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Friday, April 9, 2010

El Pepino or 5-5

Hello gente, Iliana here reporting on the bloody country of Tamaulipas, home of the "CDG" and the guys with the single letter "Z."

He knew that life is only here to either win or to lose, as the lyrics of the "corrido" "5-5" say. A cucumber was buried today. The remains of Jose Luis Estrada Martinez "El Pepino" was buried six feet under ground in a private cemetery in Jardines de San Juan.

The funeral was attended by around 60 relatives and close friends of the infamous character who was accompanied by music from a norteno muscian group. Songs like “amor eterno” and “la barca de oro” were the last sound to be heard in the unique cemetery this afternoon.

The authorities even at the end respected the duel. Not one police or military units were evident at or near the funeral.

The society of Tepic has been shaken with the violent death of “El Pepino.” Close to 30,000 hits were received yesterday on "online Nayarit," causing the server to crash again because it received more than 5,000 hits simultaneously.

Until 6 pm today, they already had 22,304 visitors. Although Borderland Beat has a U.S. target, it still managed to reach 7,000 hits within six hours after publishing the death of "El Pepino."

The forum of comments from social networks in the internet was heated with conversations from the reaction throughout the Mexican community. From rejection, to admiration, from condolences to the family, to fear for what is yet to come and especially posthumous messages from friends and admirers.

"Whatever happens to whoever, the truth is that I had the privilege of knowing José Luis and believe me when I say that he was a gentleman, super humble, sincere, always looking after others, that no matter who likes it or not, I know there are a bunch of fucking old men who appreciate his departure, but little do they know that with that also goes our peace, and also goes our Nayarit, and like they always say, May God takes us freshly confessed, because the worst is yet to come and REST IN PEACE mi PEPINITO, WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU!"
We were also drawn to the following message:
"You went great friend. Unfortunately we lost a great of the greatest, my friend was a gentleman, I will never forget you my good friend José Luis Pepino. You leave a big hole that no one can ever fill it, you never disrespect anyone and we always spent good times where ever we met and you always said hello and you would ask me if I needed anything? You were very attentive to my needs. Rest in peace my great friend Pepino."

Finally a posthumous message that was addressed to José Luis and also published in "online Nayarit:"
"How sad is the truth, as I have the opportunity to know the family of Jose Luis and his father, they are broken hearted because at the end it did not matter that he was a drug trafficker, his loss still hurts ... A great family man with a very soft heart ... I hope God can forgive those who have done be it be for good or bad, just hope they are received in heaven! To the narcos who made the cowardly decision to take this father hostage, you have no shame for you have murdered a father that was a humble person and had a good heart ... Let's hope you all rot in hell! Rest in peace Jose Luis Estrada Martinez ... we all know that you never committed murders and helped people who needed it!"

Estrada Martínez was also known as "El 5-5." At one time came he was part of a musical group that gained some fame called "Banda Pepino." One of their most enduring hits, that was never heard on the radio, but in countless parties and "parrandas" was the Ballad of 5-5.
"He was a humble and simple man and whoever gets upset, he is what he is. He was and will always be El Pepino daddy to the little "pollitos." He was under the command of the Beltran Leyva clan until death and will continue. Yay for Pepino or 5-5, you are great and will always be in our hearts forever. Sincerely, a friend and close worker to you because I was always faithful and will always be at the orders of your family forever."


  1. Pepino siempre te recordaremos , ya que estuvimos juntos desde la infancia y en el ejercito del 43/o. Batallan de Infanteria de Tepic,Nay. Siempre td preocupabas por los mas nesecitados a nadie le negabas tu mano siempre seguiste lis consejos de nuestro gran amigo Antonoo Inda (Q.E.P.D.) Y de el gransenor Gonzalo Araujo (Q.E.P.D.) ...MANO GENEROSA ES MANO PODEROSA por eso la gente te quiere y respeta.

    1. Lastima que fue a matar al hijo de 15 años de un poderoso. Quien juega con lumbre tarde o temprano se quema.

  2. Does anyone know which cartel El Pepino worked for? Who had beef with them?

  3. the song in the Video Is Jorge Briseno El Cholo El 55 not this guy.


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