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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anáhuac Becomes a War Zone, Ten Killed

Elements of the military and members of organized crime clashed in the border town of Anahuac resulting in a toll of about a dozen people killed, among them a woman.

Anahuac, NL - Two separate confrontations between soldiers and sicarios working for organized crime in the town of Anahuac left a toll of ten dead, eight of whom were sicarios and two were lawmen, the military said.

The fist gunfight occurred at around 1130 hours. After several minutes of intense gunfire, four sicarios of the armed group and one element of the Seventh Infantry Unit were killed.

As a result of the shootout, two other soldiers were wounded and were transported to Mexico City for medical care, where one of the soldiers died on the way to the hospital. The deceased was returned to the University Hospital of Monterrey for an autopsy.

According to sources, minutes later a second gunfight took place where a hail of bullets rained down near a gas station on a road that leads to Sabinas, Coahuila.

This second confrontation resulted in the death of four gunmen that were traveling in two late model trucks. At the scene of the shooting on the roads Martín and Margarita Maza de Juárez, there were spent casing scattered all over the pavement from high caliber weapons.

Sources said that support forces sent by the state Government of Nuevo Leon arrived at the scene only after the second gunfight had terminated.

Sources at the scene also said that the sicarios had recovered the bodies of two of their men and took them away from the spot where the first confrontation occurred.

Alejandro Garza Garza, Attorney General of Nuevo Leon, commented only on what his people had reported, assuring the media that at a later time the Ministry of Defense would issue an official statement detailing the facts.

"We do not have a report by the military on how the sequence of events happened," said the District Attorney. "Our police forces went to the aid of the Federal Public Ministry, and it will be the Sedena who will detail how it happened.

The state government could only confirmed four fatalities, one element of the Mexican Army who died on the way to a hospital in Monterrey and three gunmen which included a woman.

"There is a woman with an identification badge from Delphi and a man that lives in Anahuac," said Garza and Garza. "Each one of them was carrying a weapon, one was carrying a "cuerno de chivo" AK-47 and the other had an AR-15. They had in their possession between 400 and 500 rounds for the AR-15 and "cuerno de chivo."

Minutes later, government officials would give a figure of six dead, of which four were sicarios and two soldiers, but were not able to corroborate the inofficial sum of 10 dead ( it would be 10 dead, eight sicarios and two military personnel).

There had been a concern for the safety of some students because the shootings occurred during the hours when students were leaving a nearby school, but teachers had been alerted by the administration not let students leave the school and students were kept in the classroom as they heard the roar of gunfire coming from outside.

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  1. man my family comes from that city and still some of my family members still live there


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