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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Presumed Death of Alleged Zeta

State officials reported that the sicario that was killed in a clash Tuesday night in Tepic, was Saúl Salcido Acosta, "El Chango."

A shootout occurred in the Country Lakes subdivision, east of Tepic, between two rival groups, leaving as a result one dead, at least two policemen wounded and two presumed "masons" from Sinaloa state detained.

State officials reported that the sicario that was killed in the clash Tuesday night in Tepic was identified as Saúl Salcido Acosta, "El Chango", who is identified as one of the leaders of the Zetas criminal group.

The information was not official, since the source said that any information concerning the death of the alleged gunman, would be released as soon as the federal officials conclude their investigation.

This is partially due to the incident in which two suspects were arrested by the military after the confrontation in which three police officers were injured, this according to reports from authorities in Nayarit, but the injuries were described as not life threatening.

Sources said that the investigation will require for police authorities to conduct forensic tests on the the vehicles and weapons that were confiscated from the suspects and might have been used in high-impact crimes in Mazatlan.

The Zetas hit

After the shootout where the alleged gunman, native of Mazatlan, was killed, elements of the elite Mexican military managed to stop six suspects armed with high powered rifles, grenades, several motor vehicles, as well as military and police style uniforms.

An anonymous tip had called the feds to say that in a building in the community Gobernadores, located in the capital of Nayarit, there was a cell of heavily armed sicarios.

The sicarios that were detained identified themselves as Omar Ignacio Vázquez Torres (29) "El Chamuco," and César Tlatelolpan Cesnas (27), Valentine Epimacio Wood (31), Pablo Guardado Gonzalez (27), Julio Palacios Ignacio Llamas (27) and Vicente Muñoz Casas (45).

Seized from the six detainees was a white GMC Sierra Denali, a black 2006 Ford Lobo, all with license plates from Sinaloa. Also seized were eight AK-47 rifles, two AR-15, two fragmentation grenades, two other assault rifles, 882 magazines of various calibers, communications equipment and military-style camouflage uniforms.

Police and military operation in Xalisco, Nayarit

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