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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

A Weekend of Drone Bombings Destroys Homes, Farmland and Forces Locals to Flee in Guerrero

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

Last weekend, criminals dropped over 40 explosives from commercial drones above five communities in the municipality of Petatlán, Guerrero. The damage to homes and farmland forced many civilians in the community to flee the region.

At least 40 homes were damaged and 250 hectares of farmland were burned, according to Proceso. People were forced to flee from the communities of El Anono, El Limón, Casas Viejas, El Mameyal and la Finca after the attacks started on Saturday and continued Sunday, the 23rd and 24th of March.

Locals have denounced the lack of government presence in the region.

On March 25, locals from this region located and detained a young man who was lost in the hilly countryside. They found the 22-year-old, allegedly a member of La Familia Michoacána in possession of an AK-47, explosives and drones, reported local news. He admitted to participating in massacres on the payroll of La Familia Michoacána, and being paid 14,000 pesos (840 USD) a month.

According to locals, these sort of attacks have been occurring for the past year, around when local crime groups Los Arreola and Los Maldonado began fighting La Familia Michoacána for control of this region. 

Images from Proceso.
A similar spate of attacks was reported two weeks prior in El Porvenir, a community 20 miles to the east.

As of 2022, there are currently 386k internally displaced people in Mexico according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), an NGO who track the number of civilians forced to leave their homes due to violence or other disasters. This figure has grown every year since the IDMC began tracking in 2008.

Reporting via Proceso.


  1. el desafio de la familia michoacana,a los tlacos y otros grupos armados en guerrero,tiene angustiados a la pobre raza del porvenir mpio de tecpan,petatlan,ajuchitlan,y la gobernadora evelin salgado,dice que no pasa nada................

    1. Esos tlacos son fundados d los Jalisco ya está confirmado. @7:19

  2. huaso,segun la presse,montreal,canada,el casino de la reserva mohawk de kanawake,al sur de montreal,fue cerrado por presuntos nexos con los carteles mexicanos...

  3. Where's the guy that defends ALMO, that says homicides are only within Cartels. Hope he reads the title on this article, oh yes and the guy that cries he wants proof of everything that is reported, kiss my butt.💋

    1. 8:16 - He is in the US at the moment visiting biden.

    2. No mention of murders in the text above. Feel free to blame amlo but the true culprits are in the gob of guerrero.

    3. Is amlo going to sue the drone makers?

    4. 10:51 let me see🤔
      You're saying that the government of Guerrero is killing townspeople or do you mean the cartels?

    5. 1:24
      Cartel ne'er-do-wells have bored in like greedy tics to their willing hosts at all levels of Guerrero police and politics..
      "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up somewhere else"
      ..Yogi Berra

    6. 2:16 does look more like Tick than a Lizard. Some call him Lizard boy and other call Poetic Lizard.😭

  4. Arriba Michoacán y Sinaloa Cochos! Puro Coalcoman Michoacán

  5. Devil war in la tierra caliente over who gets to buy the local government.

  6. Does this mean Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño has Tláhuac & the Unión Tepito’s going all in for Guanajuato ?

  7. These are not criminals, these are terrorist plain and simple, hugs are not cutting it..

  8. And Fox News say all the people coming to the US are bad people. Where else can the go? Nowhere in Mexico.
    The weak and fractured cartels don’t have big drug supplies so the exploit the citizens of everything. Every time one cartel defeats and fracture a cartel, this happens and it is much worse. Every time a cartel leader is busted, another fracture.
    Mexico cannot afford police forces powerful enough to protect, plus cartel buy or bully them to join.
    So, what is the answer? More hard core criminals are being displaced daily. Much like the super rich and corporations having crushed main steet business but without violence.


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