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Monday, January 22, 2024

The Chiapas Cartel Threaten Cartel de Sinaloa And Accuse Police Officials

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Video translation is as follows: 

Francisco Orantes Abadía aka El Panchito. As long as you keep protecting El Güero Pulseras from the Cartel de Sinaloa. And sending your policemen to extort the migrants we will continue attacking your police headquarters. 

That ambush against the police in Malpaso was your first warning. Next time we won’t just fire at your patrol vehicles and police department. We will kill everyone for being the corrupted extortionist rats that you are. 

The same goes for you Yahir Hernandez Terán aka El Hercules. Keep thinking you’re slick by supporting Güero Pulseras. And the next police base we raid will end up being one of the frontier State Police center of operations. 

Everyone in the world a;ready knows that you two are responsible for the kidnappings and extortions in the state of Chiapas. It was you two policemen rats who sold out Chiapas security to El Güero Pulseras from the Cartel de Sinaloa. 

We also know that Gabriela Cepeda Soto, director of Security and Citizen Protection Secretariat of Chiapas, sold the audio and video feeds from the C5 (Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center) to Güero Pulseras. 

These are the same systems that are used to monitor and supplement security in Chiapas. But instead they’re being used to serve Güero Pulseras so that he can kidnap and move about with total impunity. 

Hitmen screams: We are the La Barredora of the Chiapas Cartel!

Gabriela Cepeda Soto

Authorities accused of being kidnappers in the state of Chiapas

Jesus Esteban Machado Meza aka El Güero Pulseras


* Commentary online alleges that the Chiapas Cartel is made up of an alliance between the Señor de los Caballos and the Huistas crime mob from Guatemala.

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  1. Kena 19 alleged successor has been identified as Pajaro or Escorpion 7 or Bravo 1


  2. El.Guero pulseras se parece a pepe garza 😂😂


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