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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

"El CR" Sentenced To Trial For The Disappearance Of Four Women And The Death Of Two Of Them

"Char" for  Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted EL OCCIDENTAL 

Juan Carlos "P", alias "El CR," was indicted

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

Juan Carlos "P", alias "El CR", who is alleged to be the alleged regional leader of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation, was indicted for his probable relationship in the disappearance of four women and the death of two of them, in Tapalpa.

That fact for which he is accused was registered on December 21, 2018, around 21:00 hours, when the four women were allegedly summoned outside a convenience store by the accused and other subjects, to take them to a "posada" in the town of Jiquilpan, in the municipality of San Gabriel. At the party, they were allegedly deprived of their freedom. They were held captive in one of the rooms of the property to later be taken to a cabin in the La Loma subdivision, in the Magical as mentioned above Town. There, two of the victims were murdered and two were released the following day.

The investigation revealed the possible participation of Juan Carlos P. in the crime, for which an injunction was requested against him.

Because he is being held in the Federal Center of Social Readaptation Number 1 El Altiplano, since he is linked to federal crimes, the hearing was carried out digitally, through videoconference, in which the Control Judge decided to initiate criminal proceedings against him for the crimes of aggravated disappearance committed by private individuals and crimes related to the disappearance of persons.

The judicial authority imposed preventive detention for the duration of his trial, as a precautionary measure.




  1. Reportan 3 balaceras casi simultáneas en Cancún; habría al menos 2 muertos, entre ellos un israelí

  2. Guys from Israel killed in Cancun

  3. La víctima fue identificada como Samy T, de origen israelí, quien en 2015 fue detenido por lavado de dinero en Europa, por lo que entre las líneas de investigación se señala que se trataría de un ajuste de cuentas.

    1. @4:47 they ain’t moving Jale in the United States anymore they going world wide now 🤣 seems like U.S is the last stop of moving work

  4. He looks like a model citizen that just graduated from being a priesthood.

    1. No he doesn’t. He has tattoos on his neck.

  5. "Fat Bastard" came to mind.

  6. He will live like a king in prison 🤴
    He will live better than most people in the world. He will have women, alcohol and whatever he wants.
    But he traded his soul


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