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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Home Of Security Detail For The Secretary Of Security Is Shot At In Nuevo Triunfo

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

It is presumed that the attacked home belongs to the state agent

In the streets of the Nuevo Triunfo neighborhood, a report of firearm detonations against a home was recorded, which generated an intense mobilization by elements of all the security corporations, apparently an agent of the State Public Security Secretariat lives there. 

The events took place on Punto Alto Street, where according to the initial report, several detonations were carried out against a home and it turned out that it was the home of the agent who is commissioned with the personal security of the Secretary of Security, Gilberto Loya Ch√°vez. 

At the time, agents from the State Public Security Secretariat, such as the Municipal Public Security Directorate, and the State Attorney General's Office, were in charge of going to the scene of the events to protect the area and begin the corresponding investigations.

In the next few minutes, more details will be released about the damage caused to the home, as well as the shell casings that were detonated against the home, and more details about the reason why it was registered.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment it has been made known that the address belongs to the state agent, however the information has not been corroborated by the State Public Security Secretariat, but they are already working to clarify the facts.

It is worth mentioning that in recent months there have been several armed attacks against elements of the State Public Security Secretariat, mainly from the Penitentiary System, who have been persecuted and murdered by a group called La Empresa, as revealed by the state authorities. 

Until now, it is expected that state corporations will provide more information on the facts and details about what happened this morning.

Nuevo Triunfo neighborhood 
Chihuahua, Chihuahua 

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  1. Which cartel controls this territory? CDS or La Linea? Whichever cartel it is did a terrible job. These hitmen just shot up the house and left? They did a drive by like the gangs in LA. Normally they would break in and kidnap their target. Maybe the government official had a bodyguard. Lucky guy. Nuff Said!!!

    1. They reinforcements are minutes away plus homeboy has weapons and training not a easy target they exposed themselfs to being killed or captured

    2. @7:10 more like sending a message ūüėú

  2. Yeah trying to send message to fall in line ..... the hell with all the dummies minutes away nobody cares about that it's like ooooh that so scary lolo

  3. Yes some kind of last warning.


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