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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Six People Executed in Cancun Had Their Hearts Removed.

Quintana Roo police located the bodies of six people Sunday in what appeared to be an organized crime multiple execution

They were allegedly tortured and their chests were opened to extract the hearts," said Felix Canul, spokesman for the Attorney General of the State (PGJE

The spokesman for state Secretary of Public Security (SSP), Adrian Armando Gálvez Cardeña said initial investigations indicate the executions and mutilations were related to organized crime, although he did not rule out the possibility of a narcoritual associated with occult practices as motivation for the crime.

The bodies were found in a pit covered by a bloody mattress 30 km from the resort city of Cancun.

The SSP spokesman said an inhabitant of a village named El Roble called police to report the existence of a bloody mattress near her home.

Police arrived at the scene Sunday at 11:00 AM and found a dead person under the mattress, but after removing it realized that there were two more bodies underneath. Moments later the death toll rose to six.

The investigating officers recorded in the initial report that on Friday night and early Sunday morning an unusual traffic of luxury vehicles and pickups was witnessed by residents of El Roble.

Inhabitants of houses near the farm where the victims were located, according to the report said, "that the well site had become popular with practitioners of Santeria and similar religions that generated fear among residents.

In reviewing the bodies before sending them to the local Coroner, authorities found the six bodies showed a lesion on the left side of the chest. Meanwhile, the paramedics confirmed that they all lacked the heart.

The Judicial Police director, Julio César Moreno Orendain, said the six victims (four men and two women) had no identification papers. All were bound hand and foot.

Up to press time none had been identified, although police linked three men and a woman with organized crime, as they had contact with narcotienditas (“stores” where illegal drug sales occur) and safe houses used in the illegal human trafficking of Cubans.

According to the coroner's report indicated the victims had been dead less than 24 hours. Police investigators speculated that they were abducted on Friday afternoon and executed on Saturday.

All available agents with the state attorney general’s office and judicial police were assigned to the case.

This incident echoes that of the U.S. citizen of Cuban descent Adolfo Constanzo.

In the late 1980’s Constanzo led a cult in Mexico that practiced a mix of Palo Mayombe and Santeria that included drug dealers and police officers.

The cult was based in Matamoros, Tamaulipas across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas. It trafficked drugs and murdered and dismembered mostly rival drug dealers for use in human sacrifice ceremonies.

It was thought that these ceremonies rendered cult members immune to law enforcement efforts.

In 1989 cult members abducted and sacrificed a University of Texas student celebrating spring break in Matamoros.

Pressure by U.S. authorities to solve the crime led to the downfall of Constanzo’s cult.


  1. no tears shed here for any cartel member from either side that loses a head or heart. For me it is one more criminal purged from the earth.

  2. Its hard to believe that cult narcorituals may exist even in Mexico sound like the Sioux Indian ghost dance dosen't look like any of the narcos are immune to bullets--

  3. Sh*t is out of hand in Mexico. There are folks doing the devils work and it's on a whole nother level. Taking peoples hearts out, decapitating, chopping them up into little pieces. Violence there is worst than what most consider Taliban tactics. Some of the cartels have some of the worst sinical hitmen working for them. Sad thing is this is most likely only the begining of a full on war I see Mexico in right now. There will be people doing these kinds of things as long as there is greed and money involved....

  4. We need these guys working for us over in the sand box!!!!

  5. funny how he is wearing a shirt that reads "GAME OVER"

  6. Mexico could put a stop to the cartel situation and clean up it's country if they wanted to.
    But first you would have to clean up the Government top to bottom. Might be easier if the US invaded Mexico and took it over as a territory.

  7. Santa Muerte. Evil.

  8. I was in Playa Del Carmen the day this was released in the papers. I purchased the local paper because on the front page was the bodies of those killed including a woman with breasts exposed. I was amazed the paper published these pictures and especially on the front page. The drug cartels have real done a great job of spreading fear, I can only assume these criminals have been brainwashed and desensitized from an early age.

  9. Some of u have mentioned tailban tactics , the tactics used were actually started by CHE Guevara in cuba.The Viet Cong learned it from him and improved it.The bodies chopped up and burn are to create terror. Which works, very attention getting.In reality they the cartels are killing their own people, believe it or not.There has been those that have walked in on a bullet,some officers were involved too, so most people are not bothered, by the cartels.Anything that happens is blamed on the cartels and some of it is done by common crim inals.The US and Mexican governments are not totally trying to stop the drug trade.The laws get in the way.


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