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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pictures of the Massacre in Nightclub

Warning: Graphic images!
Nightclub shooting kills seven in Mexican Gulf state.

Tampico Tamaulipas — A shooting between rival gangs at a nightclub left seven people dead in a Mexican Gulf coast city besieged by drug-related battles.

Five men and two women were killed late Friday in the shooting between rival gangs at the nightclub in Tampico, the state government of Tamaulipas said on its Web site.

It gave no other details, and nobody was available for comment Saturday at the offices of the Tamaulipas state Public Safety Department or the prosecutors' offices. A narco-message on a green cardboard left on top of a dead man warned the owner of retaliation and was signed with three "Z's" a Zeta connection.

Nightclubs and merchants in the area have decided to close early from now on until further notice, due to anticipated drug cartel feuds in the area.


  1. Where do you guys get this information? This was not a shootout, this was a massacre. They killed the people because it was owned supposively by a member of the CDG, but it was not a shootout, there where no weapons at the scene.

  2. Where did you guys get your information? Because there where no weapons at the scene.. This was no shootout, this was a massacre. This fucking trash human beings, it still urks me to see how they all just roam around the city shedding blood.

  3. The information was taken from the Tamaulipas governnor's offical website and is reported that way from all media outlets, including Mexican media. You can do a research, so we rely mostly on the information we get from open sources.

    We also received an email from someone who said that the brother of the owner who is a law enforcement officer has strong ties to the Gulf Cartel. relatives of the owner have recently been killed in the cartel feud, so that could be the reason of why it was reported this way.

    But I see an Admin already corrected the information to a degree.

  4. But RiseMakaveli thanks for the contribution you make to Borderland Beat. some people send message to commplaint, but do nothing to contribute.

  5. I have also wondered where all of this stuff comes from. I do not doubt the violence is rampant in parts of the border area. Of course the Mexican politicans will say the events are exaggerated. I heard this personally in Nuevo Laredo from my ex's family friend and doctor Jorge Ramirez Rubio in 2008. Dr. Rubio did not say much about the violence other than that to us and moved on to other topics. With the Ejercito Mexicano lining the main drag in NL it seems there was reason for concern. NL gave me the creeps, I won't ever go back there.

  6. No I understand, I didn't try to insinuate that you guys where making it up.. But this wasn't a shootout, got word that Reynosa will be turning hot this next days, also, dont believe what you all hear.. CDG has not kicked the Zetas from tamaulipas, haha.. I find it a bit funny, that while they claim to be winning the battle the Zetas still double, triple tax citizens and still roam the city not giving a fuck.. Yeah ofcourse there is heat, and people are getting killed.. But it's from both sides, it's not just zetas being massacred.. But like this murders right here, this fucking animals, I understand perhaps killing the manager and top workers of the place, but why kill the women aswell? Even the freaking bartender.. It's crazy..

  7. Nuevo Laredo is heavy... I was once 2-3 minutes late to witnessing a bazooka firing at a car dealership.. It was completely totalled.. This is time back, when shit was first starting, perhaps early 09 or mid 08. Don't remember the exact time, but Nuevo Laredo, next to Juarez is as dangerous as it gets.. Well, Juarez is in no way compared, juarez is massacre ranch, but Nuevo Laredo has its own demons..

  8. Thank you RiseMakaveli, I am hearing the same thing and in fact I just spoke with a few people who are saying that things will heat up as well in the next few days. We will publish a segment tomorrow on the dead sicarios, that have confirmed the death of "El Pepino."

    Who was the lady that was also killed along with her body guards, do you know?

    You guys take care, I know the targets are rival sicarios, but right now to make their point, everyone is a possible target.

  9. By the way, I am a Bordeland Beat reported, so if you have any information or material, send them my way.


  10. I will ask about the lady that was killed aswell.. I will not lie, as I once stated.. If I know my role, I'll post it, if not I won't try to make shit up.. I'll try to find out and i'll post it.. See, I don't really care, I could tell you all endless stories but I gota be careful how much shit I spill because I can't be stupid and say who I am.. And as I once said, I currently am in no way involved in drug trafficking business.. But I do know people, and they know me :/ ...

    And I'm not a rat either, never rated anybody out.. Only reason why I post here is because shit is getting way out of hand, and I don't agree the way that this animals are handling things.. They go against everything i've ever stood for..

    Only reason why I can't completely let you all know everything and not care if they tag me, is not for my safety.. I mean hey, I live in the border.. and Life's hard, so deaths' gota be easy, right? But it isn't as simple as that.. I have family, alot of family scattered through Mexico.. That's the only reason why I am cautious.. Other than that, I couldn't care less..

  11. This shit is so miserable. I am glad you people are posting some of these pictures, so the US really knows what is going on here in this part of Mexico. This is so fucking sad, I had at least half my neighbors who have lost relatives killed to the cartels. When will the suffering end? When?????

    It looks like all the ones murdered at this club were employees, except perhaps for one of the girls?

    The Zetas are brutal with no conscious, someone please help our people, please!!!!!

  12. Save your tears my friend.. For no one will hear them.. For the lights are off.. If one does not have the muscle to make a difference, the power lies in your mind.. Expose this rats for what they are.. I know first hand that alot of this people where born into this life, but once you start to degrade another persons life as a disposable item.. They lost all my respect, and gained all my hate.. One dreams about what your purpose is, if I can change one persons view on this war, and perhaps make all our relatives who live in the US start acting, and mobilizing.. We can make a difference..

    People who aren't dodging bullets will not feel the heat from the gun.. It's human nature, they will not hurry to make a difference..

    Why was vietnam stopped? Because of the reporters.. Because the country saw that the soldiers where not dying a heroic death, they where dying horrible, amputated deaths..

    People are 90% visual creatures.. Save your breath.. Show them instead...

    If you're not one to pick up a gun and shoot, then pick up your camera and shoot.. Help us murder the inhumanity..

  13. But I don't use drugs, I just like to go dancing and drink a little every once in a while. Yes, I live in an area where other people use drugs and some of them sometimes get killed, but others who don't use drugs get killed too! Moving is not an option for me, I have to help caring for my ill grandmother.

    People are afraid to get involved, that will get you killed, I mean you can see the results even here at this blog:

  14. The high with drugs is wonderful but the lows take you to hell it is worse than death but you will never stop drug use with words of fear. I have been there and I know.Start paying the police what they are worth with the money confiscated from drug seizures the uncorrupt are heroes. Drugs are the evil on earth both for the users and the dealers, I am sober and lucky to still be alive.

  15. 7 dead ??? hahaha guys the media will always lie about this type of incidents. in the "mirage" club there were far more dead persons, just that they didnt show them on the pics. Its known that that was no ordinary massacre, it was actually a hit on the clubs owner! He ran the buisness for the CDG you ignorants, and everyone killed was because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time...ITs known the Z dont just kill their markman, they go for everyone in the place aswell, no witnesses Duh !! it seems the blogs administrator needs more info, from people who live in the area and know about the movement.


  16. This was work of the zetas or someone tring to frame them in the green sing every word that has z in it is darker then the other letters so this is them showing the gulf cartel that the war is on.

  17. TM,

    ".ITs known the Z dont just kill their markman, they go for everyone in the place aswell, no witnesses Duh !!"

    ...that is why I have no mercy on any of those human garbage. I always support the elimination of those human garbage family too. Why just kill the shooter or one member of the organize crime? Why the government need to do is to eliminate the entire family. I know it sound harsh, but this human garbage has no mercy on innocent people, so why the government should?
    Calderon, need to give the green light and not just kill a member of the organize crime, but their entire family(wife, kids, grandma, grandpa, et all!) that way, those human garbage learn to respect innocent people. I bet that before they kill someone, they will think about it twice before pulling the trigger. They will know that if they do it, their entire family is at risk. (remember los pepes in colombia!).

    Another option is to legalize weapons in MX. Let every head of household have a weapon for house protection. Let the people defend themselves. This human garbage know that people are defenseless at their home, that is why the kidnap, rape, and kill people at their own house and do whatever they want.

    I know we have the same problems in the US, but why you don't see or hear about those human garbage entering into houses and do whatever they want? because, here, we are allow to have our own protection, and they know that we will use it at whatever cost and defend our own families. 2.5 cents!!

  18. All of this is very sad but true. Seems like calderon dosent care about the inocent people being killed he just cares about getting those men to end this but truth is even if u kill the main one the legacy is still there. And like the death of Arturo leyva mexican marines killed him and now his people are getting revenge killing any one that gets in their way. This is never ending story. the killing is going to continue the only thing we can do is pray and hope nothing happens to us or our family. :(

  19. It is Christmas day, 2021...and I just read this post. Nothing has changed except that we now have FENTYNL on the rise poisoning America....Is mankind doomed?
    Mexico Watcher


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