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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Two Men Arrested With Briefcase Full Of Fentanyl In Guadalajara: Jalisco

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

The subjects were detained by Guadalajara police officers in the streets of the Mexicaltzingo neighborhood.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

Two subjects were detained by Guadalajara police officers with a briefcase full of fentanyl, in the streets of the Mexicaltzingo neighborhood.

The Guadalajara Police Department reported Tuesday morning that the arrest occurred when they were patrolling in the vicinity of Montenegro between Nicolas Regules and Manzano, when they saw two men smoking from a glass pipe.

The police approached them and after an inspection according to protocol, a briefcase with about one kilogram of an unknown substance, which was wrapped in plastic, was seized.

One of the subjects carrying it warned the officers not to handle it because he told them it was fentanyl.

"One of them is located a plastic briefcase. When we took it, the subject asked us not to handle it as it was highly toxic and contained fentanyl. The briefcase gave off a strange odor," explained a police officer from Guadalajara.

The other individual was found to have a box with about fifty rounds of ammunition, apparently 9 millimeter caliber.

Damián "N", 20 years old, and Eleuterio "N", 45 years old, who had an arrest warrant for robbery, were arrested.

Both were handed over to the Public Prosecutor's Office for investigation. In addition, experts from the Attorney General's Office will be in charge of determining if the substance is indeed fentanyl.



  1. Get high after the job is done my dudes

  2. I thought cjng didn’t sell fent there was some guy on here dead set that cjng didn’t sell fent

    1. One puny kilo in a F up briefcase being toted around by some smoked out fiends equals CJNG retailing pills in ZMG? Jajaja

    2. It's coming strong in Guadalajara

    3. 11:34 pm you are delusional amigo

    4. Like the FEDs i got the pxtxs watcheando.
      Plea deal, tengo estos pxtxs copin'!
      Football play!

    5. 10:25 if that's true then you know CDS is trying to poison the youth and opioid addicts of ZMG. Gonna be a lot of disappeared/dissolved, descuartizados and individuals killed in custody if they're taken to jail.

  3. WTF is a Eleuterio "N" ?


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