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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Police Arrest 4 Cartel de Sinaloa Operatives In Zacatecas Capital

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They were in possession of firearms, magazines, rounds and drugs; There is a woman among those arrested, it was reported

As a result of the operational actions of the security forces in the state territory, in the state capital the arrest of four people was achieved and firearms and probable drugs were seized.

The arrest took place when personnel from the Zacatecas Immediate Reaction Forces (FRIZ) -of the State Preventive Police-, the Mexican Army and the National Guard were patrolling in the Mecánicos neighborhood, in Zacatecas.

At this site they saw four people traveling in a Mitsubishi Mirage GLX vehicle and who, upon noticing the presence of law enforcement, showed an evasive and suspicious attitude.

The operational personnel decided to catch up with them and, upon carrying out a physical inspection, they were detected in possession of two short firearms, two magazines, 21 rounds, 79 doses of crystal meth, five doses of cocaine and three cell phones.

The detainees identified themselves as Malvinas Daniel N, 20 years old; Kevin Yair N, 21 years old; Denilson Germán N, 24 years old; and Cecilia N., 36 years old, all originally from Durango.

The four people identified themselves as members of the criminal group called the Sinaloa Cartel and there are indications that they could be related to the criminal events of last Sunday and Monday.

The detainees, the weapons, the vehicle and other evidence were placed at the disposal of the competent authority so that the legal investigation could be carried out.

As a result of the criminal acts recorded on Sunday and Monday, a total of 26 people were arrested, all members of the same criminal group.

Zacatecas, Zacatecas

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  1. Phoenix man convicted of murdering 4 men involving drug cartel in 2015" Crazy story

  2. Why would anyone voluntarily admit to being part of a cartel much less Cartel De Sapos.

    1. Well they’re the strongest group in Sonora 🤷‍♂️

    2. That maybe true , but why tell the cops that ?

    3. So they don't put you in a cell with a bunch of contras

  3. This story seems fishy. The government in zacatecas is working with CDS. I think this was a planned arrest to give the impression that the government is also capturing CDS people. These criminals will only do a few months in jail. A judge on CDS payroll will find a reason to release them. Nuff Said!!!

    1. 9:18 - I don’t think it was a planned arrest because after the arrest were made, CDS responded by stealing civilian vehicles and setting them on fire. It was also reported that one of the vehicles set on fire was a bus, and there was a passenger who burned inside the bus because he couldn’t get out in time. Not only that but they even attacked a local police station.

    2. Yes you are correct. My wife Buffy made my whiskey too strong last night. I couldn't think straight. Nuff Said!!!

    3. CDS took over Zacatecas almost completely and the government are their puppets and have no back bone.

    4. Zacatecas has cdn and cdg cells. Cds and jaliscas are just 2 groups amongst many in the state.

  4. 🤔 but two of the first names of those males are odd for the state they claim to be from: Malvinas y Denilson. Those are usually names from Central or South American.🤷‍♂️


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