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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Aid to "El Teo" Falls in Ensenada

Luis Gilberto Sánchez Guerrero "El Gil" was a former Tijuana municipal police and was involved in crimes such as kidnapping, murder and protecting small shops where drugs were sold.

Tijuana, BC - Authorities of the State Preventive Police (PEP) arrested former municipal police officer Luis Gilberto Sánchez Guerrero "El Gil", an alleged associate of Teodoro Garcia Simental "El Teo", whom authorities identified as part of a command that had attempted to assassinate the Secretary of Local Public Safety, Julian Perez Leyzaola.

This arrest represents a serious blow to the structure of criminal gangs operating in the state, as the suspect confessed that he commanded at least ten criminal cells, said Public Safety Secretary of State, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya.

At the time of arrest he was in possession of two handguns, one known as "matapolicías" (police killer), with 58 cartridges and a bulletproof vest.

The arrest of "El Gil" could lead to more arrests of ex-policemen or active officers, for he is very familiar with the insides of the police agency, said state officials that this will be a good point that will need to be investigated.

Through a criminal background check on this individual, de la Rosa Anaya explained that in October 2007 and on board a municipal patrol car he helped drug trafficker Raydel Lopez Uriarte "El Muletas" with whom he works directly to escape from a federal raid.

He has also participated in various criminal acts including in the murder of several municipal police officers, and attempted murder of the municipal Public Security Secretary, Julian Perez Leyzaola, but the action discovered and prevented in time.

De la Rosa Anaya said that during the raid from the military and police, they were able to seize several cloned Military trucks and sophisticated weaponry.

Information obtained confirmed that Sanchez Guerrero was also involved in settling narco accounts, killings, abductions and "protection" to small business shops.

According to the analysis of his profile, it was determined that he had a hierarchy similar to that of Filiberto Parra Ramos "La Perra", one of the operators of Teodoro Garcia Simental and another man identified as "El Tomate" also ex-Tijuana municipal police.

"El Gil" was arrested this morning when he came to his home in Colonia La Moderna Ensenada where he was hiding after he fled Tijuana.

His location was achieved through intelligence work of the Special Intervention Group of the PEP while detecting his activities.

Public Security Secretary of Baja California said the PEP has made several arrests of criminal gangs in the state, among them the command of "El Teo" and the cartel of the Arellano Felix brothers.


Four police chiefs and four uniformed municipal officers were arrested and presented to the Federal Prosecutor of Public Security in Baja California, after being identified by Gilberto Sánchez Guerrero, "El Gil," for allegedly participating in organized crime activities.

Although it has not been officially confirmed, the officials detained includes the Chief of La Presa, the coordinator of the tactical unit of the same agency, the commander of the program DARE to fight drugs and the coordinator of operations.

There are also four uniformed officers of the police force, whose identities were not disclosed.

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