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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At least 12 Sicarios Killed in Nayarit

Warning: Graphic Images!
The confrontation occurred in the early hours of Tuesday in the towns of La Curva and San José de Costilla in the municipality of Xalisco. At least eight gunmen were burned inside a truck.

State of Nayarit - A confrontation between suspected gunmen in the town of Xalisco left at least twelve people dead that included nine charred bodies found in a truck and three with multiple gun shots to various parts of their bodies.

According to police reports from the Attorney General's office the confrontation occurred at 00:45 hours on Tuesday in the towns of La Curva and San José de Costilla in the municipality of Xalisco.

The bodies of nine people were found burnt inside a Titan pickup truck and three more with numerous impacts from high caliber weapons near a Cheyenne.

The deceased were found lying at the foot of a tree with pants and shorts to their knees.

Nearby at the Ranch called "Mortero" authorities found dozens of shell casings and a charred vehicle allegedly driven by the killers.

The scene was secured by members of the Federal Police, the Mexican military and State Police Investigators initiated the investigation of the crime scene.

So far authorities have not determined the motive for the slaughter that occurred early on Tuesday in the town of Jalisco.

The bodies were taken to the Forensic Medical Service for identification.


  1. I'm always against sheddin life but honestly this guys end up all taking the same path.. El Pepino was killed in this shootout, along with his bodyguards and not sure if his father.. But this guy took over la plaza de tepic time back by getting rid of "El Chilango" and his people.. So what do you expect.. Same shit happened to him.. There's word of who's going to take over now, but nothing sure yet.. If I find out, I'll let you all know.

  2. Thanks makavelli that's the details I'm interested in stuff the media doesn't know or doesn't care to mention take care

  3. Didn't El Pepino die in a shootout in Guerrero in Jan?

  4. You probably mean a sicario by the name of Gilberto Beltrán Romero, alias “El Pino”, that was El Pino, this is El Pepino, unless you have a cross reference or link for us?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Makaveli espero sepas lo que dices porque la plaza de tepic,nay. El pepino la tenia bajo control su gente era ordenada lo que le paso fue una traicion por eso el terre se calentara aun mas.

  7. Mira anonymo, al final de dia lo unico que a uno le queda es su palabra. No abro la boca nadamas por abrirla, esa informacion ami me la paso gente que llevava tiempo en el jale. No digo que no, quizas el si llevava ls cosas bien y lo sabia controlar, quizas y si era bueno con el pueblo. No lose yo porque no lo conosi, lo unico que ago aqui es pasar la informacion que me es pasada ami. Espero y no lo tomes como offensa, porque simplemente lo tomo como tratar de informar a los ciudadanos. Y como siempre si ay algo en lo que me puedas ayudar, adelante. Aprecio la critica, de eso crese uno. Y gracias por comentar.


  8. A cual cartel pertenecia el Pepino? con quien tenian pedos?

  9. El pepino was a good guy n very powerful ! Fuck el chapo n all them nigas payback is a bitch


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