care more about their own asses than their country's ,is sad how monterrey was once one of the safest cities and now is going down because of that hateful people that are destroying every good thing of monterrey i wish i could do something about it :(


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