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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Judge puts the brakes on the U.S. extradition to US of 'El Hummer' a founder of Los Zetas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  El Norte

He lost his extradition trial and was ordered immediate extradition, but El Hummer uses the  Covid-19 amparo.  It should be noted that Mexico has one of the highest Covid-19 mortality rates in the world, the U.S. one of the lowest.  Read backstory using this hyper link

'El Hummer': the alleged intellectual author of the murder of singer Valentín Elizalde.

A federal judge suspended the transfer to the United States of Jaime González Durán, "El Hummer", a supreme leader and founder of Los Zetas, who since last February lost his extradition trial and therefore ensuring that his surrender was "imminent."

María Dolores Núñez Solorio, Fourth District Judge in Criminal Amparo in this capital, stopped the immediate delivery of the alleged drug trafficker, who has argued to various judicial authorities that extraditing him in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic puts his health at risk.

"Given that the complainant pointed out that it is an "imminent execution" extradition, based on articles 126 and 160 of the Amparo Law, Jaime González Durán is granted the suspension ex officio and he will  remain in the state they have him incarcerated." Ruled the judge.

The judge warns that this judicial protection will be canceled in the event that "The Hummer" has obtained in another court, a definitive or outright suspension against the same act that it claims here, that is, against its delivery to the Americans.

"The act that is claimed by the authorities indicated as responsible is their intention to move me to the United States of America, in the midst of the pandemic called Covid-19", says González Durán.

The former military man from Aquismón, San Luis Potosí, is currently in prison in the Federal Prison of Hermosillo, Sonora.

In his complaint, he stated that on June 14, an officer approached his cell  and told him that "To get his belongings ready" because the federal government had activated the pending extraditions.

"El Hummer" awaits a trial in the Federal Court of the District of Columbia, based in Washington DC, for criminal association and manufacturing and distributing 5 kilos or more of cocaine and a thousand kilos or more of marijuana for import purposes into the United States.

González Durán is one of the 30 officers who deserted from the Army at the end of the 90s to form Los Zetas, the armed wing of the Golfo Cartel for  Osiel Cárdenas, capo of the Gulf Cartel, which years later became an autonomous organization.

On November 7, 2008, he was captured in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, with 150 thousand dollars in cash and a firearm for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.


  1. The female judge stopped the extridation do to covid19 😂I can't stop laughing. The mfker killed lots of innocent people vin Mexico, part of a ruthless cartel, and she is worried about the hoodlums catching covid.

  2. chainsaw saw dismember dynamite lol but covid?? lame ass scumbag!!

  3. Replies
    1. you mean la barbie was scared of the Zetas

    2. La barbie was the real matazetas he actually cleaned plazas from them unlike cjng who killed innocents as props and said they were zetas

    3. What plazas did he ever take from the zetas? Name one because Nuevo Laredo has been a Z plaza for almost 20 years

    4. The zetas always wanted a deal with him to Calm down. Guess what he knew they were trash and killed them like the pigs that they are. Even there own moms don’t like them. Look at the cdn faction bunch of fucking cannon fodder. I don’t ever remember la barbie sending 14 year olds to kill the enemy. Los negros didn’t send children to do a mans job. That’s all. La barbie wasn’t even military trained and had them at bay jaja

    5. CDN still standing strong if u ask me. Where is La Barbie now? Where are his people?

  4. WOW Chivis!!! Really? "Mexico has one of the highest Covid-19 mortality rates in the world, the U.S. one of the lowest"??? Are you from PRIAN? Who told you that, Televisa Tv Azteca or FOX News? Politic here?

    1. You should read and research and stop being a parrot for CNN or whichever you watch. I refused to watch news on TV.
      But mostly before you criticize and left looking ignorant, research prior.
      This is the daily mortality rate from John Hopkins. Others have Mx a bit higher.
      Mexico is far and away the nation with the highest mortality rate at over 10 percent. The next in line is Peru at about half Mx number.
      It is very troubling that the news outlets in U.S. and elsewhere are not highlighting this fact, keeping in mind Mx math of grossly under-reporting negative numbers, not as bad as China but bad.


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