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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Unnamed Cartel Linked To Several Murders In Nuevo Leon

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State Public Security Secretary Gerardo Palacios Pámanes said that those arrested after a chase and armed confrontation could be responsible for several murders.

Five men were arrested in Apodaca and authorities link them to several homicides.

After municipal and state authorities arrested five members of a criminal group with a national presence following a chase that began in Escobedo and ended in Apodaca, Nuevo León Public Security Secretary Gerardo Palacios Pámanes reported that those involved were linked to several murders in the Monterrey metropolitan area and rural areas of the state.

Outside the Government Palace after the security meeting, Palacios Pámanes detailed that the confrontation between authorities and armed civilians left two policemen injured, although not seriously, in addition to a presumed criminal with a superficial wound in the shoulder.

"Escobedo police officers yesterday at approximately 11:00 p.m. were in pursuit of a white Audi vehicle, in which armed subjects were traveling. At some point during the pursuit these subjects opened fire on our municipal colleagues," said the secretary.

He added that during the deployment of the pursuit, municipal police from neighboring areas and elements of the Civil Force were also present.

Regarding the arrest, the authority pointed out that the men had tactical vests with the initials of a cartel with national presence, in addition to the possession of long arms, ammunition and caltrops.

"There are five detainees, one of whom has a gunshot wound in the shoulder, they were carrying tactical vests with the acronym of an organized crime group with national presence," he said.

Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, Secretary of Public Security of Nuevo León.

Regarding their relationship with homicides, Palacios Pámanes did not give details on what specific events are being linked to the detainees, but they are working with the Attorney General's Office to determine this.

What was the chase and confrontation through the towns of Escobedo and Apodaca like?

The arrest of five individuals and the wounding of two police officers were the result of an intense chase and shootout between Escobedo municipal officers and alleged members of organized crime on Tuesday night on the Libramiento Noroeste.

Following the incident, in the jurisdiction of Apodaca, authorities seized a vehicle carrying weapons, tactical vests and other items.

It all began moments before midnight on the Northwest Bypass near the road to Las Pedreras, close to the Santa Martha neighborhood.

There, the officers of the Escobedo Citizen Security detected the suspicious vehicle and signaled the driver to stop, but he ignored them and the pursuit began.

The pursuit, which was joined afterwards by more police officers, advanced towards Apodaca, from west to east, while the exchange of gunfire between the law enforcement officers and the alleged thieves intensified.

Once in Apodaca, on the road to Santa Rosa, the suspects' vehicle got out of control and abruptly entered a private lot, where the five men were captured.

In the operation, Escobedo authorities used a state-of-the-art drone, equipped with an infrared camera system, capable of detecting people in the dark.

Regarding the wounded policemen, it was reported that one of them suffered a gunshot wound in one hand, and the other suffered several wounds due to the collision of one of the patrol cars.

Northwest Bypass aka Federal Highway 40
Monterrey, Nuevo León 

Las Pedreras neighborhood 
Hidalgo, Nuevo León 

The Northwest Bypass near the road to Las Pedreras, close to the Santa Martha neighborhood

Unofficially it’s being said that these men are Cartel del Noreste operatives. 


  1. Definitely cdn they have control over those areas

    1. Yup.. they’re wearing military camo too…

  2. Excellent 👍 work, when you have a plan, to do a perimeter...they don't get away.
    Why was the secretary of security and the news outlet, afraid to mention the Cartel???🤔

  3. Pretty sure the logo on the hoodie is a hunting/western brand. Can’t think of the name right now, but someone else here might know it.

    1. I was also thinking the same thing. Thanks for answering though. Info has been updated that these guys are CDN.

  4. It's probably CHAPIZA guys.

  5. CDN. All CDN are Edgar’s

  6. These people are CDN asf


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