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Friday, January 19, 2024

Former Head Of Prison Security In Jalisco Shot Dead

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

Long gun and short gun cartridge cases were found at the site.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

The former director of prison security in Jalisco and head of correctional officers, José Guadalupe Covarrubias, was shot in the Jardines de los historiadores neighborhood in Guadalajara. Sources from the Prosecutor's Office indicate that his bodyguards had been taken from him since he now belonged to the General Services area of the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office.

The aggression occurred at the intersection of Manuel Rivera and Elías Villalpando when he was about to shop in the area, where he arrived in his red Mazda vehicle with foreign plates. He wore a T-shirt with the words "Policía de Investigación" on the back.

The prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz arrived at the scene, who said that the official assigned to his office had been shot all over his body and described how the aggression could have taken place.

"The information we have is that he was on his way home. This is information that we are corroborating. It seems that he was going to make some purchases, it is information that we are going to verify and it seems that that is where the aggression occurred. He was hit on the co-pilot's and pilot's side and from what we can see in the evidence, it seems that he could also have been hit from the ground, due to the positions of the evidence".

The head of the Prosecutor's Office indicated that the aggressors were between three and four subjects. In the place there were found casings of long weapon and short weapon. In addition, the cameras in the area are being reviewed to find the perpetrators.

José Guadalupe was in charge of prison security until June 21, 2023 and had 30 years of service.

Sources close to the penitentiary system maintained that the dismissal may have been linked to the anger of the directors over the departure from the prison of Jose Manuel "P", brother of one of the leaders of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation, Juan Carlos, alias "El CR", without following the protocols that allow them to find out if there are any open cases for other crimes.

It should be recalled that "El CR" is allegedly responsible for the disappearance of Colonel José Isidro Grimaldo Muñoz, who was deprived of his freedom on December 10, 2022.



  1. If you lost your body guards and you have a target in your head why the heck would you go shopping with a t-shirt that says "police of investigations" written on the back. Was this guy suicidal or just dumb?

    1. This is a good indicator that his allies turned against him. The guy thought he could walk around town like a big, tough guy, wearing his policía shirt. Never thought this would happen to him.

  2. No puedo entender cómo personas así, durante sus años de trabajo, no compran un coche barato, completamente blindado, no cambian su apariencia, al menos su estilo de vestuario. Entonces siempre debes estar armado, usar un chaleco antibalas y conducir un automóvil en otras partes del país, especialmente si tú mismo sabes que eres objetivo de los cárteles del narco. El chico pensó que no le pasaría nada. Total confianza en uno mismo y egoísmo. Al menos tendría un porcentaje más para sobrevivir a cualquier ataque de asesinos.

    1. Un Mazda es semi austero no crees? Tampoco andas papeando pero tampoco es algo de jodidos. Clase media. Parece un Mazda del 2018.

    2. Yo fui sub directora de un CERESO. No hay por qué cambiar tu apariencia, no eres testigo protegido. Y la mejor protección es no ser aliado de nadie ni recibir dinero, pero sobre todo ser respetuoso en tu trato.

  3. Most people receive a Gold watch as a parting gift for multiple years of service. In Mexico you get murdered in your car!! Sad fellas! 30yrs and poof it is all over but the crying.

  4. Keep wearing the shirt and your a target, this fool thought he was in America.

  5. Probably the wife to cash the big insurance policy! Everyone would looking at the cartels!


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