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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

El Comandante, Leader Of 'La Mano Con Ojos' Sentenced To 27 Years In Prison

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El Comandante became leader of the criminal group after the death of Óscar Oswaldo "N".

A criminal judge sentenced Marco Antonio "N", El Comandante, leader of the criminal group La Mano con Ojos, to 27 years and six months in prison for his alleged participation in a homicide that occurred in September 2011 in the Miguel Hidalgo district.

Ulises Lara, spokesman for the Attorney General's Office, explained that the conviction against El Comandante stems from an investigation in which this individual and other individuals, who were supposedly wearing uniforms of the now defunct Federal Police, shot a man to death inside a restaurant located in the Los Morales neighborhood.

"According to the investigation, on September 21, 2011, the victim and a companion arrived at the restaurant, El Comandante along with several people, some of them wearing uniforms of the Federal Police and carrying high caliber firearms, known as goat horns (AK-47 rifles), arrived at the establishment".

"Subsequently, the alleged uniformed men approached the victim, who warned that they were not federal police due to the weapons they were carrying, immediately they a struggle began and the victim was killed with gunshots," he said in a message to the media.

In addition to the sentence of more than 27 years in prison that he will serve in the North Prison, Hernandez Garcia will have to pay reparations for damages to an indirect victim of the homicide.

The official said that El Comandante took over the leadership of La Mano con Ojos after the arrest of Oscar Oswaldo aka El Compayito, one of the founders and leaders of the organization.

He added that in March 2012, elements of the then Attorney General's Office detained Marco "N" in the vicinity of the Villa Olímpica neighborhood when he was traveling in a high-end vehicle "following several homicides whose victims were mutilated, in some cases incinerated and abandoned in different parts of the capital," the spokesman explained.

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  1. La mano con ojos still exist ? Or did they disappear after la Barbie’s captured ?

    1. 6:17 - They disappeared shortly after La Barbie’s capture. But its members who were arrested are only now getting sentenced since the Mexican judicial system is shit and takes a long.

    2. Taking time will benefit him. He slipped and got caught in 2012, thats 13years. Only 14 years ahead of him, probably less than that. 27 years did not sound that much compared to some kidnappers who got 150 or so years.

  2. Yo era el compayito, that dude a fool lol

  3. Their hair always gave me a good laugh…

    Even busy with trafficking and murdering hundreds, they took the time to hit a salon.

  4. La mano con ojos they were a wicked clan alv they used to just leave the severed heads on the hood of cars with a manta fuckkkk lol on a few I remember they even put cigarettes or a fingers in their mouth alv

  5. El compayito died? Charismatic individual lol

  6. El Compayito is not dead, is he? He is a very wicked and dangerous man, responsible for hundreds of deaths many horrificly mutilated. I wonder when he will be sentenced finally?

  7. Compayito died of covid lmao 😂

  8. Dead link….got a different one?

  9. Al compayito “ Oscar Montoya” lo mataron en Puente Grande en el 2017


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