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Thursday, February 20, 2020

La Unión Tepito: Captured twice--released twice, El Lunares finially charged with murder

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat   Reforma

Oscar Andrés Flores Ramírez "El Lunares" was finally charged for the crime of qualified homicide.  He was arrested for the third time on February 15th

The Control Judge Roberto Enrique Castellano determined as a precautionary measure the informal preventive detention in the Reclusorio Oriente and detainment of one month for the investigation.

After two orders of apprehension completed against him and also released twice, finally, the Fiscalia capitalina gathered the necessary evidence to charge him to the process.

Flores Ramírez is considered the leader of the group of La Unión Tepito narcoenudists  (retail drug sales)  that operates in Mexico City.


  1. Looks like justice is finally pulling the reins here. Maybe due to the outpouring of previous dismayed fans.

    Another of Chapos associate just got sentenced. A lienenci for his cooperation against Chapo.

    1. 6:01 Maybe this is American perspective porque to me it appears somebody now pays more piso for la plaza than Oscar Flórez Ramirez.

    2. 1:40 so rite u r! The gringos just don't get that the demand for piso comes from the very top and is trickled down.

  2. Congratulations, hug him and let him go

  3. Not to worry, after the bribe is paid to a currupted judge, he will be let out the back door, no matter if he killed a lot of people.

  4. Chivis;
    Menchito extradited to the USA

  5. Amazing that this got to this point even in Your Very own President Hugg's backyard
    Now is this just for show That he is doing hos job ?
    Or is it just the smaller gangs getting busted ? will he let the Big boys alone if they promise to keep the drug running on the QT and not make nosie for him as not doing his job as Presidenti ??


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