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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Arsenal Arrives In Mexico Due To Internal Struggle Within The Sinaloa Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Internal divisions within the Sinaloa Cartel have reportedly led to an injection of weapons into organized crime in the country.

The weapons are said to have arrived from Los Chapitos and Los Valenzuela.

The divisions within the Sinaloa Cartel have led to an arms race in which hundreds of high-powered weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been trafficked into Mexico to fuel the battle between Los Chapitos and Los Valenzuela for control of the criminal organization.

U.S. government sources confirmed to MILENIO that the cell operating for Ismael, El Mayo, Zambada organized the trafficking of firearms, ammunition, tactical equipment, armored vehicles and ballistic vests, mainly from the United States, through the cartel's own networks or through external channels, in an attempt to annihilate Joaquín, El Chapo, Guzmán's sons.

The sources consulted detailed that, as part of the escalation of violence and the arrival of highly lethal arsenals, during this conflict the former leader of the organization, Gabriel Valenzuela Valenzuela, was murdered in 2020, which intensified the war.

Conversation from May 29, 2020:

Jorge: Could you get me the 'Minimis' (minigun) in Las Vegas?

Alfredo: Let me check. The things is that with this coronavirus outbreak things sometimes come back.

Jorge: No, not vests, but I need helmets.

Alfredo: I hope the Covid pandemic will be over soon. How many vests, ah sorry, how many helmets?

Jorge: Ah, yes, can a helmet withstand a round from a .308?

Alfredo: I will check if there are any for that caliber.

Jorge: I need about 100 sir. Give me 100 of those. 

Alfredo: Right, give me some time sir, I’ll get back to you on that matter.  

Jorge: I have about 300 operatives and I am equipping them.

Alfredo: That's a lot of men sir, but yes, you are needing a couple of rifles so that they’re all well equipped.

Jorge: Yes sir, everything that arrives, get it. Vests, helmets and rifles. And magazines, I need many for the AK47 and the AR15 platform , sir.

In the midst of the conflict with Los Chapitos, Jorge Valenzuela ordered hundreds of military-grade weapons from Alfredo Lomas Navarrete, one of his organization's main traffickers. From .50 caliber rifles, submachine guns and grenade launchers, to assault rifles and pistols, as well as tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. And the crown jewel: at least one Browning heavy machine gun.

Several intercepted messages to which MILENO had access show how Jorge Valenzuela, now detained in the United States, and Alfredo agreed to get the weapons.

Conversation from May 22, 2020:

Jorge: I need grenades and grenade launchers sir.

Alfredo: Great sir. Last week I was offered grenades. There were 3. Let me check. I'm going to tell them to bring the SCAR, assault rifle. 

The messages reveal that Jorge Valenzuela was buying shipments of weapons and ammunition worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, Valenzuela placed specific orders, such as .50 caliber anti-aircraft rifles and minigun machine guns.

"These firearms and ammunition were used by the organization to target Mexican security forces, members of rival cartels, and innocent civilians," the U.S. Attorney's Office asserts, according to court records. 

Most of the weapons were procured from stores in California, Arizona and Nevada, and then trafficked overland into Mexico through the San Diego and Arizona ports of entry.

According to U.S. sources consulted, Los Valenzuela is one of the main Sinaloa Cartel cells trafficking cocaine into the United States, as well as fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana, currently led by Juan Francisco Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela.

Jorge Valenzuela fell to the authorities before avenging his brother's death. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents began to identify private jets used by the cell, until on October 20, 2020, they arrested Jorge while he was traveling on one of those jets. He had 15 cell phones in his possession. Then they identified a truck park in Otay Mesa, California, belonging to the cartel, where they seized more than $3 million dollars, cocaine and fentanyl. In addition to 20,000 .50 caliber bullets, 1,000 .40 caliber bullets and bulletproof vests. Three of Jorge's operators were arrested there.

And so they continued searching houses belonging to the cell, where they secured more weapons, cash and drugs. They also managed to arrest the Valenzuelas' sister, Wuendi Yuridia Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela. She had $5.5 million in watches.

In total, 80 people have been charged within this conspiracy, for crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering and arms trafficking, many of them who have already been arrested and have reached plea agreements, among them Alfredo Lomas, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison after being arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Jorge Valenzuela, who reached a plea agreement in February 2022, is awaiting sentencing.

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  1. currently led by Juan Francisco Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela.

    How many Valenzuela does his name have Damn!

    1. "How many Valenzuela does his name have Damn!" Lmao

    2. If my calculations are correct it would be three 😎

    3. 03:24 is that from inbreeding?!

    4. Don't forget there's also a Richardo with a long name that comes in here .
      Richardo del las Lopez, Morales del Jacona Michoacan.

    5. It's only two surnames not three, it's not uncommon.

  2. So there is a fight with in CDS?

    1. There has been for a long time between Los Chapitos y Los Mayos.

    2. Mayo did not get involved in the fight between el Financiero G5 vs Ivan

    3. There was a rupture when Culiacanazo.

  3. So if I’m reading this correctly. el gigio who operates in Nogales is related to el financiero aka Gabriel Valenzuela Valenzuela ???

    1. Lmaooo 3 54 .Gigio is not mentioned in the article. Why would you come to that conclusion. VALENZUELA is a common name like Jackson amongst the blacks. Funny guy. Gigio was a mechanic for the nogales city government before he became who he is today . How does this affect you outsider people anyways for you to ask questions as if this was espn sportscenter material. Gabriel was from paredones and gigio is from mascareñas sonora,totally not close to each other.

  4. They dropped this cell in late 2020 in November, it was the biggest seizure in Southern District of Cali, something like 600 kilos of cocaine

    The prosecutor is the same one handling part of the Ovidiio Guzman prosecution in Chicago, on behalf of the US Attorney's Office in San Diego


  6. Tambien andan los garibay del lado de los chapitos

  7. WTF Kinda Narco is so F'ING retarded HE get's offered any weapons ammo etc and doesn't just buy it on the spot knowing he will need it. I mean F are these guys still in diapers or what. The old man Zambada must P*ss himself laughing at this SH*T and no I'm not a CJNG fanboy before it gets said

    1. As narco it is smart. "You don't have anything illegal on you or in your house if you get investigated".
      With needed connections it's enough you know where you can get stuff when needed. Storage guys keep the risk of sitting on merchandise and those guys work for someone else.

      CELL-CELL-CELL-CELL-CELL working for the same goal with dedicated specialities and they don't know of each others (if everything is like it's planned)

  8. 5 million dollars in watches .. snitchaloas want to show off so bad. Lie low and keep your self in the shadows. Notice how that flossy nigger rich stuff doesn’t fly in other states. They’ll never learn

    1. Yup bad allocation of resources.


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