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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Father Of Singer El Padrinito Toys Is Injured In A Shooting In The Infonavit Barrancos Neighborhood

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The father of the corridos tumbados performer was shot in the arm, he is reported to be in stable condition. 

Information obtained from the Ministry of Public Security, collected by police agents, reveals that the person injured in the shooting in the Infonavit Barrancos neighborhood is the father of the corridos tumbados singer El Padrinito Toys.

The victim is César I, 45 years old, who is the father of the young vocalist of songs from the regional Mexican movement. He is also known as a santero of the Afro-Cuban tradition.

The State Police reported that César, El Padrino, had a gunshot wound to his right arm and shrapnel in various parts of his body, but his health is stable.

It was reported that El Padrinito Toys accompanied his father to receive medical attention, it was also said that a 17-year-old minor had been injured. This hasn’t been officially confirmed though. 

The facts

According to the authorities, the attack occurred when hitmen shot at a white Volkswagen Tiguan truck.

A chase broke out that began on the corner of Macario Gaxiola Avenue and Pablo Macías Valenzuela Street, in front of the sports area of ​​the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood, and later extended to the corner of Benjamín Hill Avenue and Pablo Macías Valenzuela Street.

This incident occurred at 5:45 in the afternoon on Tuesday, the Red Cross personnel attended the scene but upon arriving at the scene they could not locate the injured man. Elements of the Army, Municipal Police and Transit also participated.

The vehicle was struck with gunfire. Bullet holes were visible on the truck along with shattered glass on the Benjamín Hill median.

Infonavit Barrancos neighborhood 
Culiacán, Sinaloa


  1. Being a Santero, in a narco world ain't no joke allot of them get targeted cause they don't like the outcome of there religious beliefs or they start believing someone is attacking them in a spiritual way.

  2. Why haven't I seen anything about Pihuamos Alcalde getting killed that's el Primitos home town. Today near lake chapala you a SUV found with 5 bodies seems like the politicians are making there moves

    1. Mijo gather the info. Send it to BB website, hurry don't waste time.

    2. Un gato más abusando de la gente de los pueblos. Solo por qué andan en bola y armados... Valen gaver... Me he pagado tiros con dos o tres weyes, de la vergazera no recuerdo... Pero lo que si recuerdo es que les enseñe y aprendieron a fijarse donde ponen el culo. Soy rifado....

  3. Gather the info, write a rough draft, state your sources and send it to one of the Admins for publishing. Pitch in.

  4. 👉👉Los vitolias vs Los toys👈👈

    1. Ya empezó la gran guerra de los youtuberos o qué rollo? En Culiacán nunca falla que a alguien le haga daño y se lo lleve la huesuda.

    2. Things have been escalating between them tho

  5. Valió madre sé le olvido cargar los collares en el cargador 🤣

  6. Ni yo que soy defensora pública traigo camioneta del año :(

  7. This guy works for el Panu

  8. #Huatabampo | Aseguran 180,000 pastillas de Fentanilo

    Huatabampo, Son.- Este miércoles, el delegado de la Fiscalía General de la República en Sonora (FGR), Francisco Sergio Méndez, informó sobre el aseguramiento de 180,000 pastillas de fentanilo, 9 kg de fentanilo en polvo y 15 kg de heroína en un autobús de pasajeros de la línea Elite que provenía de Michoacán y se dirigía a Tijuana.

    “Se aseguraron aproximadamente 180,000 pastillas de fentanilo, se aseguraron 9 kilos de fentanilo en polvo y se aseguraron 15 kilos de heroína. Se está trabajando, para que vean que se está trabajando”, precisó el funcionario.

    Dicha incautación se realizó por parte de la Policía Federal Ministerial gracias a una denuncia anónima que alertó sobre el transporte de drogas en un autobús con las características descritas.

    “Eso se hizo por parte de la Policía Federal Ministerial ese incautamiento, fue una denuncia anónima, la trabajaron, va a pasar un vehículo así de autobuses Elite y lleva droga, van y se ponen ahí para inspeccionar el vehículo que fue denunciado anónimamente, entonces van y trabajan en ese sentido y probable responsabilidad con los hechos.

  9. Why is the guy in the car playing music in English. He's supposed to be in Mexico right?

    1. The Eagles' Hotel California was an ANTHEM to old school Mexican narcos back in the day, with it's 'sweet smell of colitas' lyrics and sequestrero narrative undertones..
      Maybe some respect getting passed down through the generations on display here..
      Jim Morrison/Doors also a somewhat surprising crossover, and John Lennon's Imagine has been a ubiquitous favorite throughout mexico for the last 50 years..
      "Did you do it for love?
      Did you do it for money?
      Did you do it for spite?
      Did you think you had to, honey?
      Who is gonna make it
      Well find out in the long run
      In the long run
      I know that we can take it
      If our love is a strong one we can make it
      In the long run.."

  10. He doesn't sing corridos tumbados 😂

  11. Didn't they kill him last night. First dad gets shot up then they killed his son el padrinito. Anyone have any more info please share

  12. When is Markito the 🤡 going to get it


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