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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Two Mexican Cops Seek Asylum From Cartel Violence at California Border Crossing

"Anonymous" for Borderland Beat; Border Report

An unidentified father and daughter, previously serving as police officers in Mexico, share their story with a Border Report team before heading to the U.S. to seek asylum. (Jorge Nieto/Special for Border Report)

Two former police officers from Mexico faced a harrowing ordeal that began in October when a cartel kidnapped and subjected them to torture. The father-daughter duo, both employed by the same police department, disclosed to Border Report that their lives took a drastic turn when a cartel entered their town, coercing law enforcement officers to collaborate.

In recounting their traumatic experience, the officers, whose identities and specific details about their residence and destination in the U.S. remain confidential as per their request and Border Report's agreement, revealed the distressing circumstances.

The female officer narrated the brutality.

“They started beating us, torturing us, they put a bag over my head and started to suffocate me,” said the female police officer. “They pointed a gun at my stomach saying they were going to shoot me unless me and my father agreed to work with them.”

She mentioned that the assault continued for a few hours until their captors eventually departed.

At that juncture, they successfully fled from the rear of the residence where they were held, making their way into a verdant hillside and spending the night amidst the jungle.

As dawn broke, they hurried back to their residence, grabbing a few essentials while persuading two additional family members to accompany them. Initially, they sought refuge in a relative's home in the state of Jalisco, where they collected funds and essential items. Subsequently, the daughter, along with her mother and a sibling, separated from the father until Christmas when they reunited in Tijuana.

Following several weeks at the Agape Shelter, they successfully crossed the border on Monday morning to initiate the asylum-seeking process.

They utilized PedWest border crossing at the San Ysidro Port of Entry to enter the U.S.

"We can never go back," to woman said, expressing fear for their relatives who remain in their hometown.

The officers recounted how their once peaceful and quiet community had been spared from cartel activities and violence until a few months ago when an undesirable element entered the area. The father, a police officer for 19 years, highlighted the honesty and hard work of their police department before the unsettling changes.

They recounted the tragic incident where 13 fellow officers, including their two supervisors, were killed by organized crime after refusing to collaborate with the cartel. News reports from late October confirmed an ambush in Guerrero resulting in the deaths of 13 police officers.

The daughter expressed gratitude, saying, "If not for the grace of God, we would’ve been killed too."

The officers, along with their family members, expressed their intention to reside with relatives in the U.S., specifically in a city on the East Coast. Similar to many asylum-seekers, they have been assigned court dates to initiate their cases, a process that may extend over several years before resolution.

Sources: Border Report


  1. That Border Reporter site has some good articles. Gracias MX

    1. They do! I'd like to reach out to them to collaborate. They are open to story ideas on their Contact Us page.

    2. 3:46

      I think you mean "Border Report" site and not the older "Border Reporter" (with the "r" at the end of "Report")?

    3. Tell them the UK isn't in the EU anymore so I'd like to read their content!

  2. Shitheads start at the top. It's okay w AMLO that cops are colluding w cartels, otherwise the whip would crack. If mex REALLY wanted a safe democracy anything even close to the USA's- they would make cartels dissolution the #1 priority. But, well, mex is mex, life is cheap, "as long as they dont bother ME, who cares?".

  3. For the purpose of obtaining asylum I hope they have necessary documents to back their stories. During the wave of violence in Michoacan about 10 years ago full families would attempt the process but their stories were a bit short is some details. A few were deported. Jalisco is only one state unless Congress states Mexico is a fail state individuals can move around the country freely and the asylum would be denied.

    1. Things have changed since 10 years ago buddy. Now you formas and get healthcare and money, but not a job.

    2. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are in 2024 now not 2014

  4. The relatively new PedWest crossing, known to the locals as 'el caracol', or 'el chapparal', is closed more times than it's open in order to process the teeming masses that wanna sign up for a new life in gabacholandia..
    Makes the border wait in east San Ysidro so much longer for regular legal crossers..
    These two hopefully have a better story than their mention of what happened to the 13 coppers that got clipped in Coyuca de Benitez..
    Like what SDSORET commented above, without documentation you're just another wetback hoping to win the lottery..

    1. I guess it varies then depending on the location. One of my neighbors from Guanajuato manged to get asylum for all 18 of her family members. They claimed they were fleeing violence and were processed in under a month or so. Now she's going bananas cause there's too many people living with her.

    2. Te imaginas el desmadre lol

  5. Sad. Hope they get it.

  6. Is that picture the actual ppl seeking asylum?

  7. El marros son just got captured...
    El chapo snitched guy

  8. Open season on cops in tj ever since that stolen load.

    1. Humm bug🤔
      Let me think about 10:57's logic...
      So if two dirty cops of the Tijuana Municipal Police are corrupt, then all cops including the Chief are to be killed?

  9. Kinda sad they didn’t try to get any of the chapitos they should hit them just to freak them out around this time every year

  10. Who is going to sponsor them if they get their asylum approved. Sol you have an extra bedroom? Jorge Ramos of Univision has a Mansion plenty of room. They will need ESL classes too.


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