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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Gulf Cartel Faction Group Metros Of Reynosa Demonstrate Their Firepower On The Monterrey-Reynosa Highway, China And General Bravo Limits On Sunday April 28, 2024: Nuevo León

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The following information was shared by Jesús Rubén Peña and INFOBAE 

This is what the Gulf Cartel's 'monster' vehicles secured in Nuevo León look like | PHOTOS

A total of five vehicles were seized in the municipality of General Bravo, where roadblocks were reported.

By: Joel Cano

The monster vehicles were marked with the initials "CDG", about the Gulf Cartel (Photo: X@cesarmty).

The state of Nuevo Leon closed the weekend with a violent day, with reports of narco-blockades on highways and the seizure of half a dozen "monster" armored vehicles presumed to belong to the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

On Sunday, April 28, a confrontation took place on the highway from Monterrey to Reynosa, in the municipalities of China and General Bravo, which caused road blockades with burnt vehicles.

According to preliminary reports, the narco-blockades took place at kilometer 120, which caused congestion in the area and the mobilization of elements of Fuerza Civil.

Following these events, Nuevo Leon authorities reported that five monster vehicles were seized in one of the municipalities where the disturbances were reported. However, it was indicated that no armed aggression against the uniformed officers was reported in these actions.

The monster vehicles were secured in the municipality of General Bravo (Photo: X@Furia_Tinta).

"The Coordination Group for State Security secured 5 armored vehicles in General Bravo. There was no confrontation," reads the brief publication that was issued around 10:00 p.m.

Although no further details were provided about the seizure, images of the units located were disseminated on social networks. The vehicles were matte black and had the initials "CDG" inscribed in white. This is a reference to the Gulf Cartel, a criminal organization that maintains a dispute with the Northeast Cartel in Nuevo Leon.

The "CDG" inscriptions were found on the driver's door, the passenger's door, and on the structure covering the turret. It was also placed on the back of one of the vehicles, although the letters were not labeled but hand-painted.

The vehicles were armored to resist armed attacks (Photo: X@Furia_Tinta).

As can be seen in the images, the vehicles had four doors, whose windows were sealed and armored; only a small hole was left through which the barrel of a firearm could be seen.

The back of the vehicles was designed to protect the assassins from armed attacks. Likewise, the roofs of the vehicles were modified to install large-caliber weapons, such as a Barret .50 rifle. This was done in an attempt to replicate the military turrets.

Although the State Security Coordination Group indicated that no armed confrontation was reported in the seizure, one of the images released shows that at least one of the vehicles had a perforated windshield on the driver's side.

The Gulf Cartel has clandestinely modified pickup trucks to build monster vehicles (Photo: X@Furia_Tinta).

The main characteristic of these vehicles is that they have a steel plate covering thick enough to resist armed attacks. Sometimes, these units are also capable of withstanding landmines and drone attacks.

Among the vehicles most modified by criminal organizations, such as the Gulf Cartel, are Ford Lobo, Ford Raptor, and Chevrolet Tahoe pickup trucks.


On X Jesus Rubén Peña wrote, 

"Authorities confirmed that there were no detainees and that hitmen managed to flee after blockades, of which no victims were reported.
They also corroborated that disturbances on the highway arose due to the seizure of 5 armored 'monsters' with CDG initials and subsequent attack on a Civil Force base."


  1. Rumor on the River has it CDN & CDG Matamoros actually link up to fight Los Primitos.

    1. Primito is bringing in a lot of sicarios from his hometown

    2. Siiii al Ciento Diez Porciento @ 1:03
      Perooo no van a poder por que los de Noreste estan muy lejos y no tienen tantos muchachos
      Primito facilmente agarra gente...
      Pero vamos a ver como los Treviños le hagan.
      40 tiene muchisima experiencia mas que Primito
      Y todavia esta encerrado

      Va estar muy interesante esto
      Pero yo le doy a Primito por horita

    3. CDN CDS CDG vs Reynosa Primitos

    4. Now the metros need jaliscas to fight their war. Fucking shamefull.

  2. CDG monstruos are tougher than their sicarios but don't run as fast?

  3. Chicho Castro a CJNG singer got shit thrown at him for singing cjng corridos in an Aguascaliente fair . Seems to me there are not well liked in that region

  4. why don't they use TOYOTA trucks or NISSAN?

    1. Too small, and can't handle the added weight of the steel armoring.

    2. They use them too but its easier done with low tech cars.

    3. Incotrect. There are armored Toyota trucks.

  5. That highway is forever doomed

  6. I wonder if the OG Zetas (the creators of the monster trucks ) learned this in the School of the Americas

    1. I have heard that they teach them how to cut metal plates or weld them together with their bare hands. This must be tough teacher in these schools!

    2. Monster Trucks existed way before Original Zetas were even employed by Osiel Cardenas in late 1990s...

    3. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s an old method, I remember seeing an article talking about the “makeshift tanks” they welded up in the early 1900s. Using em in the Pancho Villa days, w the bandidos conflict on the border. Check it out, pretty interesting


    5. El commandante Pancho Villa y sus trokas blindadas

    6. Jaja yo imaginándome a pancho villa en una ram laminada

  7. must have gotten their latest arms shipment from the CORRUPT american government.


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