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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Public Security Chief Durazo: We arrest criminals we just don't "show them off"

Stevectpa  Borderland Beat Excelsior Mexico

"There is a lot of intelligence work and frankly spectacular blows have been taken, nothing more than it is not up to us to show off," says Durazo.  [referring to perp walks of the past]

Cabeza de Vaca and Durazo

Mexico City

In Tamaulipas, an entity that was among the most dangerous in the country and is now among the least unsafe, coordination between the federal and state governments has been achieved, assured Alfonso Durazo, Secretary of Public Security.

He said that with the increase in the police force and the armed forces in the state and better intelligence work have made it possible to combat organized crime gangs.

"There is a lot of intelligence work and frankly spectacular hits have been given, it is not up to us to presume the criminal dimension of these detainees. In a good plan, it is up to you to investigate who they are, because we made the decision not to, to justify our work, to make them grow in the media, "said the Secretary.

According to the data presented by the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda, in the entity there are 12,092 elements of the armed and police forces deployed in Tamaulipas, of which 8,652 are operational and the rest are dedicated to administrative tasks.

Governor Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca assured that the work coordinated with the federal government has allowed the fight against all gangs of organized crime.

"In Tamaulipas the fight against organized crime is not against one criminal group, but against everyone. The arrests of criminals from all the cartels that operate in the entity are conclusive proof of this, no criminal group has a patent to commit crimes in Tamaulipas,” declared Cabeza de Vaca.

He also said that the accusations against him of being in collusion with organized crime or of having incurred in acts of corruption by previous governments is a strategy to weaken him politically.

"Instead of working for the good of people on the street solving so many problems we have, now it turns out that one has to go around denying alleged investigations, clarifying sayings of a confessed criminal such as Lozoya, as well as sending letters of reply of insinuations without support. We did not want to return to those practices of the past, of defamation, of slander, but anyway, that is what is happening today. But in my case, there are those who believe that with infamies and intrigues they will distract or intimidate me.

They forget, that I come from the opposition and together with the Tamaulipas we overthrew a regime that had been in power for 86 years”, declared Cabeza de Vaca.

Note: Andrés Manuel López Obrador reestablished the Secretariat of Public Security, previously abolished by the Peña administration, and named Durazo as the head of the agency.


  1. Oh good God, so many many lies here (not suggesting that BB is lying), but if the politicians and whomever else get off their collective asses and go around Tamaulipas--get out of the cities--they will see gangs everywhere in the colonies (neighborhoods) with their monster trucks and guns and their logos and hawks (lookouts), and the large cartels have their uniforms. Note to crime fighters here, Batman, they are entrenching in the colonies in homes here, but you did not know that? You would have to be blind not to see all that, such asshole politicians! Then in the city cores the cartels are set up in their bars and restaurants, everyone knows where they are including the military, and they are still here hanging out, so go figure what the military is doing here to reduce crime! Funny, oh so funny, Durazo then AMLO pictured with the KNOWN biggest crook in Tamaulipas, just ask us here about the asshole Governor El Crook; okay, alleged asshole. God, we hate politicians, but what else is available ....
    They say crime is going down, what a joke, it is how they are skewing the algorithms that they use to report crime statistics here. This blessed article is boiling my cute ass, and I'm a young woman; well, not that young, but it's okay to lie here, "it's Chinatown Jake."

    1. Lol Durazno is China Town Jake.

    2. That guy I have heard him, very bad hombre, he director of safety and security, does nada but offer dumbazz comments , he should be director of clown patrol.

  2. Durazno offering clown comments again,"we arrest criminals, we do not show them off", they were never showed off, as there faces are always covered, and also thier last names are not put on, he comments don't fit to the issue.
    Just like the LeBron killings he said he knows which cartel did it, but did not want to say it.

  3. "No criminal group has a patent to commit crimes in Tamaulipas,” declared Cabeza de Vaca; that is, without my permission! Then we have El WTF Durazo, "... it is not up to us to presume the criminal dimension of these detainees. In a good plan, it is up to you to investigate who they are ...." Never have I read or heard more nonsense out of a lame ass politician, save me Jesus. Really that is the last straw, a "spectacular hit" indeed. El WTF, what the f*ck?

    1. 6:40 you should hear more of payaso duranzos lame words. Don't ask me if he has a speech writer, but he does offer luney comments.

    2. See Clavillazo, to learn to move your hands when you deliver your speeches, and if you practice you could become an american presidente....
      Cantinflas, had the gift of gab, must have kissed the Blarney Stone, but only got to be president of the mexican actors union, But Clavillazo...
      A Méndigo, pura vida nomááás.

  4. I would guess these articles are written/printed only for the authorities and their circles? No one in their right mind could actually believe that those people reach their high offices without playing the game, and the game is corruption and bribes.
    The petty emperor wears no clothes. These guys gotta save face though. Its one thing to call them out, but embarrass them and they will have you killed.

  5. 8:51 pancho cabeza de cagadas de vacas is not going to confess to his crimes,
    He will keep allowing Durazo to get rid of enemies and witnesses in hopes his cooperation gets him protected Mexican status that makes him non-extraditable.
    The Professor of Drug Trafficking by Powerful Looking Narco-Politicians is Colombian Alvaro Uribe Velez whoserecord also includes the practice of forced disappearances to feed guerrilla recruit centers, PEPES, AUC, and hordes of his own milico/paraco assassins.

  6. I would never trust what comes out of Duraznos mouth.

  7. I am trusting him, but have been 100% wrong before about Latin American geopolitics, where alliances and agreements are capricious to the point of being close to unpredictable (unlike China where we have 25 years of a fairly clear picture of grandiose intentions and aspirations).
    As an analogy in SOME ways similar.... Remember 5-6 years ago the gruesome ISIS videos? Then somehow, quietly, it almost entirely ended. Yes, that eradication project did have military action and a couple memorable perp walks/killings.
    With regard to Durazo, I do believe the themes he mentios and urge us to avoid underestimating both the necessary covert ops that have quietly occurred in the shadows, or the super-majority of better-informed members of the criminal element who are staying out of violence, emphasizing political capital and community re-investment, over arms stashes, havng realized wreckless violence will get them PRIORITIZED on joint operational agreements inspired by entities such as the Brookings Institute and Congressional Research Office... all of which indicate those who continue violence will be prioritized.
    That prioritization may take the form of measured physical confrontation but with the sophistication of modern forensic accounting, the punishment may be calibrated financial hits, perhaps more effective to change behavior.
    I could be wrong, but I am seeing Durazo, admirably, in partnership with the worlds' honorable intelligence and international law enforcement and diplomatic community operationalizing a pragmatic strategy that, despite often contrarian headline grabbing dramatic journalistic anedotes, is maybe proving to be more effective than the old kingpin hunting and war on drugs themes.
    As far as physical confrontation, it may be helpful to remember the guideline that at most, 40% of journalism is accurate, ...while also realizing some of the new technology to take out hopeless threats physically is more secretive and immensely more futuristic than is commonly realized.
    I support AMLO continuing the peace message in his speeches and ofher fodder for the masses.
    However... Pragmatically, there is likely enormously more taking place each week to clean up both sides of the border (and, to be fair and global, assertive actions to disrupt the Chinese criminal element and its much greater role in all this than is often realized).
    Socially, economically, and politically, the lack of a basic sense of security and safety in Mexico have reached a critical mass to reshape political will, and, in turn, policy, along with implementation of this plan reframed or simply kept quiet for the most effective optics is likely effective to maintain an advantage of obscured unpredictable tactics.

    1. In short words Mexico is doomed.
      Another 36,000 will die this year to Cartel violence plus the continue mounting of Covid19 deaths presently at 64,000.

    2. 12:28 true thanks to the enpt president and that clown durasshole, nothing will happen.


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