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Monday, December 25, 2023

Inmate Escapes From Tehuacan Prison In Puebla In The Middle Of Christmas Eve!

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Eduardo Rodolfo 'N', who has several crimes on his record, escaped from the Tehuacan prison on December 24 and has not yet been located.

An inmate of the Social Reinsertion Center (Cereso) of Tehuacán escaped from that place without the custodians and other surveillance personnel at the different checkpoints of that place noticing his absence.

It was after 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 24, when during roll call, the guards realized that 27-year-old Eduardo Rodolfo 'N', originally from Quecholac, who had been transferred to this prison in recent months, was not there.

Despite the mobilization that took place inside the facilities of the Cereso de Tehuacán to try to locate the inmate, they were unable to find him, the staff didn’t realize from what time Eduardo was no longer in the facilities.

They suspect that the person left on board a vehicle that entered the prison on December 24 to load furniture that the inmates make in that place.

As a result, there was a mobilization towards the interior of the Cereso and the family members who had gone to visit remained there until 5:00 in the afternoon when they were allowed to leave.

Eduardo Rodolfo 'N', was jailed for homicide, crimes against health, assault, carrying a weapon exclusive to the army, among other charges that were brought against him and that are within the investigation file with which he was criminally charged.

For the escape of this dangerous subject, the State Attorney General's Office initiated an investigation file, through which they will be calling for guard personnel to appear, as well as those responsible for the care and security of these facilities.

3 arrested for prisoner's escape in Puebla

Police sources confirmed to MILENIO that for the escape of Eduardo Rodolfo 'N', better known as "El Chinchola", three people, Cereso workers, have already been arrested while the Puebla Prosecutor's Office and the Public Security Secretariat continue with the investigations.

It was on the afternoon of December 24 that an inmate escaped from the Tehuacan prison in Puebla; he is a murderer identified as Eduardo Rodolfo 'N', better known as "El Chinchola".

According to police reports, the inmate managed to escape by hiding inside a piece of furniture made inside the prison and was later loaded into a red van.

After realizing that the inmate was missing from cell B109 and who was serving a sentence for aggravated homicide, authorities from various police agencies immediately began searching for him.

Social Reinsertion Center (Cereso) of Tehuacán, Puebla 

House of Justice
Tehuacán, Puebla

Cereso Regional Tehuacán lies adjacent to House of Justice
Tehuacan, Puebla

Tehuacán, Puebla

Tehuacan, Puebla


  1. Wonder how many times the inmates just walk out.

  2. Less often than you think, otherwise the red truck would not been required.


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