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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marines in Operations

Sicarios watch out, the Marines have landed!
The Mexican forces of the Marines were conducting operations in Monterrey looking for cartel members.

Sicarios have been known to travel in large SUV's with tinted windows and mostly, they travel in groups of four or more in convoy style. Most likely the first two SUV's got caught in the military roadblock. In this case you can see some of the weapons and bullet proof vests they recovered.

These are most likely sicarios sent from other Mexican states to confront other sicarios from a rival cartel. They were taken out before they could kill. Notice their short hair, evidence they might be former military or police members (if not active).

In the border states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas Los Zetas and the Gulf cartel have broken up and are now waging a war against each other, causing battle grounds in the region. Both criminal organizations are attempting to send reinforcements from other states to take control of the border region, major corridor for smuggling drugs to the U.S.

Marine doing inventory of items inside the vehicle. Notice the dark tinted windows of the large SUV.

The Mexican Marines have been very successful in the past. They were the ones who killed one of the biggest capos around in Cuernavaca, Arturo Beltran Leyba.

This is how they usually transport the suspected sicarios (hired assassins) to the police station for questioning, in the bed of a small pick up truck. Their faces are concealed but little do they known, once their statements are taken and are charged by the attorney general, they will be "presented" to the media in a press conference.

Escorted by different segments of military and police agencies to prevent appearance of impropriety and also to get recognized representation. The one on the left is some form of civilian law enforcement, perhaps even federal police, while the soldier in the middle is a Mexican Marine, who are usually better equipped in comparison to the regular military members on the right side.

Some of the SUV's and trucks in which the sicarios are traveling on are newer models.

The Marines continue to target other SUV's in their read block, most sicarios travel in several SUV's convoy style.

 The Mexican marines are serious business, notice the fragmentation grenades hanging on the vest of the marine on the left.

Notice the grenade launcher on that AR-15.

Time to withdraw

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