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Sunday, December 31, 2023

A Happy New Years To You All

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Thank you to everyone at Borderland Beat, past and present, for all that you guys do. Just the same a very special thanks goes out to all of our silent contributors. You all know who you are. In addition the same thanks is extended to every reader. We’ll see everyone next year. 


  1. Don Sol you have a great 2024, don't drink to much Vodka.

  2. Thank you Sol as well as all the other BB Contributors and also to those who risk their lives by telling us what is really going on in Mexican DTO's. Stay safe to all.

  3. Thank you for the work 👍🏾

  4. Feliz año nuevo. Hope México goes back to everyone doing there jale without stepping on other people. Legal or illegal jale just keep safe raza

  5. Happy New Year, Team BB… and thank you, Sol, for helping keep this site going.. We as the fans owe you guys (and gals) everything! Chivis can rest easy with pride as well! 🦉

  6. I hope Chapo is enjoying the fine weather in Colorado this New Year's night.

  7. Cancelan concierto de Larry Hernandez en Tijuana. Tiraron granadas en el local y valio chetos.

    1. 11:43:
      Thanks for the update. It's uncertain if the grenades were real because they didn't explode. I don't think Tijuana would benefit from narcocorridos so I see no huge loss. The people of Mexico deserve peace for the New Years. Unfortunately, I don't believe peace will occur. I fear more deaths and massacres for the first day of 2024.

  8. CJNG REMAINS KING!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I believe for all of us here who have friends and family in Mexico that Mexico occupies a special place in our hearts. I pray each night for a day of peace in Mexico, yet God answers with only death and destruction. Hopefully God will bless Mexico in 2024 and we will see less death and destruction.

  10. 11:43 mas seguro los Contras del CDS calentando la plaza .

  11. Happy New Year to all. Big thanks to Sol, and all the others on BB for keeping us informed. You are appreciated!


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