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Thursday, August 11, 2011

"La Mano con Ojos" arrested in Tlalpan, Distrito Federal

Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya “El Compayito” or “La Mano con Ojos” was arrested this morning in Tlalpan, a burrough in Mexico City, D.F.

Garcia Montoya was the head of a ruthless criminal organization that took its name La Mano con Ojos from his alias and controlled retail drug sales in the Estado de Mexico municipalities of Huixquilucan, Naucalpan, Atizapán, Tultitlán Cuautitlán Izcalli and parts of Mexico City.

The arrest of Garcia Montoya was made a priority by law enforcement in the Mexico City metropolitan area with a reward of 5 million pesos after the brutal murders signed by his criminal organization in which the victims were beheaded began appearing in December of last year.

Since December at least 29 executions in Estado de Mexico and 10 in Mexico City have been attributed to la Mano con Ojos.

Garcia Montoya is said to have personally comitted 300 murders and ordered up to 600 others during his criminal career which began in 2002 as a sicario for the Beltran Leyva brothers. During this time he was a high level operative for Arturo Beltran Leyva, Édgar Valdez Villarreal "La Barbie", José Gerardo Álvarez "El Indio" and Jose Jorge Balderas “El JJ”.

Garcia Montoya served in Mexico’s Marines and under went counterinsurgency training in Guatemala by a unit of los Kaibiles, an elite Guatemalan army unit known for its extreme violence and human rights abuses during the civil war against leftist guerrillas in that country.

Garcia Montoya, 36 years old, was born in Guasave, Sinaloa, and served in police forces in Baja California and Sinaloa after leaving the military.

Among the executions attributed to Garcia Montoya was the beheading of 24 laborers in the La Marquesa area of Mexico City in 2009, a crime which shocked the nation at the time for its brutality that is commonplace today.



  1. interesting to finally put a face to the name.

  2. I wonder if this cell/group was loyal to Hector Beltran, or on their own. Also, I hope some more arrests can be made to prevent a war within Mano Con Ojos, and more of their violence.

  3. SMURF! W'sup brotha. come back as a reporter.

    BUGGS, ovemex, gerardo and smurf. OG BB

    300 murders. 600 others. 24 beheadings. this guy is a true psycho. thank GOD, for the sake of mexico, he's no longer on the streets.

  4. Looks like a nice guy that would be making tacos pastor with an apron on. Amazing how one human being could be capable of so much murder. At least he will no longer enjoy lots of women, fancy cars and endless supply of coke

  5. Skin him alive make him feel what he made others feel.

  6. I don't know about skinning, that has been limited to the Guerreo/Nayarit area, but the hearts may have been pulled out of some of the bodies that these guys dismembered in the last 6 months or so.

  7. Is there really that much demand for retail sales? After all I thought money was tight, and how do others know what cell someone belongs to? I mean do you carry a membership card or sign something, pledge ....... Just some questions that guy looks wasted no doubt a addict himself.

  8. Can anyone think of a grotesque idea that has'nt been used in mexico yet? If you can, stephen king will be proud of you. Since i've been with borderland beat, i've seen some crazy sh*t!

    Torture, dismemberment, beheadings, burned bodies, make-up on dead faces, castration, skinning, beating by bat, electrocution, mutilation, hangings, snuff.

    This stuff is waaaay out of the ordinary. And La mano con ojos was one of the weirdest of the cartels. They are small but F' LOCOS!

  9. Its time for mexico to step it up. Simple beheadings just arent frightening enough any more. I think its time for someone to make body armor covered with human skin. Or what about some zeta asada?

  10. what's the point? Arrest 1 and 10 line up to take his place,,,

  11. Arrest 1 and 10 more line up?
    where are you getting your figures from?
    sources please!

  12. His lieutenants will find a replacement for him, a more brutal killer, you take down one psychopath, and 10 more will replace him 30 billion a year in drug money in Mexico will never slow down the violence unless you take down the top bosses

  13. Only in Mexico will they recruite
    " Phsycopaths and serial killers "
    Were else in the world can you be welcomed into an organization with open arms then in the cartels.
    This will be the downfall for these cartel leaders. You watch and see, you can't operate with crazies.

  14. Putting a stop to the extreme violente and terror is a plus. The biggest thing for me was getting this stupid gang name off of the street. Now they can go after the second worst gang name; the caballieros templarios. I guess that when you sample tour own product these names seem like a good idea.

  15. Texcoco Mex said

    SMURF come back as a reporter.

  16. Texcoco Mex said

    We can not denied Mexico is doing something about it. A lot of people say Mexico is full of corruption.....well even with corruption Mexico is arresting a lot of MF and that includes corrupted police officers.
    Anon said what's the point? Arrest 1 and 10 line up to take his place.....well anon I'm sure the other 10 will not be as powerful as the one who got arrested. We have seen this before, and I'm talking about from 2006 till now.

  17. Este guey no es la mano con ojos comparen la foto del retrato hablado que salio primero con la del futbolista que mataron y son identicos que casualidad no creen.

  18. That fucking punk needs lead to the head treatment to help solve his life of crime. At the very least chop off his pig head and shove it on a stick for all to see.

  19. Wow, this guy has either committed or organized about 1,000 killings! This is disgusting and yes maybe there will be others like him, but La Mano's extreme use of violence and ruthlessness would be hard to match. BTW i sent an email to you guys yesterday about the insecure society you wrote about did you receive this?

  20. @ 8:53 PM

    I don't get why women flock to anal leakage like this guy I mean I guess it can be fun for a girl to go out with a "badboy" who is rebellious and has scrapes with the law for some minor stuff but a man who is responsible for 1000 murders? that's flat out EVIL! yet some beautiful women would want to go with them?!? there gotta be something seriously deranged about any woman who would find a person who is capable of that to be attractive and exiting, yes they may be exiting for the first few weeks or months but you would get caught up in the dangerous narco world and killed sooner or later. He would not care either he would just move onto the next woman.

    It would only be a matter of time anyway before he himself would probably get bored of a woman and kill her for the fun of it I mean someone this cold and cruel would just be numbed totally to any sense of feelings to any other human so would not think twice about murder.

    I truly hope he gets fucked up BADDDDD in prison! A man responsible for 1000 deaths deserves to suffer but maybe they might just lock him up in some institute for the criminally insane and the other nuts can kill him!

  21. In case you people don't remember this guy worked exclusivly for the Beltran/Levea bros.
    for a long time. He answered to La Barbie Only
    who was in charge of the B.L.O.'s Los Negros
    the Beltran Bros. answer to the Zetas. If you remember correctly they were (zetas) still with the Golfo's back then and everybody was running
    scared. La Barbie and La Indio always were tight
    and definately turned on Arturo in the end. They
    saw the writing on the wall; although it didn't
    help since those twowere captured within six
    mos. of Arturo getting killed. I think La Barbie
    and Indio cut a deal with the Feds and turned in
    Arturo and his Bro. One of the reasons being they were scared Arturo was going to blow them away just out of paranoia; and thinking La Barbie and El Indio were working with Chapos
    people against him. They might have been you never know in this stinking Game; can't trust
    know one. What a way to live; Not Me!

  22. I don't think they were a cartel, more like a glorified crew if I am not mistaken. Made there money on killing and extortion, not the smuggling of drugs. Nickel and dime shit.

  23. if i was a betting man, i would put my money on this guy ordering more hits from prison, thus upping his kill tally.

    instead....they should squeeze this S.O.B like a lemon for all his intel, then throw him in a dark dark place for a month in a small cramped dungeon-like atmosphere (so he can get a taste of hell and maybe contemplate the meaning of "eternity"), then put him in front of a firing squad.

    and for all you anti-death penalty peeps...this is not a deterrent...only a punishment and a big GOOD RIDDANCE.

  24. Someone please translate this to english:

  25. Another one bites the dust!

  26. Here is one longer clip, added yesterday.

  27. Texcoco Mex said

    On his interrogation he talks about how much training he had, how much of a real killer he is and he also said he was going to kill Procurador Alfredo Castillo. Well I'm surprise to know not a single shoot was fire when he got arrested.
    This is not the first real bad ass killer that got arrested like that Jaime González Durán José de Jesús Méndez Vargas Sergio Villarreal Barragán Edgar Valdez Villarreal El Teo El Muletas El Chiquilin El Mamito. Money is changing MF making hoes grow nuts you are a bad MF you don't give no fuck.

  28. @ J from I gathered from "Compayito" in his interview is that he was working alone/independently though he got requests from Los Zetas, Gulf Cartel and (most recently) Arellanos to work for them but he said he didn't because he didn't like to extort or kidnap people for ransom. He also states his beef with "JJ" and "Pelacas", and how he started his career in "la mana"/mafia, he was a fighter and ex-Kaibil. I personally loved his interview, it was funny because he was straight forward with anything.

  29. Texcoco Mexi said.

    @ August 16, 2011 2:44 AM I know he said he was a Kaibil and you are mentioning he was ex-Kaibil but I don't think he was.
    A Kaibil is Guatemala's special forces and you can't not be a Kaibil unless you have it on paper, just because you were trained by one doesn't make you one.

  30. @August 16, 2011 2:44 AM

    I don't understand what he is saying, but i got that too that he was straight forward with anything.
    Watched 2nd time and his appearance is pretty scary, I wouldn't like to get catched by him as enemy. Cold and creepy MF.

  31. Texcoco Mexico said.

    @August 15, 2011 4:37 PM I will try to translate.

    First part

    Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, identified by authorities of Mexico as the leader of 'The Hand with eyes. Montoya had planned to kill Mexico's state Attorney General Alfredo Castillo.

    He had planned in sending a video threatening the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

    "I would have killed you eventually" Garcia Montoya told Castillo during the interrogation released yesterday by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

    In the video Osvaldo reports that a person was supposed to negotiate and deliver $ 400,000 and a document (without detail on this point)to the Attorney General Castillo, but the alleged delivery never happened because he was betrayed by the negotiator, the negotiator was eventually killed.

    "I took it personal they make me think that, "Osvaldo said, he also said he had nothing personal against the PGJ," but you "referring to Castillo." I had a lot of hate against you, "he said.


    Throughout the interview, Garcia Montoya appears quiet, rarely uses profanity and never shows signs of regret for the nearly 300 murders he says he committed directly, many by his own hand. At times, he even smiles and jokes.

    'La Mano con Ojos' said in the video he work as a ministerial police, he was in the Navy and received military training in Guatemala "I am kaibil, I am trained to kill," he said.


    In one part of the interview released by the PGJEM Garcia Montoya said a man identified as the Ricalde or "El Pelacas" was responsible for the kidnapping of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos.

    According to information provided by Osvaldo and information released by authorities, Ricalde used to work as Municipal police in Huixquilucan and now he works for El Pelacas.

    Compayito says this organization funds the H cartel, cartel del Centro or cartel del Hongo, which was a rival.

    When asked how he knew this matter, he stated that in the underground world, "you get to know things one way or another, you know who did this and who did that."

    HE EXECUTED 300 With his own hands

    The arrested also said to have ordered about 300 executions and have done another 300.

    He also stated he was fighting the territory with "JJ" and that several criminal groups proposed an alliance, such as "Los Zetas", the Arellano and "The Gulf", but he declined because I disagree with the kidnapping and extortion.

    He further stated that he worked with Arturo Beltran and Edgar Valdez Villareal, recognized by the Attorney General's Office as "Barbie".


    After informing that Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, "The Compayito 'will be transferred to high security prison of El Altiplano, the attorney general's state Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, considered essential the operation for the capture of the Leader of 'The Hand with Eyes'.

    He said the first duty of any police force is to safeguard life and people, so, taking into account that it had information that would perform several executions had to perform the 'necessary action'.

    At a press conference, the official explained that case law criteria issued by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) have established that the police authority does not require 'necessarily' search warrant to enter a private home where you know you are committing a crime.

  32. Texcoco Mex said.

    Montoya said that he had between 20 and 30 different safe houses in the last year, making it difficult to locate.

    Note that elements of this unit raided three houses during the raid early on Friday, where people reported abuse.

    However, Castillo Sandoval emphasized that not doing so would have meant a high probability that most homicides were committed, which had breached the obligation of state .


    With out remorse he confessed to killing at least 300 people

    According to a video Garcia Montoya's interrogation by the authorities of State of Mexico , Listening to Garcia Montoya admits having killed "over 300" people and ordering the death of other 300.

    Then, a voice identified as that of a police officer replied: "What I can tell you is that we did better because every time you did something we had to improve ourselves, we had to do groups."

    At that time, the alleged leader of assassins, sitting against a wall as you look at the initials and the legend of the Attorney General's Office State of Mexico , Interrupts with a smile and says "Do I have a fucking reward for that?", Sparking laughs among the officers present, and the voice replied "No, but we did better."

    During questioning the media presented him to a question "The Compayito": "Did you know we were going to arrest you?". And he answers "Yes, I knew. In this business you have to be aware. In this business as you know sometimes you are at the bottom and sometimes you are at the top and I applause them for their intelligence work. "

  33. Texcoco Mex said.


    Speaking without hesitation he said that the band of kidnappers from "El Pelacas" kidnapped Diego Fernandez de Cevallos. He said " I see and hear everything, that's why the call me" The hand with eyes. "

    Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, said: "El Ricalde," a former municipal police from Huixquilucan, is the one who works directly with "El Pelacas".

    He added: "They are the ones who kidnapped this ... Diego Fernandez de Cevallos" ..

    "The band of kidnappers of" El Pelacas "is responsible for supporting el cartel del Centro financially," Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, who also reveals how he managed to start on the structure of the Beltran Leyva.

    He said I'm originally from Guasave, Sinaloa, but raised in Los Mochis, he said he worked for the Beltran Leyva, who had several homes, including one in Naucalpan, Ciudad Brisas, the other in San Jeronimo, Luis Cabrera, one in Tlalpan .

    He reports he started in Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, "I was hired by " R ", Mr Raul Leyva and then Arturo."

    He said later on the Beltran Leyva send him to Mexico City al Pedregal and then take it to Cuernavaca.

    When Arturo Beltran died he was commissioned with "Barbie" but was soon send to work with El Indio because Barbie had his own people and he was commissioned to work as Indio's security chief, chief of guards, hired killers and then all operations.


    Recounts the night when up to 24 masons of El Olivo, Huixquilucan were killed he was present: "In ... the Olivo ... I was present there ... in the execution."

    He says that he did not participate in the slaughter, who killed them?....answers: one person, was the one "R" .... "Raul was" ...

    He accept he accompanied and transfer the masons to La Marquesa .... "Yes I was with them, I was working for them, I was his people I had to go" ....

  34. @Texcoco Mex

    Thank You very much for translation!

  35. Texcoco Mex said.


    "They were killed because they had seen faces ... it was ... innocent people they were misled, but they had seen well-known faces and could not let go alive" ...

    He points out that when El Indio gor arrested, he was send to work with Barbie once again, and this leaves him in charge of the structure that El Indio had.


    Huixquilucan, Mex .- An alleged "broker" of drugs was "kidnapped" on Sunday afternoon by members of the criminal group "La Mano con Ojos" in colonia Naucalpan he was kidnapped wile he was walking with his wife, and was found during the early hours of Monday hanging from a vehicular bridge in the upscale shopping complex Interlomas.

    Next to this subject, a message was placed a message that reads: "This is for people to see that La Mano con Ojos is not broken up, where is the $ 400,000 we give you Attorney General?".

    The body has been identified as Antonio Sánchez, or "El Toño" of whom the police know along with other subjects engaged in drug sales in several colonias adjacent to the Military Camp Number One, his head was placed in a bag with a message signed by "The Hand with Eyes."

    "El Toño" was kidnapped on Sunday afternoon in the neighborhood of La Mancha, and his body was found hanging from the legs on the vehicular bridge that crosses the Boulevard Magnocentro whose circulation was closed by the municipal police patrols in order to ease the authorities at the beginning of the investigations.

    The body of the "El Toño" was tied by both legs, shirtless, and while the head was found inside a bag on the surface of the bridge.

    Municipal police placed a large sheet of fabric to cover the body and keep the locals and workers heading to their offices, were aware of the facts and avoid speculation.

    "La Mano con Ojos" suffered a setback last week with the capture of their leader in a house in the Delegation Contreras last week, so it is now believed that the "vendetta" between "La Mano con Ojos" and the group called "Cartel del Hongo" will intensify.

  36. Texcoco Mex said

    I did the translation from mundo narco using the translate tool and I change things the way I felt it was right.

  37. Well done Texcoco and BB.

    This guy fingered the guy that kidnapped Diego but Diego has nothing to say which means he is still scared.

    Now, there's a lesson for you - one of the most influential men in mexico and, after being kidnapped, he's staying silent and out of the media.

    They should hang this pos from the same bridge by his feet, alive, until he dies.

  38. @2:25 Texcoco - your translations are good, dude. Keep it up. Sometimes those translation tools are more trouble than they are worth. The google tool just does not handle syntax conversion or pronoun gender. Or any gender translation really.

    Texcoco's intuition is his best translation tool.

  39. @ Texcoco

    I posted the interview after one of my employees at our coahuila office translated it the old fashion way...without translation tools. I don't allow them, but you did a good job. my question is this, you posted this:

    Then, a voice identified as that of a police officer replied: "What I can tell you is that we did better because every time you did something we had to improve ourselves, we had to do groups."

    At that time, the alleged leader of assassins, sitting against a wall as you look at the initials and the legend of the Attorney General's Office State of Mexico , Interrupts with a smile and says "Do I have a fucking reward for that?", Sparking laughs among the officers present, and the voice replied "No, but we did better."

    what video did you glean that from? I used the PGJ video and did not see that

    my translation is posted on BB forum along with a print article of the same subject...

  40. Texcoco Mex said

    @ Buela my translation was from a news article posted on mundonarco ( Video Interrogatorios a Sicario El Compayito, líder de La Mano con Ojos (Completo)) ) the part you are asking about you can see it on this video ( La Mano con Ojos "El Compayito" confiesa ) Uploaded by Grillonautas on Aug 14, 2011 the video is 1:54 long

  41. Texcoco Mex said.

    Buela here's a link

  42. Texcoco Mex...

    Thank you so very much! I watched the PGJ over again and thought I had one the was cut.
    and thank you for the link of the other. I had not seen that.

    His interviews are one of the most interesting I have seen from a perp. Amazing really..which is why I thought I would translate for english speakers. BTW it is fantastic that you take the time to do so. I am sure many folks appreciate it. It must be tough watching a video not know what hell is said...Paz, B

  43. @ Ajulio..

    unfortunately I have. arguably, the most violent criminal gang in the world is the Triads of China/Asia. Been around since 15th century. They are brutal and yes I was told what some of the torture includes I won't say it here. unfortunately it was discussion at a dinner party in China, good way to keep on the diet.

    Triads control all elements of transnational crime out of asia and US (asia to US mostly LA-SF-NYC based). an interesting business structure: they allow drug, intellectual markets etc to flow unchallenged BUT they get a % from each factor; beginning with the farmer to the distributor, which ends up being more $$ and less work. But look out if you try and sneak past them...

    Russian gangs may be more brutal, but I am thinking I call it a draw. Zetas was just placed on the infamous list of most vicious gangs of the world, it is the only MDC that has the "honor" I don't know how they can have that distinction.

    @ Smurf.....Hola JOVEN!!! How the hell are you? I say YES come back...are you blogging anywhere? I hope you are writing that book!

  44. Guys like these should be taken behind an alley and shot in the back of the head. Whats the point of putting him in prision if fronm there they still control the drugs and money and keep ordering more killings. I think mexico should start having public executions to serve as a deterrant for fuure sicarios wanna be. They should go back and do what general zapata and vila did to the horse and cattle thieves, hang the from trees in the town plaza or turn them to the families of all the innocent people they have murded and let the decide what to do with them. As a victim of these brutal cowards bastards, I should have the right wheater theylive or die. My brother was killed in papanoa guerrero by a scuad of these monters because he did not want to pay a monthly potrection fee. These low lifes good for nothing are sperms that they're mother should have swallowed and never given life.... enough is enough


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