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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More than 900 children killed in Mexico's drug war since 2006

Already this year almost 100 children have been killed.

Some 913 children were killed in Mexico since December 2006 as part of the fight against drug trafficking, according to an NGO report released Monday. In comparison, from 2000 to 2006, 503 children were killed.

In addition Juan Martin Perez Garcia, the director of the NGO Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico, warned that the number of children that are being incorporated into drug trafficking groups "for lack of alternative livelihoods is outrageous."

No official data exist on the subject "studies indicate that about three thousand children are cooperating with criminal groups and participating in the armed conflict" he said.

The NGO reports that the homicide rate has increased especially for children between 15 and 17 years living in the states bordering the U.S.

“It is an epidemic due to the increase in the number of children murdered in the northern states” warned Perez Garcia.

The report warns that the category of children most affected by the increase in the homicide rate are teenagers from 15 to 17 years of age. From 2007 to 2008, in a single year, the rate of killings in Baja California rose from 8.33 up to 24.3 per 100 thousand inhabitants in the 15 to 17 age range, which represents an increase of 291.7 percent. In Chihuahua, it increased from 12.6 to 45.95 per 100 thousand inhabitants, equivalent to an increase of 364 percent.

Something more impressive, the report said, is the increase in this rate in the state of Sinaloa, where it rose from 3.13 to 17.01 per 100 thousand inhabitants, thus producing an increase of 543 percent.

At the national level the homicide rate for this age bracket increased from 6.44 in 2006 to 7.95 in 2008.

Perez Garcia demanded that the federal government to stop stigmatizing children who die in the war on drugs and to investigate the murder of each child, since the deaths that have occurred so far have gone unpunished.

More than 22,800 people have died in the last three and a half years in Mexico because of the disputes between cartels and between them and security forces, including about 5000 soldiers and police.

In Ciudad Juarez the murder rate has now risen to 191 per 100 thousand inhabitants for all age groups, making it the most violent city in the world.


  1. nosotros no jalamos pa nadie ni tenemos nombre,namos nos gusta buscar alos k se creen chingones, nomas a ellos, somos bien pocos pero bien lokos, uno por uno por uno comenzando con los alcones, se les pone una bolsa y se el otro le retuerse el almbrito y ahi dejan y no platike a nadie, pinches pendejetos estos, se tan baniando bien gacho con la puebla, ustedes tanbien compitas, entre todos.. nos vamos chingar a todos los pinche ZETUCHES y atodos los k se metan con el pobre, pinches putos ya no van a poder dormir agusto

  2. isn't that kid (second one from the right) el mini-6? and didn't he get killed back in march? I didnt see a mention of that here though.

    Anyways, no wonder so many of them die young. Who needs heroes when you've got fathers who pass down "the biz" to their kids.

  3. If they have the picture they should of mentioned "RAUL MEZA JR>" el mini 6... That is the life they choose and grow up in... Who r we to judge... RIP. Mini 6.. Always trying to live up to his fathers name...

  4. who are we to judge? ah i guess by that measure, no one can judge anyone else on anything because none of us are ever living each other's lives right?

    Besides alot of people tend to be a product their environment so I'm not sure how much "choice" this young man had growing up.

    He also took a police officer's life (from what i read)so I'm going to say RIP to the Officer who was just doing his job.

  5. one inocent kid was shot today by bordre patrol.

  6. yes... RIP> officer who was killed.. he made a choice in life to become an officer of the law... for that he gave his life... what differs him from Raulillo? Who is good and bad... the goverment officials who superceed this officer that most likely is corrupt... Or the young man who was left to take care of his family.. the way he chose too...

    We are not all product of our eviorment we all have choices.. that my friend is a fact... I know that first hand...

  7. If this is the only choice these kids have in order to survive, what did families in Mexico do before there were drugs, cartels and incessant violence? How on earth did anyone mske it over the past several centuries? They clearly didn't starve to death...there's plenty of people living in Mexico today. I'm not saying that they lived a great life but that doesn't mean it's ok to kill people to get by.

  8. They kill people who want to harm themm.. that has been their dilema since this war started... the sinaloan cartel does not kill innocent people or woman or children... zetas resort to kidnapping and murder and also drugs... the cartels only deals with drugs and everything that revolves around it... like any government that chargess tax... look at the "confesion del muletas"... and that is not the only choice it is the path he and only nim chose....


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