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Monday, August 31, 2020

2 and a half tons of marijuana discovered on the banks of the Culiacán River

Chivis Martinez   TY Borderland Beat  Follower via comments  Source

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Police from the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit, secured a total of 2,630 kilos of marijuana in 526 packages of five kilos each, which were abandoned on the banks of the Culiacán River.

The events occurred when preventive police officers were notified via radio about a report on the banks of the Culiacán River, right at the back of the Country Álamo Grande residential complex.

Upon arrival, they found a mound of brick-type packages, covered in transparent plastic and wrapped in tan adhesive tape, on the dirt road that is located on one side of the river banks, in the back of the aforementioned residential area, so who carried out an inspection of the place and verification of the packages, which contained green and dry grass, with the characteristics of the drug known as marijuana.

Sedena Intercepts a Colombian narco-plane with 1.3 Tons of cocaine in Palenque, Chiapas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus  Proceso Twitter

Sedena detained 2 men and seized a plane with 1,205 bricks of cocaine (1,356 kgs) at the airport of Palenque, Chiapas.

The incident occurred last Saturday night. After trying to enter Mexican territory through Calakmul, to land on a clandestine runway, the aircraft was detected by the control radars of the Mexican Air Force, which deployed an air operation to intercept it.

Faced with the maneuvers of the Mexican government aircraft, the plane left the national airspace and returned to Guatemalan territory.

In a second attempt, it planned to land in the vicinity of the El Desengaño community, in the municipality of Candelaria, Campeche, where a few months ago another plane was intercepted with a shipment of cocaine.

Neither was possible, after the harassment of Mexican aircraft, the pilot returned to Chapin territory and moments later he entered Mexican territory again through Tenosique, Tabasco.

The economics of drug prices or why the War on Drugs is failing

Redlogarythm Borderland Beat

One of the most common mistakes that can be found when talking about the current war on drugs is the increasingly common tendency to speak about the drug market and the strategies used to combat its functioning from an economic point of view, comparing it to the normal development of other markets and products. Thus, the theories, methods and characteristics applied to other innocuous and commercialized products are used to evaluate the commercialization of drugs and to design a combat policy in an effort to reduce the ability of producers, smugglers and dealers to produce, transport and sell these substances to the public.

Thus, since the never-ending war on drugs began in the 1970s its general strategy has been focused almost exclusively on multiple and ineffective efforts against the producers and distributors of the drugs being offered to the final consumers. And what is even worse, these strategies have been designed and applied as if they were aiming a normal product which behaves in the same way other products do when the forces of the market that rule their prices suffer different types of blows. In other words, the strategy in the war on drugs is not only focused in just half of the market (the producers) but has been designed as if drugs were a normal product and not a very complex range of different products which are almost immune to the current doses of governmental combat efforts.

Iguala: Narcos kidnap, torture and kill "Tuffito" the clown who entertained the poor

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat La Opinion

Armed men apparently related to drug trafficking groups kidnapped and murdered Juan José Millán Contreras, who made a living doing clown shows in the state of Guerrero.

The victim was known as "Tuffito”, was part of the " Payaso [clown] Patrol " created by the municipal government of Iguala, capital of the state of Guerrero to bring entertainment to poor communities.

According to local media, the victim's body showed signs of torture and was found on the road that connects the municipalities of Iguala and Chilpancingo, near the La Sabana community.

The body bore bullet impacts  and on it a cartulina with a logo and  allegedly signed by organized crime which the content was not specified.

Apparently, Tuffito was kidnapped after finishing a presentation in the town of Las Balsas.

After being taken to the local morgue, he was transferred to the municipality of Taxco, where his mother claimed the body.

Canada: 'Feeding the Monster' An addict's story of receiving free prescription heroin at the Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver

Canadiana Borderland Beat CBC

Low-dose drug program provides an alternative to potentially deadly street narcotics

Twice a day Kieran Collins, 39, injects prescription-grade heroin at the Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver. (Nick Purdon/CBC)

When I first met Kieran Collins in Vancouver three years ago, he had a $100-a-day street heroin habit that he fed any way he could.

"You're doing things that you don't really want to do — things that you weren't raised to do," said Collins, who was 36 at the time. "You know they are wrong, but you get accustomed to having to feed it."

He's still hooked, but a lot has changed.

Back then, Collins was haggard and desperate. He referred to his 20-year addiction to opioids as "a monster" as we sat in a park in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and he talked about what he thought would happen to him if things didn't change.

"I will be dead in not long," Collins said. "I have overdosed a couple of dozen times ... one of these times I won't come out of it.

"It's not the way I would like to go," he added. "Especially how that would make my family feel."

Fearing street drugs would one day kill him, Kieran Collins was desperate to get into a controversial program in 2016 at the Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver. It helps drug users manage their dependency on heroin by giving them controlled doses. 

Chihuahua: Commando arrives unleashing terror in Bocoyna

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat TY Gus  El Diario

José, as he was unofficially identified, worked in the municipality of Bocoyna in the legal logging of trees, but early this morning a convoy of organized crime arrived at his house to steal his truck and in the struggle, they assassinated him. 

“He was between 45 and 50 years old, they killed him in front of his wife, they spared her life. They emptied his house, they were even attempted taking the mattress, but when they started to leave it fell out of the truck... when the police arrived, his wife had a candle lit on the body, "said a resident of the municipal seat where at dawn this Sunday they lived hours of "terror".

From approximately 11 p.m. on Saturday to 2 a.m. on Sunday, the group of armed men arrived from the municipality of San Juanito to the municipal seat of Bocoyna, where they looted and then first set fire to three businesses located on the main street.

“Bocoyna does not have municipal police because they killed them all… the men arrived and started firing shots. They stole everything from three cell phone and furniture businesses ... The street was full of casings, they left things thrown in the streets that they could not take away, "said the inhabitant on condition of anonymity.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Video: Brother of former mayors of Isla Mujeres, Benito Juarez killed in Florida plane crash

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Source

Joaquín Ricalde Magaña dead in Florida, brother of the Former Mayors of Isla Mujeres and Benito Juarez.  Also brother of Alicia Ricalde [ [General Director of the API of the Quintana Roo state government]

Officials have identified the pilot killed in a plane crash in Broward County.

Crews spent hours Saturday picking up the wreckage in Pembroke Park after the plane Joaquin Ricalde Magaña was piloting went down, killing him and his passenger.

The other victim has not been named yet.

Surveillance video showed the plane falling to the ground after crashing into a storage building in the 1700 block of South Park Road at around 9:30 a.m.

“I heard a whistling sound.  When I looked up I saw this plane, it was so low. I moved a little bit. Just as it passed I heard the engine stall out, then it stalled out twice,” said a witness who works nearby.  

Video below

RCQ Nephew is arrested in CDMX and will be prosecuted

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  AIMX Mexico Information Agency, Reforma

A nephew of drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero was arrested and linked to a drug trafficking case along with two people.

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) reported that Carlos "G", Vicente "G" and César "C" were detained during a search of a house located in Cuajimalpa, Mexico City, in possession of methamphetamine and fentanyl hydrochloride, and weapons for the exclusive use of the Army.

They are César Enrique Caro Escobar, Vicente González Beltrán and Carlos Enrique García Méndez, the first identified as the nephew of drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero.

The judge attached to the National Center of Justice Specializing in Control of Investigation Search Techniques, Detainment and Intervention of Communications granted the link to the case of the three detainees.

Public Security Chief Durazo: We arrest criminals we just don't "show them off"

Stevectpa  Borderland Beat Excelsior Mexico

"There is a lot of intelligence work and frankly spectacular blows have been taken, nothing more than it is not up to us to show off," says Durazo.  [referring to perp walks of the past]

Cabeza de Vaca and Durazo

Mexico City

In Tamaulipas, an entity that was among the most dangerous in the country and is now among the least unsafe, coordination between the federal and state governments has been achieved, assured Alfonso Durazo, Secretary of Public Security.

He said that with the increase in the police force and the armed forces in the state and better intelligence work have made it possible to combat organized crime gangs.

"There is a lot of intelligence work and frankly spectacular hits have been given, it is not up to us to presume the criminal dimension of these detainees. In a good plan, it is up to you to investigate who they are, because we made the decision not to, to justify our work, to make them grow in the media, "said the Secretary.

According to the data presented by the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda, in the entity there are 12,092 elements of the armed and police forces deployed in Tamaulipas, of which 8,652 are operational and the rest are dedicated to administrative tasks.

Rafael Caro Quintero 40 Minute Interview with English Subtitles

Señor Joe Borderland Beat

Tamaulipas: Federal government send over 1k additional elements for 'Operation Nuevo Laredo'

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus   ElManana 

REYNOSA. - The federal government has implemented "Operation Nuevo Laredo", with more than 1,187 security elements, reported Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy.

The Nuevo Laredo Operation was detailed during the visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

“With regard to this Operation Nuevo Laredo that was deployed from January precisely in this municipality, these are the federal forces that are here: the Secretariat of National Defense, the National Guard, the state forces and the groups "Said Ojeda Durán.

The Sedena has 701 elements, plus the National Guard with 134, and State Forces with 196; There are 156 SAT Agents, with a total of 1,187 elements, he detailed.

“When it comes to higher incidence crimes here in the state, what we can see and emphasize here is that they are decreasing.

In the total of crimes it occupies the 21st place at the national level”, she explained.

Alberto Bazbaz Sacal Explains How Embracing Cybersecurity Can Help Mexico’s Fight Against Money Laundering

Chivis Martinez Borderland Bet TY Gus  Mass News
There’s no hiding from these incredibly challenging problems. However, Bazbaz Sacal is confident that Mexico can eliminate the saturation of cyberattacks and also effectively combat the country’s money laundering dilemma.   The answer lies in cybersecurity.

Alberto Bazbaz Sacal, a well-known financial intelligence specialist and former president of The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (GAFILAT) for Latin and South America, has a new priority: cybersecurity.

Not only does Alberto Bazbaz Sacal call it an immediate need for Mexico’s infrastructure, he believes it can help remedy the country’s longstanding fight against money laundering.

The Recurring Problem

Money laundering occurs when someone makes illegitimate money but tries to make it appear legitimate. In Mexico, this often means illegal money (made through drug trafficking, cyberterrorism, bribery, etc.) that’s passed off as legal.

Alberto Bazbaz Sacal says that money laundering has plagued Mexico and much of Latin America for far too long. Last year alone, the Mexican government reported roughly $50 billion in money laundering. And the problem’s only grown with the coronavirus pandemic.

Preserving Evidence of Disappearances in Mexico

 "MX" for Borderland Beat; MacArthur Foundation

Families of people who have gone missing assemble at a site in Panteon La Paz to create more pressure for exhumations.

When it comes to preserving evidence of more than 60,000 Mexicans who have disappeared since 2006, Felipe Sánchez Nájera’s goal is simple. “Our objective is to have every voice be heard,” said Sánchez Nájera, director of the Human Rights Program at Iberoamerican University in Mexico City.

“Maybe there will be drawings or other memory processes that might not be traditionally part of documented evidence, but we want to collect and safeguard the broadest range of information available.”

Iberoamerican has joined College of Mexico, the Institute of Legal Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and Chicago-based Center for Research Libraries to create a safe harbor for documents and evidence related to the disappearances of tens of thousands of Mexicans during the nation’s 14-year war on drug trafficking.

18 policemen Edomex police, suspended for recording a parody video mocking CJNG Elite Grupo video

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  MSN Espanol
                                                          Puro gente del 'Chavez'

Eighteen members of the Tactical Support Group of the Toluca Police, in the State of Mexico, were suspended after recording a video in which they are observed with weapons and his uniform making a parody of the recordings disseminated by members of CJNG Elite Group on social networks.

In the 30-second recording, which was broadcast on social networks, 18 police officers are observed with tactical equipment from the public security corporation as well as four patrol cars.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sicarios kidnap a 17-year-old girl; body found unrecognizable is identified

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

A body found in advanced decomposition in a Veracruz lagoon, has now been identified as Nadia Ivon Rosado age 17.

Nadia was kidnapped by armed gunmen in the town of Juan Rodriguez Clara, Veracruz.

When her body was discovered, images of the grotesque conditioned corpse were posted all over the internet yesterday.  

Supposedly her family saw the leg tattoo from those horrific images and concluded it was Nadia, her body was unrecognizable otherwise from being tortured and rapid decomposition from being in the water.

               WARNING! Images below are very disturbing, no further text 

Dark Web's Largest Drug Sales Vendor "Empire Market" falls after suspected "Exit Scam"

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat TY Gus  Infosecurity Mag

The world’s most popular dark web’s online drug market vanishes, ‘Empire Market’  sells everything from drugs to stolen cards, counterfeit goods and bulletproof hosting.....

Chivis Note: An exit scam is when the moderators of a darknet marketplace suddenly shut the operation down with no warning, and users and vendor funds are stolen. For instance, at times vendors pay a deposit in order to list wares on specific DNMs and customers also keep funds in the DNMs wallets and in escrow systems during exchanges.

One of the dark web’s largest English language marketplaces has been hit by an exit scam, potentially shattering trust in underground sites like it.

Empire Market, which sells everything from drugs to stolen cards, counterfeit goods and bulletproof hosting, has been offline since last week after initial reports of a major DDoS attack on the site.

Huge Fentanyl Haul Seized in Asia's Biggest-Ever Drugs Bust

 "MX" for Borderland Beat; Myanmar Now

The massive haul raises fears that the opioid crisis ravaging the US may emerge in Asia

Myanmar authorities display pre-cursor chemicals and machinery used to make illicit drugs seized in Kutkai Township, Shan state. March 6, 2020. (Photo: Sai Zaw/ Myanmar Now)

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Myanmar police say they have seized a huge haul of liquid fentanyl, the first time one of the dangerous synthetic opioids that have ravaged North America has been found in Asia’s Golden Triangle drug-producing region.

In a signal that Asia’s drug syndicates have moved into the lucrative opioid market, Reuters can reveal more than 3,700 litres of methylfentanyl was discovered by anti-narcotics police near Loikan village in Shan State in northeast Myanmar.

The seizure of the fentanyl derivative was part of Asia’s biggest-ever interception of illicit drugs, precursors and drug-making equipment, including 193 million methamphetamine tablets known as yaba. At 17.5 tonnes, the yaba almost equalled the amount seized in the previous two years in Myanmar.

An arrest warrant is issued against the wife of César Duarte

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus  Rio Doce

Since Duarte Jáquez's arrest, relatives and people close to the former governor have requested between 80 and 100 amparos.

Today an arrest warrant was issued against the wife of the former governor of Chihuahua César Duarte Jáquez, Bertha Olga Gómez Fong by the Judge of First Instance in Criminal Matters, based in the Chihuahuan municipality of Morelos.

The judge issued the arrest warrant against the wife of César Horacio Duarte Jáquez, who is accused of alleged participation in crimes of corruption, embezzlement, diversion of resources for electoral purposes and illicit enrichment.

According to a publication of Eje Central, the arrest warrant against Gómez Fong, issued at the request of the Attorney General's Office (FGR), is for his alleged participation in the crimes that her husband is accused of during his administration in Chihuahua (2010-2016).

Feds Say CJNG Plaza Boss ‘La Roca’ Used Dallas Western Wear Store To Launder $10 Million

Chivis Martinez  TY Gus Borderland Beat  Source
Jose Valdovinos Jimenez (who went by the alias “La Roca”), along with 27 other co-defendants, are charged with smuggling meth and heroin in from Mexico, distributing the product in North Texas, laundering the money through the strip mall western wear store, and sending the money back to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. 

The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas have confirmed that a Mexican cartel boss and nearly 30 of his co-conspirators have been charged with laundering more than $10 million. According to Erin Nealy Cox, the money came from drug proceeds and was laundered through a local western wear store.

A federal grand jury charged 28 individuals connected to Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion with conspiracy to launder monetary instruments and other financial, drug, and gun crimes, including conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute heroin, and possession of a firearm. Dozens of those charged have already been arrested. “Drug cartels like CJNG wreak havoc across the globe, driving the spread of deadly drugs like meth and heroin,” said Cox. “We’re committed to tracking the money and disrupting these organizations by attacking their bottom line. By striking both the money and the drugs, we can more effectively impact the organization.”

Judge puts the brakes on the U.S. extradition to US of 'El Hummer' a founder of Los Zetas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  El Norte

He lost his extradition trial and was ordered immediate extradition, but El Hummer uses the  Covid-19 amparo.  It should be noted that Mexico has one of the highest Covid-19 mortality rates in the world, the U.S. one of the lowest.  Read backstory using this hyper link

'El Hummer': the alleged intellectual author of the murder of singer Valentín Elizalde.

A federal judge suspended the transfer to the United States of Jaime González Durán, "El Hummer", a supreme leader and founder of Los Zetas, who since last February lost his extradition trial and therefore ensuring that his surrender was "imminent."

María Dolores Núñez Solorio, Fourth District Judge in Criminal Amparo in this capital, stopped the immediate delivery of the alleged drug trafficker, who has argued to various judicial authorities that extraditing him in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic puts his health at risk.

"Given that the complainant pointed out that it is an "imminent execution" extradition, based on articles 126 and 160 of the Amparo Law, Jaime González Durán is granted the suspension ex officio and he will  remain in the state they have him incarcerated." Ruled the judge.

The judge warns that this judicial protection will be canceled in the event that "The Hummer" has obtained in another court, a definitive or outright suspension against the same act that it claims here, that is, against its delivery to the Americans.

Spokesman for the Guanajuato Prosecutor's Office Is Found Dead; Was Kidnapped on August 15

 "stevectpa" for Borderland Beat

Elihú Ojeda Vallejo

The Guanajuato State Attorney General's Office (FGE) confirmed the death of its coordinator of Attention to Social Communication, Elihú Ojeda Vallejo, after he was kidnapped on August 15. Two suspects have been arrested for the crime.

Relatives of the spokesperson for the Guanajuato Prosecutor's Office received calls in which they asked for "a large sum" of money in exchange for the freedom of the public servant. The case was turned over to the Specialized Unit in Combating Kidnapping (UECS).

As reported by the State Prosecutor's Office in a statement, it was established that a man and a woman kidnapped Ojeda Vallejo and seized his vehicle on the night of Saturday, August 15, when Ojeda Vallejo left Valle de Santiago to Salamanca municipalities.

Friday, August 28, 2020

13-year-old boy found executed in Cancun as retaliation against parents

Stevectpa  Borderland Beat  Source

An arrest update at bottom...

Cancun. – He was yet a child, Luis Ángel 'N' whose life has been taken due to circumstances beyond his control, was found lifeless on a dirt road behind a neighborhood located behind the road that leads to Gas auto today tomorrow.

He was barely entering puberty when he was killed by unscrupulous people, who, due to needing a settling of accounts with his own parents, vented their anger with the life of this little boy.

His body was left lying between the undergrowth and a path, with his hands tied behind him, his red striped shorts, his worn blue shirt and flip-flops could be seen, his innocence ended when his perpetrators covered his head with an orange cloth.

His only fault was having parents involved in illicit acts and recruited into the service of organized crime, who abducted them,  most likely with the the intention of taking their lives.

28 People Linked to the CJNG Were Charged in the US for Money Laundering

"stevectpa" and MX" for Borderland Beat; USDOJ

A Mexican cartel boss and 27 coconspirators have been charged with laundering more than $10 million in drug proceeds through a local clothing retailer, announced U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox.

In a 38-count superseding indictment unsealed today, a federal grand jury charged 28 individuals connected to Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion – one of Mexico’s most violent and powerful drug cartels – with conspiracy to launder monetary instruments and other financial, drug, and gun crimes, including conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute heroin, and possession of a firearm by an undocumented alien.

“Drug cartels like CJNG wreak havoc across the globe, driving the spread of deadly drugs like meth and heroin,” said U.S. Attorney Nealy Cox. “We’re committed to tracking the money and disrupting these organizations by attacking their bottom line. By striking both the money and the drugs, we can more effectively impact the organization.”

Hearing for 'El Quillo' postponed for the 6th time, the accused killer of journalist Javier Valdez

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   TY Gus   RioDoce


The hearing of Juan Francisco “N” alias 'El Quillo' , the alleged perpetrator of the murder of journalist Javier Valdez , was postponed for the sixth time, this time due to internet connection problems. [because of Covid hearing are virtual]

According to the organization Propuesta Cívica AC, the defendant's defense argued poor connectivity, so Judge Edgar Rafael Juárez ordered the hearing to be postponed, which must be held within a period of no more than 15 days.

The judge asserted that the deferrals that have occurred so far are due to the pursuit of having equal circumstances so that due process is guaranteed.

In addition, it was requested that 'El Quillo' be transferred from the Guasave Prison to the Sinaloa Justice Center to avoid a new technical inconvenience and so that the intermediate hearing can be conducted without obstacles.

The day Sinaloa police adbucted boxing champ El Travieso Arce for Chapo Guzman and Mayo Zambada

Chivis Martinez Borderfland Beat  Source

Cancun, Quintana Roo, September 15, 2009. Jorge “Travieso” Arce could do nothing to retain his title of IBF super flyweight world champion, as his rival, Simphiwe Nongoayi, was far superior and ended up snatching the crown from Arce.

Former Mexican boxer Jorge “The Travieso” [mischievous] revealed the story of the day he was kidnapped by policemen – apparently at the service of organized crime.  The police took him to a party where characters like Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán, Ismael May Zambada and the Beltrán Leyva brothers they were waiting for it him because they wanted to meet him.

“One day a police stopped me and they took me, they blindfolded me then they took me to a ranch, I don’t know, I didn’t know where because they blindfolded me.  They said  that nothing was going to happen to me and then I went, no way to say no, because they were armed people [sic]”, Commented Arce in an interview with the journalist Javier Alarcon, which was broadcast on his YouTube channel.

Arce describes this story as occurring after his participation in the reality show Big Brother VIP, in 2003. By then, his fame had increased enormously.  So, as he said, in every place that people saw him, he asked for photos and autographs.

California Firefighter Goes Missing After Visiting His Condo in Baja California

 "MX" for Borderland Beat

Aguilar has been missing since Thursday 

Francisco Aguilar (age 48), a firefighter based in Los Angeles, California, went missing last week while he visited his condo in Rosarito, Baja California, a coastal town south of Tijuana and less than 30 minutes from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Aguilar's family told reporters that he visited his condo in Mexico regularly and always stayed in close contact with his family during his trips. When they did not hear from him in 24 hours, some of his family members went to his condo to check on his — only to discover a frightening scene.

Missouri's Fentanyl Problem: Its Path to the United States

 "MX" for Borderland Beat; The Salem News

Fentanyl is a serious threat to Missourians. In November 2017, a man was caught on i-55 carrying almost fve pounds of fentanyl—enough to kill 40 times the population of New Madrid County, where police stopped him (source: Safe Medicines).

There are two major means of entry of illegal synthetic opioids into the U.S.: a route into the U.S. by the postal service, and routes into the U.S. used by drug traffickers. In both cases, Chinese chemical factories are the source of these synthetic opioids arriving in the U.S.

Clandestine laboratories in Mexico convert Chinese fentanyl precursors to fentanyl and combine IMF with heroin. The Mexican cartels “tend to use crude methods” to make it and “they just take the fentanyl and stir it with a spoon,” said Doug Coleman of the DEA. Illegal fentanyl is then trafficked into the U.S. market, already combined with heroin and other drugs. The U.S. General Accountability Office has determined that Canada, as well as Mexico, is a supply route for drug traffickers.

American drug dealers can order fentanyl and analogues to be sent by mail from China, often diverted through another country. One Chinese drug dealer who operates openly on the Chinese social media WeChat said that sending drugs through the Chinese mail to the U.S. is easy: “We have our people in the postal companies.” Chinese sources can be found on the Internet that will ship fentanyl analogues that are still legal in China.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

El Marro's Family Bought Cows From Former Chihuahua Gov. César Duarte; He Wanted to Be a Cattle Rancher

 "stevectpa" for Borderland Beat; Milenio

El Marro's siblings laundered money with the fine cattle that the former governor of Chihuahua César Duarte Jáquez bought in Switzerland

A man hugs a heifer and shows her off to the camera: that's the last image of Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel leader José Antonio Yépez Ortiz ("El Marro") in full before his arrest. It shows the facet that he tried to develop but that could no longer culminate in the face of a large government crackdown: that of cattle rancher. The photograph was obtained by state intelligence sources and is in the possession of MILENIO newspaper.

It is presumed that it was taken in 2017, the year when El Marro wanted to become a cattle rancher. The image, according to a forensic analysis, was taken at a ranch located in the Torrecillas community in Villagrán, very close to Santa Rosa Municipality. El Marro's sibling’s bought the cattle from former Governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte Jáquez. MILENIO announced that Mexico's Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) detected El Marro's money laundering network and its links to Duarte through the company Promotora Ganadera Campestre SPR de RL de CV. Duarte sold fine cattle for MXN$400,000 and MXN$150,000 to El Marro's brother Roberto and sister Karen.

One of Mexico's best surgeons says: ‘I Am the Person Who Handed Over El Chapo’

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Thank You "006"  A VICE News Exclusive

We talked to the man who gave up information leading to the capture of Mexico's most-wanted drug lord, and who felt betrayed by the US. 

On May 1st 2014, this interesting article ran in VICE.  This relates to my M10 post of yesterday, you can read that post by using this hyperlink.

In mid-April I received a call out of El Paso, Texas, from a doctor who urgently wished to speak with me as a journalist. “I am the person who handed over El Chapo Guzmán,” the voice on the line said.

After hearing the man’s hook, he had my full attention. To protect the doctor’s identity, I will refer to him as Scalpel. He contacted me to explain that even though he had been welcomed by federal US authorities as a confidential informant — for having revealed information that lead to the capture of drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias El Chapo, and his lieutenant — his wife was now about to be deported to Mexico.

The 10 Most-Wanted Fugitives in the Mexico City Area

 "stevectpa" for Borderland Beat; Excelsior

PHOTO: Top row, left to right:  Eusebio Hernández Vázquez 'El Cejas', Juan Carlos Garcia, Liliana Perez Ramirez, Lenin Jonathan Canchola Martínez, Fabian Solís Vega “El Fabian” Bottom row, left to right:  Yuritzi Martinez, Cristhian Flores Ramírez, Unnamed Rapist, Eduardo Ramírez Tiburcio “El Chori”, Víctor Hugo Ávila Ramírez “El Huguito”

These are the 10 most wanted in Mexico City, they are men and women wanted by the Secretariat of Citizen Security and the Attorney General's Office. On the list are drug traffickers, extortionists, kidnappers, murderers and even a serial rapist. The numbering goes from the least priority to the most sought after.

Please click the "Read more" link for a detailed list of these fugitives:

Execution in Puerta de Hierro Jalisco, a man killed with 40 shots and his wife injured in upscale area of Zapopan

Stevectpa for Borderland Beat  Source  Source
Zapopan, Jalisco His mother killed in 2012, father in 2013, in a separate killing his uncle killed in 2013. He was killed Tuesday by 40 gunshots.

The victims are a married couple; both approximately 25 years old, had just left a gym located on Avenida Empresarios

A seriously wounded woman and a dead man were the result of a gunshot attack on a building located in the Andares area, in Zapopan, Jalisco. The attack occurred this Tuesday, August 25, around 10:25 a.m.

The municipal police of Zapopan reported, according to Notisistema, that the victims are a couple: both approximately 25 years old, who had just left a gym located on Avenida Empresarios, in the Puerta de Hierro area. At least three armed individuals fired at them 40 times.

“It was in the basement parking where the detonations were heard. Upon the arrival of the police unit, it located a white Q8 vehicle. Inside, there is a lifeless person and a female who is being given medical services, ”the media reported.

The woman was transferred to a private hospital in the area and remains in serious health condition.

The agency pointed out that the attackers were at least three people who had the time to commit the attack and then leave through the parking lot, "like any other parking lot user", aboard a gray car.

A day's grisly tally: 7 executed in Tijuana, 3 beheaded

Stevectpa for Borderland Beat   Zeta Tijuana

The corpses of seven men, three of them beheaded, was the balance of a violent day recorded in Tijuana during Tuesday 25 and the first hours of this Wednesday 26. With these events, there are 138 homicides in August, and 1,309 so far of the present year 2020.

The most recent cases were registered in the Natura subdivision, east of Tijuana. It was around 07:00 hours this Wednesday when they reported to the emergency center that on García Street, a Toyota vehicle, Corolla line, gray, recent model, had been abandoned, and inside two bodies wrapped in blankets and beheaded.

Then, 150 meters further on, on the same road, a severed head was found with a narco-message, another corpse was left curled up on one side.

While yesterday Tuesday a man identified as Rubén Ferrel López, 29, was found lifeless with various wounds caused by a firearm projectile in the arm and chest, at the entrance of a home in Cañón Escultores, lot 5, Colonia Reacomodo Sánchez Taboada.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

AMLO: It took 10 years to ratify the UN on forced disappearances

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Reforma

As of December 31, 2019, there were 61,637 missing persons according to the government of Mexico…. This obviously does not include economic migrants which according to human rights orgs vanish at the rate of apx 10k per year.  Missing people can remain on the tally forever if a body is not found, they stay “missing” never being counted as dead….

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that the ratification of the competence of the UN Committee against Forced Disappearances (CED, for its acronym in English) was in consultation for 10 years.

Yesterday, the Ministry of the Interior sent the President's statement to the Senate of the Republic so that the Upper House endorses the competence of the CED and can receive and examine particular cases on missing persons.

In the letter, López Obrador warns that the National Commission for the Search of Persons estimates that as of December 31, 2019, there were 61,637 missing persons.

In the Lozoya case there are 70 implicated

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

Torreón, Mexico (August 26, 2020) .- President López Obrador said that there are at least 70 people involved who would have participated in alleged bribes pointed out by the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya.

He reiterated that those involved should be called to testify and the allegations against them must be proven.

It is a matter that corresponds to the Attorney General's Office and they are conducting the investigation as they are carrying out the entire process required by law, surely those involved, who are about 70 people, will be called to testify", he revealed.

"What is denounced must be proven, no one can be blamed without evidence and, in due course, the Prosecutor's Office will inform and send this process to the judiciary, as appropriate and it is the judges who will determine”.

After being questioned at a press conference in Torreón, Coahuila, he indicated that it is up to the Prosecutor's Office to determine whether or not to investigate the former Secretary of the Treasury, Luis Videgaray.

“El Cadena” Detained, CJNG Jefe de Plaza in Veracruz

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: heraldo / gobernantes/ evrcrz

Security forces detained Juan Pablo “N”, alias “El Cadena”, head of the plaza and lieutenant of the “Los Piña” criminal cell, belonging to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), in the municipality of Catemaco, State of Veracruz.

According to the first reports, the events occurred in a safe house on Calle 10 de Mayo, between María Boettiger and Narciso Mendoza, in the Don Pedro neighborhood.

At dawn this Wednesday, elements of the Civil Force received a report on armed people in that place and, when they arrived, they were received with bullets.

In the confrontation, a member of the aforementioned criminal group was killed, which operates in the municipalities of Lerdo de Tejada, Santiago Tuxtla, San Andrés Tuxtla, Catemaco, Isla and Vicente Beach, in the southern part of the Veracruz state.