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Friday, April 9, 2010

Chihuahua on the Borderland Beat

Temosachi, Chihuahua - Six people were executed and more than 450 spent casings from high caliber weapons were left scattered after an attack from a group of sicarios in Yepachi.

According a report, several elements from various police agencies arrived at the scene of the violent incident. The area was secured by members of the military.

When police units arrived at the scene, they found three bodies lying on road leading to Gran Visión.

The deceased were identified as Jesus Manuel Chavez Nayar 36, Lorenzo Moreno Chavez 49, both residents of Yepachi, the other deceased could not be identified.

Not far from there in a dirt road that leads to Mineral de Dolores, Police also found the bodies of Raúl Meraz Mariscal 35 years and a male person who could not be identified.

Finally, at kilometer 26 police located yet another body of a man with the name of José Antonio Gardea Flores, 40 years old, resident of Cuauhtemoc.

The forensic experts were able to collect 450 spent casings of various calibers including military 7.62x39, 9mm and 38 especial. The PGJE is investigating the case.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - Police forces that make up the Municipal Police and the Federal Police, managed to capture four people in possession of three long guns and a handgun, minutes after they allegedly committed the murder of two people and injured three others in a shooting attack at the intersection of Santiago de la Hoz and Toronja Roja. The alleged sicarios were found to be in possession of an Uzi submachine gun, two AK-47 assault rifles and a 9mm caliber handgun.

The sicarios that were arrested were Juan Carlos Pérez Pérez 23, Constantino López 28, César Noé Alvarado 22, and Alberto Martínez Alvarado 20.

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