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Friday, February 21, 2020

Cuernavaca, Morelos: Kidnapped Journalist Adrián Fernández Guerra Rescued

The Attorney General of the State of Morelos reported that the release of a journalist who was kidnapped yesterday was achieved; as well as the detention of 10 people.

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) of Morelos reported that the release of a journalist who was kidnapped yesterday was achieved; as well as the detention of 10 people.

Yesterday, an armed group entered the Bar Mexico Lindo Restaurant located in the immediate vicinity of the Center colony of the Municipality of Cuernavaca, where they shot and kidnapped journalist Adrián ‘N’ who was taken aboard a vehicle.

This afternoon the Attorney General's Office carried out an operation with the support of agents from the Criminal Investigation Police, the National Defense Secretariat and the National Guard, who carried out an operational deployment in the Lomas de Palmira neighborhood belonging to the Municipality of Jiutepec.

Anti-kidnap agents entered the building where they rescued the journalist and businessman Adrián 'N', 58, while the property was secured to ensure safety.

Following this operation, 10 alleged kidnappers identified as Enedel ‘N’ El Güero, 25 years old, were arrested; Ignacio Rodrigo El Pelos, 37, Angel de Jesus ‘N’, 25, Israel ‘N’ El Torres, 23.

Just as well Cristian Miguel ‘N’, 40, Alfredo ‘N’, 45, Edwin Uriel ‘N’ El Clown, 22, Herminio ‘N’ Motiky, 23; Joshua ‘N’, El Mono and Jesús ‘N’, Chucho, 37.

Eight AK-47 and R-15 rifles and six short weapons were also secured, as well as two vehicles, a private vehicle and a motorcycle.

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  1. Wow This Mexican bar/ restarunt
    Lindo is pretty famous for stuff to happen
    Kidnapping / killing or is a chain of places ?
    Glad the Guy got rescued Really ashame they pick on people who work for a living
    Seems counter productive to hurt journalists its free advertizing
    If they were smart they would use that free press to their advantage
    ALMO should protect his people who are able to tell whats happening since he dosent seem to realize or care whats going on in his own country
    Stay Safe you Journalists and Thank You for doing a very hard job
    Your brave and an asset to your country

    1. Amlo is not for the First Amendment or free Speech. He will control the press soon. He will another Chavez. Mexico get rid of this Commie

  2. Great news! So happy for the rescue of a journalist. So many have given their lifes to get the news to all of us. Peace.


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