Thursday, February 20, 2020

Cuernavaca, Morelos: Adrián Fernández Guerra the General Director of Perfil Político Magazine Kidnapped

An armed group on Wednesday night broke into the Mexico Lindo bar, located in the heart of Cuernavaca, killed a valet parking lot employee and kidnapped a man who was celebrating his birthday.

The state government confirmed the attack, which left a balance of one dead and a kidnapped male by the group of gunmen who first shot at the business and then stormed the establishment to take the man.

The Morelos government statement hasn’t officially identified the kidnapped victim, but eyewitnesses say that the person they removed from the establishment is Adrián Fernández Guerra, director of the monthly magazine "Perfil Politico", he is also involved in the real estate market and years ago was in the nightclub business.

Official reports rule out the discovery of the businessman’s corpse as reported by the local press in social networks and some internet portals, and on the contrary ensures that military and police forces keep operating to try to locate him.

On the facts, the Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace registered that at 20:34 hours he received a report through C5 that in the restaurant bar, located on Boulevard Juarez, gunfire had been recorded, which generated an operational deployment of elements of the State Security Commission.

The government states that, according to witness statements collected at the crime scene, the attackers fled towards an unknown direction, which generated a deployment consisting of elements of the Morelos Police in coordination with the National Guard.

Meanwhile, elements of Expert Services of the State Attorney General's Office secured evidence for the strengthening of investigations, as well as the legal removal of those who died.

“The authorities have established themselves in session to carry out intelligence and operability actions, which will clarify the facts of violence, exchange information, analyze video surveillance cameras and provide the necessary elements to strengthen the investigations that will be headed by the Public Ministry ”.

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