Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The war in rural Nuevo Leon

The brutal war between Los Zetas and the Gulf cartel for control of drug trafficking and organized criminal operations continues to terrorize the rural areas of Nuevo Leon.

The majority of deaths linked to this war occur in the Monterrey metropolitan area, where most of the state and federal forces, including the military, are based.

This leaves few resources for the other municipalities of Nuevo Leon where the insecurity and violence is mostly unreported, and where many, if not most, of the local police forces who have not abandoned their towns and are still in uniform operate under orders from local criminal bosses.

The above graffiti has recently begun to appear in the towns of Allende and Santiago, announcing the name of the new Zeta boss in the area, "el Loco".

El Loco "controls" was no exaggeration as was shown last week when el Loco's orders that two young women in Allende be delivered by the municipal "polizetas" was obeyed and the bodies of the women were later found dismembered.

A resident of Monterrey recently stated, "My relatives in Villa de Santiago and Allende have told me that the area is becoming another Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas. You can't be on the streets past 10pm or you risk being abducted, and the price for release is $1,500 dollars, not pesos. If you don't pay its "putasos a la verga". In other words, pardon the language, they're going to fuck you up.

Forensic team members and state investigative police at a crime scene early Monday morning in Villa de Santiago. The dismembered body was abandoned at the intersection of De la Madrid and Mina, one block from the main plaza.

On Tuesday, the dismembered remains of an unidentified male were reported by motorists on a roadway in the municipality of General Teran. Most of the municipal police have quit in this agricultural center after several attacks on their installations and the mutilation and murder of two officers earlier this year.

Early Wednesday morning in the municipality of China, Nuevo Leon, the headless bodies of two men were found hanging from an overpass bridge on the highway that connects Monterrey to the border city of Reynosa Tamaulipas.

The dismembered remains of two women were also left at the scene, each body on either side of the the highway at both ends of the bridge.

China has been the scene of countless confrontations between Gulf cartel gunmen from Reynosa and Zetas from Monterrey and operations from both state and federal authorities to impose the rule of law in this area. The rule of law has been absent since China is another municipality with almost no local police officers left to protect the community


  1. Haha el loko wat kinda of gay ass name is that a crack head thats wat he is

  2. that El loko is a complete retard. which idiot writes ''EL LOKO la contralla''? haha, hope the CDG or the army will kill this pendejo.

  3. I don't understand how these stupidos think it makes any good to draw attention like this. They never learn? This "Loko" is now on radar because of those 3 girls and this other gainings for attention.
    This guy really doesn't have lots of time in freedom left. I guess he is found dismembered soon, rather than in prison.

  4. You still don't get it. Who is after this guy? The Police? nope they work for him. These criminals operate the way they do because they have the authorities paid off, there is no justice in Mexico other than when the military intervenes.

  5. These punk ass animals are very stupid. No wonder the US Government, Mexican Government, and the people of Sinaloa tend to favor the Sinaloa Cartel.

  6. I hope they kill el loko soon. I hope its a slow agonizing death.


  7. I see good reason to heat up other cartels plazas, but I just don't understand heating up your own, for little or no reason.

    @9:29 AM...Sinaloa invading Nueva Laredo years ago was the start of the Zetas getting strong and independent of CDG. Sinaloa moving on Juarez was the start of the Juarez blood bath that has gone on for 5 years. They have ratted out lots of cartel bosses which has allowed them to get stronger. I do not think they currently have the heart or ability to take on all the ant beds they have stomped in. Sinaloa is the direct cause of all the crap in Mexico.

    They are not the good guys that can kick anyones ass like it is implied that we perceive. I am wondering, if they were hit hard, would it settle the other plazas, the ant beds they stomp in and run for the Mexican military to clean up.

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  9. Its crazy how these DTO change alliances real quick,like when the beltran leyva were part of the sinaloa cartel and moved in on nuevo laredo or nuevo leon but lost to los zetas.And now after chapo betrayed them ,they now work closely with zetas.I wonder what new alliances will come

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  12. First, no one ever accused the Zetas for being very smart, hence they go around "show boating" and trying to gain attention. Second, "El Loko" is heating up the plaza (he claims to control) to make a name for himself, set the example if you will, to install fear into his enemies. In a way, the authorities only have his alias or a picture, so really he can move around freely without detection. Third, the Zetas organization is loosely controlled and is really not effectively centralized..I doubt Lazcano has complete control of his underlings or Trevino (Z40) for that matter. The relationship between the top Zeta leaders and the low level cells probably has more to do logistics..meaning the leaders supply the underlings with drugs, weapons, and cash (supplies) and the profits are sent back up to the top. This would also explain why.. there have been zero sightings of Lazcano or Trevino..(the smaller cells no nothing about whereabouts or activities of their leaders).

  13. This guy will be brought down, every plaza leader is just a fall guy in any cartel. But the Z's guys just take it to another level. These guys lives are so pathetic they don't care and to them it's justified. This is the highlight of their careers. Which is sad, but it's what they have chosen. Look for him to go down in a few weeks if not sooner.

  14. El Loko MAY NOT control anymore:

  15. ya se lo cargo la verga a este pendejo ¿a que pendejo se le ocurre enfrentar a los militares? que no mame

  16. These murders are bad enough but do we have to have homophobic slurs on top of it? Some of you sound very ignorant and uninformed!


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