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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dismembered Body Found in General Terán

A man was found dismembered on Tuesday in the municipality of General Terán, Nuevo Leon. Police authorities descended in the area after several motorists reported the incident.

The human remains were located on Highway Ramones-General Terán, at kilometer 29. Elements of the State Police, the State Agency of Investigation, and the Mexican Army were at the scene.

He was a man is believe to be about 30 years of age, with a dark complexion and short hair. The head, legs and arms of the victim were scattered in the middle of the road, while in a bag was the rest of the torso of the victim.

The human remains were processed by technicians of the Medical Examiner and were transported to the office of the University Hospital for the purpose of establishing identification.


  1. So they posed the head looking at oncoming traffic, I'm guessing whoever drove by is going to remember that, hope no kids were asking why the head was in the road.

  2. He was a zeta...plaza del cdg

  3. i remember when i saw my first head in the it seems like not a day goes by without a couple limbs

  4. Woo those are very disturbing pictures...
    I been to Mexico a few times and love the country it's sad all these wars between cartels.

  5. You would think that even these fucks would be getting tired of this shit by now. It obviously doesn't deter anyone or scare anyone anymore.

  6. Yep, I agree..same shit different toilet! The only thing these gruesome murders are doing is "hardening" the public. I betcha there are some areas were the locals view these killings, as no big deal, happens all the time, type of attitude.

  7. like i said, these grotesque (images), because let's face it, these kinds of killings are done to present an (image) of terror, are pschological killings, and they don't work. all they do is cause more hate and create an ugly image of a beautiful country. but i have to admit, this war is a fascinating one.

  8. Guess he"ll never be HEAD of state

  9. Wow, makes you wonder what it is going to be like 5 months down the road after the next round of busts. How blatant and ruthless will the next round of cell leaders gonna be? What bazaar is going to happen on Christmas and New Year this year? I wonder if anyone has ever thought about operating under the radar? Which use to be the norm until Sinaloa brought Z into play.

  10. It won't be long until estos pinches muertos de hambre will start eating each other.


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