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Thursday, February 15, 2024

FBI Busts San Diego Trucking Company Fentanyl Trafficking Ring

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

17 suspects believed to be part of a drug trafficking ring are accused of smuggling large quantities of narcotics into the Los Angeles area.

After a two-year investigation, authorities discovered the suspects used semi-trucks to import fire extinguishers filled with drugs that were concealed in scrap metal loads. The drugs were smuggled over the US-Mexico border and included fentanyl, methamphetamine, and heroin, according to the US Attorney’s Office.


During a two-year investigation called Operation Smoke Jumpers, authorities made 13 seizures in which they discovered around 680,992 fentanyl pills, 3 kilograms of fentanyl powder, 17 kilograms of heroin, and 10,418 pills containing methamphetamine.

9 suspects who were arrested from Feb. 8-12 were identified as:

Oscar Ahumada Leyva, 43, of Mexico (Owner of the Trucking Company)
Carlos Espinoza, 38, of Alhambra
Fernando Salgado, 36, of Riverside
Erick Roque Angeles, 39, of Fontana
Rocio Guadalupe Acevedo Tonche, 32, of Ontario
David Sanchez Balderas, 26, of Denver
Miguel Antonio Rabago Valenzuela, 42, of Mexico
Gustavo Rivero Rodriguez, 39, of Mexico
Efren Quibrera Espinoza, 29, of Cudahy

The tenth suspect, Toniel Baez-Duarte, 33, of Apple Valley, was already in state custody. 7 additional suspects remain at large and are believed to be in Mexico.

The indictment alleges two narcotics conspiracies and 12 drug possession offenses, each of which carries a sentence anywhere from 10 years to life in federal prison. If suspects are also convicted of money laundering conspiracy, they could face up to 20 years in prison for that charge.

“These defendants used a sophisticated network to smuggle immense amounts of fentanyl into our country,” said Martin Estrada, a U.S. Attorney. “We know that every fentanyl pill can kill, but these defendants did not care about the widespread destruction they were causing. Our office will continue to work intelligently and aggressively to bring international drug-trafficking organizations to justice.”

Carin Trucking

The investigation centered around Carin Trucking, a San Diego-based company that operated at least 6 semi-trucks that regularly entered the U.S. from Mexico to deliver suspected narcotics to the L.A. area, authorities said.

The company's DOT records show the main company's operations are in Tijuana, with a mailing address in San Diego, California.

Sources DOJ, KTLA


  1. They are going to be locked up for a very long time, not worth it.

    1. In some cases it may be worth it. You can have nothing for your whole life or sacrifice yourself for the generations that come after you.

    2. Yea so Sancho can raise your kids and enjoy la Lana with your wife lol gtfoh

  2. San Diego based hazardous materials disposal company and their trucks. Authorities need to move quickly on this.

  3. Baez Duarte snitched he was part of the El mirage Shooting Sang like a canary

  4. Meanwhile in another state in Mexico they lied 5 university students

  5. The cops 'investigated' for two years, as load after load entered the Otay truck border crossing and poisoned American communities..
    Loads of scrap metal are automatically suspect, as it's so hard to check for contraband..
    Years ago, some socios were bringing dumptrucks full of broken glass across to be recycled, went well the first two times, the third time, the feds had rigged up some kind of screw device with a claw at the end, they drilled down into the glass and extracted a fistful of neon-green lim de limón, ruining everybody's day..
    Tractor trailers carrying fresh mariscos are a popular smuggling mode, because if I'm not mistaken, if the search turns up nothing, the feds gotta pay for the spoiled seafood, jaja..
    🐟 🦐 🦞

    1. They don’t pay shit for that, just say have a nice day. It’s your job to ensure your cargo is properly stored in the cold truck

    2. 7:33 wtf man??? Ur not understandable...

    3. Connor, how was your Valentine's Day with Emma?:I hope y'all went out for Carne y Mariscos and gave her Chorizo for dessert! Respect y paz homie

    4. @733 they must and do pay for all spoiled or damaged goods its a pain in the ass but it is policy

  6. I think there are more freight companies that do this, they just don’t get caught..

    1. FBI needs to hire you

    2. If they do it long enough eventually they WILL end up in hot water. It's only going to get more difficult to smuggle as technology & AI get stronger.

  7. Ahumada"s been on the game for decades that's some people with very deep pockets

    1. Always someone with deeper pockets. Don't forget that.

  8. Well the tenth suspect, toniel Baez Duarte was one of the men arrested for the 6 desert murders in el mirage. I think we assumed it was related to a marijuana deal/grow but this definitely proves it was cartel related. I’d imagine he snitched on everything he ever knew about lmao.


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