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Monday, January 22, 2024

After a Year, the Prosecutor’s Office Shows No Progress in the Murder of the 15-Year-Old Girl in Tlajomulco, Jalisco

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

Nicol's mother assures that she has all the evidence to prove that the accused is the murderer.

Pablo Toledo | El Occidental

January 5, 2024 marked one year since the murder of 15 year old Nicol Suarez Ruiz in the Paso de Los Agaves subdivision in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, her mother and friends are crying out for justice because the alleged assailant has still not been located.

Mrs. Anahí Ruiz, Nicol's mother, has not only suffered for living without her during this time, but also because after a year the investigations of the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office show no progress despite the fact that she has presented them with all kinds of evidence.

"None, the murderer filed five protective warrants which were all denied and in the last one he was told that he was not entitled to any more amparo for having committed femicide to a minor, I have here in my possession the whole file that they made me buy in the prosecutor's office where it tells me exactly everything that happened, I have everything here and it is up to the moment that the prosecutor's office tells me they know nothing about him", said Anahi Ruiz, mother of the murdered minor.

Nicol's mother assures that she has all the evidence to prove that the accused is the murderer of her daughter, she regrets that with all the elements presented plus an arrest warrant, they have not found the whereabouts of the aggressor even though she has indicated to the authorities where he is located.

"They should do their job because I already told them where he is, he is hiding in Puerto Vallarta with his family and even so they have not wanted to do anything, they were sent the exact location of where he is, and even so they do not want to proceed, I went to a foundation called Voces de la Ausencia, they are collaborating with me and they told me exactly where he was and the day of his arrest the Guadalajara prosecutor's office informed him and he escaped", said Anahi Ruiz, mother of the murdered minor.

No progress in the investigation
Mrs. Anahi claims to have a message on her cell phone where the alleged murderer of her daughter tells her that he has given money to the prosecutor's office so that they do not find him, this seems reasonable for the way the investigation has been handled but not fair because it has already been a year and the case of her daughter shows no progress or arrests.

"I have the statements where he tells me that he paid 300,000 pesos to the prosecutor's office so that they would no longer look for him, he sent me messages where he said he hoped I had the courage to tell him straight out that he was the one who killed my daughter because the day he wants he can come looking for me with armed people and I don't even know what he is capable of doing, I receive threats from him but I tell the authorities, I am not afraid to die for my daughter or raise my voice for her," said Anahi Ruiz, mother of the murdered minor.

A group of women, friends and relatives of Nicol went out to demonstrate at the place where the minor lost her life, they assured that next Monday morning they will hold a blockade on the highway to Chalapa at the height of the Los Agaves subdivision to demand to the Prosecutor's Office that her case does not become one more feminicide in Jalisco.


  1. Where are the Human Rights Group when you need them? A Citizen of Mexico needs help.
    Her best bet is to hire a hitman for $50.00 to avenge her daughters death. Just stay low and don't say anything.

    1. You must spend a lot of time playing grand theft auto.

  2. The best bet would be to allow citizens to be armed. I know it is illegal in MX to own/possess a gun but to what end?? Imo it leaves the civilians in a horrible position. They can follow the law and not arm themselves or they can pay cartels for their very survival. I live in NYC and carrying a gun w/o a CCW is a crime. So what do you do? Simple for me. I carry not one but two firearms EVERY single time I walk out my door. I am armed when I walk to the bodega, walk my dog, go grocery shopping and especially when I take the subway. It is my life and imo no one will protect it as voraciously as I will. I will face the fines etc for being armed but I know this. I won't be getting robbed, stabbed, stolen from, or mugged and the outcome is ALL in MY OWN HANDS!!

    1. 4:36 It's not illegal to own firearms in México. The problem is too many paisanos don't want to go through the legal process with the state they reside in for the criminal background check and the paperwork with SEDENA. Restrictions on caliber, configuration and size do exist.

    2. And I have the stats to crush those who tell the racist lie about whites and school and mass shootings that the phony lying media push because the REAL dominators for the perp category for school/mass shootings is WHO? You know but you cant say it for you’ll be racist for pointing out the stats!

    3. 6:58 Yeah? Put up your stats regarding schools/public mass shootings and those who commit them.

    4. Bro if your white,black,brown,yellow,red,who gives a fuck as long as you dont let a bitch say shit to your face, every motherfucker in here has got some of that shit in them some more than others,filthy human beings are phony rats and it will never change

    5. 6;32 You omited some items, Mexican Government which is curupt big time, makes it hard for an average citizen to get a legal gun. One theres only one gun store , in the whole Mexico and thats in Mexico City. Two the only caliber they can have is a 38 Revolver for home defence. All the while the criminals have high powered weapons.

    6. 8:42 You're wrong. While 38special is the largest caliber one can legally own in a revolver, a citizen can also own a semiautomatic pistol in 380 caliber or smaller. Shotguns and bolt action rifles in certain calibers are also allowed. ADF360MX or Tom_Simio_Chaney has many videos on YouTube regarding gun ownership in México.
      Like I previously wrote, a lot of paisanos will complain of the process to legally own firearms in México and resort to buying restricted firearms. Puros pretextos.

  3. bribery is the norm in Jalisco.

  4. You read cases like this and then you read the comments on here about how different US cities are worse than parts of Mexico and you realise how deluded alot of the commentators are on here. These cases the difference between a second world and 1st world country. you won't ever hear about this again or only if the mother is killed. It's very sad


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