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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Israel Delgado Vera, Morena Coalition Party Trustee Candidate Assassinated the Night Before Elections in Cuitzco, Michoacán

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

From Zeta Tijuana Articles by Carlos Alvarez Acevedo

Israel Delgado Vera, candidate for trustee of the “Let's keep making history” coalition, made up of the Morena, Labor (PT) and Mexican Green Ecologist (PVEM) parties, was murdered on the night of June 1, 2024, when he was outside from his private home, located on Benito Juárez Avenue, near the main square of the town of San Juan Benito Juárez, in the municipality of Cuitzeo, in the state of Michoacán.

As reported by the Michoacán State Attorney General's Office (FGE), the crime occurred when Delgado Vera was talking and was attacked by two armed men who were traveling on a motorcycle.

“This is Israel Delgado Vega, 35 years old, who was talking with other people in the vicinity of his home, when he was allegedly surprised by two people who were traveling on a motorcycle and who fired a firearm at him. his against. Once the attack was perpetrated, those responsible fled, while Israel Delgado died at the scene,” the FGE detailed.

The victim was a candidate for trustee on the ticket headed by Rosa Elia Milan Pintor, current Mayor, who would seek her first re-election for the same coalition party made up of Morena, PT and PVEM.

On June 1, 2021, Milan Pintor's husband was murdered, after an armed group attacked with bullets the vehicle in which they were both returning from a proselytizing event, in the town of Mariano Escobedo, prior to that year's election. .

Then, on April 2, 2022, a group of men deprived of his freedom and murdered Francisco Díaz Rodríguez, who was serving as Milan Pintor's trustee. The official's body was located aboard his private gray Mitsubishi vehicle on the Morelia-Salamanca highway, near the junction with the Copándaro highway.

Then, on May 21, 2024, the alleged forced disappearance of José Bernardo Aguirre García, 32 years old and private secretary of Fernando Alvarado Rangel, candidate of the National Action Party (PAN), for mayor of Cuitzeo, was reported.

Violence Reported at Election Polling Stations


With delays in organizing ballot boxes in the Sánchez Taboada delegation and an armed attack in San Antonio de los Buenos, the elections began in district 04 of Tijuana. Around 8:48 a.m., a 10 gunshots were reported on Fundadores Boulevard, Colonia El Rubí, near a booth located in front of the Soriana supermarket.

"Ensenada polls have been without serious incidents, only one of the polling stations in Ensenada delayed in opening [due to late staff arrivals], which is located in the former Ejido Chapultepec, while the rest began operations normally." This was the initial report on the opening of polls in the area on election day.

At around 10:30AM, two armed men arrived at a booth located near the Moderna neighborhood, in Ensenada, where they fired shots into the air and stole two ballot boxes. Moments later they were arrested by the authorities after colliding with a vehicle.


A group of armed individuals stole, around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 2, 2024, at least 500 electoral ballots from box 2269, located at the Gabriela Mistral school, in the municipality of Tlapanalá, in the state of Puebla.

According to videos circulating through various social networks, the incident occurred just a few minutes after the opening of the aforementioned polling station and the first voters began to arrive.

Blanca Yassara Cruz García, head of the State Electoral Institute (IEE) in Puebla, said that local authorities detained some suspects in the theft of the ballots and seized their vehicles.

Governor Sergio Salomón Céspedes Peregrina, for his part, pointed out that the only place in said entity where incidents of violence had been recorded was in the Puebla municipality of Tlapanalá.

As reported by local media, the armed group - made up of around six people, two of them wearing motorcycle helmets - entered the polling station, stole the electoral paperwork and injured a woman, who died while receiving first aid, which which had not yet been confirmed by any authority.


The electoral process in Sinaloa, which ended at 2:00PM, reported "100% installation in the polls and no security incidents," according to state and electoral authorities.

According to Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, there have been no reports of insecurity, which is why he called on citizens to exercise their right to vote.


  1. Failed Narco State!

    1. Correct, and Mexican government is fine with it, very sad!

  2. Poor michoapuerco .. they should make carnitas out of that fat-ass indigenous looking mofo…

    Viva Michoacán ! 🦋

    1. Self hating mexicans are so funny. El gabacho love u for that

    2. "El gabacho love u for that"
      Fuck you and your hate loser

  3. To be honest, I expected a lot more violence. But things seem to be mostly peaceful. There’s thousands of voting stations all over the country for people to go to vote and only like two or three have actually experienced some sort of violence. The lead up to Election Day though was pretty bloody.

  4. Them Jaliscos gotta mess of them poor candidates.

  5. Se lo chingo el chito cano de las 4 segun mis fuentes de information en morelia

  6. Election Day in Mexico is almost over and it’s honestly a lot more peaceful than I expected it to be. The months leading up to Election Day were more violent than the Election Day itself.

  7. Sucks that the two guys who fired shots and stole the ballot boxes survived the car accident. The world would have been a better place without them.

  8. RIP to the candidate who was killed.

  9. Why were the criminals who shot the innocent woman and who stole the ballot boxes taken into custody ? Should’ve just shot them and saved taxpayers money.

  10. He would not work with the cartel if elected, so like always it's Plata o plumo.

    1. They kill them if they do they kill them if they don't

    2. No, he was the other cartels candidate.

  11. Ooh pri and pan alliance is real but they cant stop the movement 🤘

  12. Plata or plumo

  13. I think mayors are the #1 targeted public officials by the cartels.


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