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Monday, January 1, 2024

49 Surveillance Cameras Destroyed By Armed Civilians In Culiacan: Ministry Of Security: Sinaloa

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from LUZ NOTICIAS 

A total of 24 monitoring points were attacked during New Year's Eve.


A total of 49 video surveillance cameras were destroyed by armed civilians during New Year's Eve in Culiacán, confirmed the Secretariat of Public Security. 

The head of the Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence Center (C4i), Víctor Antonio Cisneros Díaz, reported that the aggressions to the devices occurred as of 23:56 hours.

"The aggressions to cameras began at 21:56; we have a report of five vehicles with armed people, and there were no arrests," explained Cisneros Diaz.
He specified that there were 5 vehicles with armed people that they could detect in different parts of the city, mainly in the southern area of the capital. He also regretted that there were no arrests of those who did these actions.

The points of the aggression were: 

Calzada Aeropuerto, over the bridge
 In front of the airport
Calzada Aeropuerto and bulevar Las Torres
Calzada Aeropuerto and Jesús Kumate
Alto de Bachigualato
Manuel Sarabia and Milenium
Pedro Infante and Jorge Julián Chávez Castro
Pedro Infante and Manuel Sarabia
Pedro Infante and Rolando Arjona
Pedro Infante and Miguel Tamayo
Crossroads of the USE
Alfonso G. Calderon, entrance to Angeles Hospital  
In front of Hospital de la Mujer
José Limón and Enrique Félix Castro
José Limón and Rotarismo
José Limón over the bridge  
Lola Beltrán and road to Juntas de Humaya
Costerita and Mexico  
Park 87
Entrance to the dam towards Casa del Lago
Primavera Costerita road
Entrance to the dam
Mexico Highway 15 and Hermes
Free South exit at Splash Club


  1. Por ahi andaba el M Flaco

  2. So for 2 hours armed people in 5 vehicles took out 49 of 4Ci's cameras and they watched it happen?

    Surely a little command and control, use of communications, and simple computation of intelligence might have dispatched a few police units, but then again, it was New Year's Eve in Culiacán, so regrettably, there were no arrests.

    1. Could have been the cops doing it themselves, since there in collusion with criminal cartels.

    2. They where getting to close to a big boss from CDS . The cameras got taken out so the government couldn't see what direction the convoy fleed

    3. 1:46 this is normal it hapens alot of cln sometimes they get drunk and just start shooting at the cameras

    4. 11:42 really doubt the cartel or government would allow drunks to shoot up cameras lol

    5. @12:06 u guys here think ivan ppl run everything from lab bust and all of that when its nothing like that here in cln theirs 100s of familys that run their own shit they send their own work have their own lans sure their cliked up but every1 has their own shit going on not everything that haoen here has 2 do with ivans ppl

    6. 1:02 nobody besides you saying it was for Ivan lol . It wasn't for him . It was for the person that has as much as weight as Ivan does but in the other faction...

    7. @1:12 i had posted 2 coments and they only posted the last 1. i know for a fact it wasnt for any1 that that hapens alot here in cln

      another time it hapen in march and clearly says it hapen again



    11. You’re too smart I’m sure no one thought of that

  3. Sinaloa a real narco state.

  4. With all that money, you would think they would just hire a nerd to admin lock the cameras and place a virus in the government attempt to unlock.

    1. 3:49 sends more of message to the population and government to do it by hand . I'm pretty sure they have hackers but it's a thing of you they want to be seen

    2. 349 your assuming the networks not locked down and patched 2010 is over People have caught on. Must cameras like this would be connect to a VPN server making it virtual impossible for some script kiddie from the cartel to hack.

  5. Mexico should get the Reapor drone, with missile, to blow them up next time.

    1. They should be more like the US, kill civilians with Reaper drones because there is a few bad guys in their village.

  6. Sinaloa is the shitiest state Narco culture wise

  7. They almost got el mayo

  8. The mayor of culiacan already working on how much money is going to be needed to replace them the company that's going to get the contract is owned by a "good" mayor friend

  9. Has this ever happened before?, seems like it hasn’t… something is going on in Culiacán.


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