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Monday, June 7, 2010

Army and PGR Reports 3 Dead Reynosa Students Were Sicarios

The official government version describing the events that led to the deaths of 3 students in Reynosa, Tamaulipas on Wednesday June 2 was released on Monday morning.

According to press releases on both the SEDENA (Mexican army) and PGR (federal attorney general's office) websites the 3 dead students were armed and travelling in a group of 3 pickups that fired on military troops on at least two occasions during a pursuit.

There is no mention on either press release about the detention and condition of the fourth missing student, Oscar Olivares Acevedo age 17.

The families of the 3 dead minors, Cesar Alejandro Carrizales Cuellar age 15, Eduardo Cuellar Saldana age 17, and Daniel Hernandez Martinez age 13, continue to insist through the Mexican media that the children were students on their way home to Estacion Analduaz.

According to this version the students, for unknown reasons, ignored orders to stop at a military checkpoint and as a result were pursued and attacked by army troops at ejido Cavazos.

The following are translations of government press releases.


Reynosa, Tamps., 3 June 2010. The Ministry of National Defense through the Commander of the 8 th. Military Zone, reports that in compliance with the Permanent Campaign Against Drug Trafficking and the application of the Federal Firearms and Explosives law , military personnel were carrying out reconnaissance patrols on June 2, 2010, on the north side of the Anzalduas canal on Luis Echeverria boulevard in Reynosa, Tamps., when they were attacked by gunfire.

The attack occurred when persons on board a group of three vehicles noticed the presence of the military and initiated gunfire against the military personnel as they fled in the direction of Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., initiating a chase by the military against the assailants.

At the location of the ejido Cabazos the attackers blocked the road with a Dodge truck manned by four gunmen who opened fire on military personnel with the intention of avoiding prosecution and allowing the flight of the other two vehicles; resulting in three alleged attackers dead and securing three rifles, one handgun and one vehicle; the fourth person who was in the vehicle fled.

The confiscated material was made available to the A.M.P. of federal law, and the preliminary case: AP/PGR/TAMPS/REY-UMAN/1493/2010 was opened

With actions like this, it reaffirms the commitment of the Federal Government to maintain security and the rule of law, preventing any manifestation of organized crime remain unpunished.

Inviting the public to report suspicious activity on Telephone No. (01 899) 9-26-70-92, or e-mail addresses and and denuncia8zm@


Sunday, June 6, 2010 Bulletin 672/10


The State Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic in Tamaulipas PGR/TAMPS/REY-IV/1493/2010 initiates the preliminary investigation for the crime of violation of the Federal Firearms and Explosives law against the person or persons responsible for the clash between armed men and the military where three people were killed.

According to the facts, on the second of June, the military personnel were carrying out patrols in the west-Railway Colony on the north side of the canal Anzaldúas-de Reynosa, when they observed a group of three trucks on the Boulevard Luis Echeverria trying to get away on the coastal road after noting the military presence.

Thus, began a pursuit in which subjects assaulted Sedena personnel with firearms. Upon arrival at the International Bridge Anzaldúas, one of the trucks changed direction under the bridge and managed to flee, while the pursuit continued trying to overtake the other trucks that were on the road.

Before entering the ejido Cavazos, the military personnel were attacked again by the occupants of the vehicles listed above, and were able to repel the aggression. One of the trucks with license plates from Texas 58FYD9, stopped, while the other fled.

Two people fled on foot towards the railway, one of them being killed, who was a minor, on the side of the road.

Inside the van they found the lifeless bodies of two other men, both minors, and the following items:

• Two firearms 7.62 x 39 mm
• A .223 caliber firearm
• A firearm 9mm.
• Six magazines for 7.62 x 39 mm.
• Thirteen magazines for .223 caliber firearm
• Four magazines for firearm 9mm.
• 127 .223 caliber cartridges.
• 37 rounds 7.62 x 39 mm.
• 35 9mm cartridges.
• Four 7.62 x 39 mm casquillos
• Two 223 mm caliber casiquillos

Consequently, the vehicle and secured material was made available to the Social Representative of the Federation, who continues with the integration of the preliminary investigation PGR/TAMPS/REY-IV/1493/2010 for the crime of violation of the Federal Law of Arms and Explosives against the person or persons responsible.

As a result of tests performed by the Federal Public Ministry on the bodies of the children Carrizales Cesar Alejandro and Eduardo Cuellar Saldana Cuellar, the rhodizonate sodium results was positive, ie barium and lead residues were found which indicates that gunshots were fired.

Regarding the of Daniel Hernandez Martinez, tests were not performed since the results would be unreliable as the body was submerged in water and mud.

So far there have been various testimonies, including the ballistics, which concludes that firearms and cartridges secured are considered for exclusive use of the Armed Forces of the country. Also the forensic chemistry, which concluded that the plant and the solid substance found at the scene relate to marijuana and cocaine.

The Social Representative of the Federation conducted a visual inspection in place to deliver the opinion of mechanical facts and continues to seek testimony from all the military personnel that were involved in the confrontation.

In addition, the Attorney General of Tamaulipas is contributing with the collection of other testimonies.

This work is part of the Federal Government efforts to restore confidence in the institutions responsible for providing security and justice, and peace of the citizenry.


  1. How come the two reports differ on what type of weapons were found, a shot gun and a 223 are two whole different weapons.

  2. Where are all those self righteous people commenting about it is the total blame of military shooting "innocent" kids and people for no reason....a previous article posted today indicates that youth being involved like this are defintely a component and another negative product of this drug war...

  3. Anonymous 11:38 am you are correct. That is a translation error and should read "3 rifles"

  4. It is very sad what my beloved country of my childhood has become today.

    We live in a barbaric state where children are no longer children.

  5. son unos corruptos la policia de reynosa


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