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Sunday, June 2, 2024

The FGR Seized Two “Pirate” Gas Stations, But Now In Lagos De Moreno; There Were 27 Thousand Liters Of Huachicol: Jalisco

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As no evidence of legal possession of the hydrocarbons was provided, the properties were seized by federal agents.

MAY 31, 2024

Elizabeth Ibal / El Occidental

The Attorney General's Office of the Republic secured two properties located in the municipality of Lagos de Moreno, in which there were two “pirate” gas stations, as well as fuel of dubious origin.

This federal agency received an anonymous complaint, in which it was reported that hydrocarbons were being stored in two properties located in the vicinity of the Lagos de Moreno-León highway in this municipality of the Altos Norte region.

For this reason, the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF) requested a search warrant for said premises, which was executed by the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM) of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and experts.

Two metallic tanks with approximately 27,000 liters of hydrocarbons, which had pump dispensers, were seized at the site.

As there was no proof of legal possession of the hydrocarbons, the premises were seized by the federal agents.

In addition, the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office will continue with the corresponding investigation for the crime of illegal storage of hydrocarbons and whatever else may result.

From March to date, at least eight “pirate” gas stations have been seized in the municipalities of El Salto, Tlaquepaque and Lagos de Moreno.

The telephone numbers to report these illegal acts are 33 39423345, 33 39423365, 800 00 85 400 or to the e-mails and

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  1. I'm curious how much cheaper than Pemex they sold the gas


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