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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Street Vendors Shot and Killed in Juárez

El Paso Times

Ciuadad Juarex, Chih - A pair of street vendors who sold burritos and juices were fatally shot on Tuesday as the violence continued in Juárez, a Chihuahua state police spokesman said.

Mario Angel Delgado Ortega, 36, and Concepcion Ortega Vazquez, 61, were shot at about 9:30 a.m. on Avenida Lopez Mateos and Benjamin Franklin streets near the ProNaF tourist zone, officials said. Investigators counted 36 bullet casings. A motive was unknown.

The rate of shootings in the city increased after a slowdown that had two homicides each on Friday and Saturday.

Authorities reported nine murders on Sunday and 10 more deaths Monday. The cases on Monday were:

1 a.m., Javier Vallecillos Reyes, 38, stabbed.
4:50 a.m., an unidentified man shot.
1:40 p.m., Norma Dominguez Casavantes, 39, shot in a sport utility vehicle.
1:42 p.m., Hector Ochoa, 19, and an unidentified man shot, 50 rounds fired.
2:16 p.m., Romeo Jonathan Hernandez Ravelo, 24, shot, 17 rounds fired.
2:49 p.m., Jose Antonio Robles Garcia, 33, shot.
3:20 p.m., Israel Castillo Rentaria, 35, shot in the back seat of a car.
3:45 p.m., an unidentified man shot twice in the head.
7:36 p.m., an unidentified man was shot while riding a bicycle, nine rounds fired.

There have been more than 2,500 murders in Juárez this year, surpassing the 1,600 death toll for 2008.

At this time last year, there was an chain e-mail circulating a plea for a truce for Christmas.

This year a chain e-mail from a group calling itself "Juarenses por la paz" (Juarenses for peace) shows proposed billboards with messages shaming authorities for not doing enough to quell the bloodshed.

"Ciudad Juárez," one message stated. "The most violent (city) in the world. What record will we set today?"

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