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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Mayor of Taxco, Guerrero, Mario Figueroa, Survives Grenade Attack

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

This afternoon, armed assailants clashed with the convoy of Mario Figueroa Mundo, the mayor of the city of Taxco, Guerrero, a "pueblo magico" recently plunged into violence because of disputes between organized crime groups.

Mayor Mario Figueroa was being driven from a graduation event in Taxco back to his home when attackers on motorcycles engaged his convoy. The two attackers threw hand grenades and fired shots, which damaged the front of the mayor's armored Chevy Suburban. 

The cause of the attack is unclear. Early reports claimed that the attackers intended to kill the mayor. However, a statement released by the Secretariat of Public Security claimed that the assailants were fleeing another crime scene when they happened upon the mayors convoy. Gunfire was exchanged, the assailants threw grenades, leaving casualties of one killed assailant, and one injured bodyguard. The mayor was unharmed, but was still taken to a local hospital.

The remaining attacker was captured and is being treated for his injuries.

Famous for its tile-roofed buildings, ornate churches, and silver artwork, Taxco has been a safe and treasured locale for decades. However, the violence that plagues much of Mexico has encroached on the city in recent years.

According to Animal Politico, the violence is the result of a turf war between a criminal group called “La Federación” and La Familia Michoacána, who have a long history in the region. The violence has caused local businesses and transportation workers to close their services in protest.

Just last week, in response to a major strike of bus and taxi drivers, Mayor Mario Figueroa resisted discussion of violence in Taxco, saying that the government is providing "excellent security" to its inhabitants.

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  1. Any info on La Federacion? They sure dont want LNFM coming around putting a tax on tortillas.

    1. from what i know, its remnants of BLO groups such as los rojos, la bandera, guerreros unidos and possibly tlacos. Taxco is under la familia michoacana control while la federacion has iguala. cuotas are very heavy on everything in taxco, not so much in Iguala. supposedly lfm is kicking out la federacion from iguala.

    2. That's a negative chief. Tlacos run Iguala

  2. Nice, one of the root causes for this mess gets his own medicine to taste. Lucky bastard with his armored car and security, something that lack most of the locals who got killed because of him accepting bribes.

    Sad they just arrested him.

  4. es muy triste lo que ocurre no en guerrero si no en todo mexico,rico y bonito pais pero con un narco gobierno,y yo pienso que es mucha gente que se beneficia de este problema ,mexico esta igual o peor que republica dominicana.....otro narco gobierno...........

  5. Guerrero has always been a shit show as far back as i can remember. Much more so than any other state before the time when Cjng invaded Gto .


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