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Thursday, August 27, 2020

A day's grisly tally: 7 executed in Tijuana, 3 beheaded

Stevectpa for Borderland Beat   Zeta Tijuana

The corpses of seven men, three of them beheaded, was the balance of a violent day recorded in Tijuana during Tuesday 25 and the first hours of this Wednesday 26. With these events, there are 138 homicides in August, and 1,309 so far of the present year 2020.

The most recent cases were registered in the Natura subdivision, east of Tijuana. It was around 07:00 hours this Wednesday when they reported to the emergency center that on García Street, a Toyota vehicle, Corolla line, gray, recent model, had been abandoned, and inside two bodies wrapped in blankets and beheaded.

Then, 150 meters further on, on the same road, a severed head was found with a narco-message, another corpse was left curled up on one side.

While yesterday Tuesday a man identified as Rubén Ferrel López, 29, was found lifeless with various wounds caused by a firearm projectile in the arm and chest, at the entrance of a home in Cañón Escultores, lot 5, Colonia Reacomodo Sánchez Taboada.

Then inside a house located in Paseo de los Reyes Norte, Villas de Baja California neighborhood, 23-year-old Mauricio Israel Trejo López was murdered. The deceased had gunshot wounds to the right arm and thorax.

With shots to the head and chest, the lifeless body of Arturo Briones Argüello, 23, was found on the public highway on Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez street in front of number 7195, Colonia Independencia.

Finally, on a dirt road between Litoral and de las Islas streets in Urbi Villa del Prado second section, the body of a young man between 25 and 30 years old was found.

In none of the cases are detained persons reported.


  1. Cjng getting smoked left and right.

    1. Actually CJNG is cleaning what’s left of CDSnitches

  2. Kiko vega de la madrid got about 200 million dollars confiscated from his house, i'd rather know how many millions the new governor has accumulated by now

  3. i would think this would scare away the american perverts that frequent zona norte, or maybe not. tj police are more dangerous than the cartels

    1. There was a time, the Tijuana Police was weeded out, and thier guns were were taken away. But they were allowed to carry sling shots. But now they moonlight extra money with the local cartel, they sure don't want the Baby Killer Cartel coming to town.

  4. Tijuas chotas were and are weeded up.
    And julian leyzaola keeps trying to become their governor, then and only then, crime could come down


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