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Monday, November 20, 2023

El Zorro, Ex-Leader Of CJNG Cell In Edomex, Sentenced To 175 Years In Prison

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Cristhian Ramírez Camacho was sentenced for the kidnapping of two people.

Cristhian Alejandro Ramírez Camacho, alias "El Zorro", former leader of a Jalisco New Generation Cartel cell that operated in the Toluca Valley region, was sentenced to 175 years in prison for the kidnapping of two people who were held captive in the municipality of Mexicaltzingo; one of the victims was murdered and the other had his fingers mutilated.

According to the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), on December 9, 2021, elements of the Municipal Police located two kidnapping victims in a property. However, one of the victims was found dead and the other one had a mutilated phalanx.

The investigations showed that one of the victims was kidnapped on November 16 of that year in the community of Texcalyacac, municipality of Tenango del Valle. Her captors took her to the property in Mexicaltzingo. Meanwhile, the second victim was kidnapped on December 8 in the same region and taken to the aforementioned address.

The investigations also established that "El Zorro", leader of a CJNG cell, was the one who ordered the kidnapping and murder of the victims, for which his accomplices used sharp objects.

The assailants fled with the idea that the victims had died; however, one of them survived. The progress of the investigations led to the arrest of Ramírez Camacho in March 2022 and his placement in a state prison.

After analyzing the evidence presented by the Public Prosecutor's Office, the judicial authority sentenced him to 175 years in prison for the crime of aggravated kidnapping. In addition, he must pay a fine of 2 million 150 thousand 880 pesos and reparations for moral and material damages.

Distance between the municipalities of San Mateo Mexicaltzingo and San Mateo Texcalyacac 
State of Mexico


  1. Replies
    1. Kidnapping will get you a more severe sentence than premeditated murder in Mexico.

    2. He’ll go Scott free for angelic behavior in 2 yrs.

  2. Cuhs got broken off ohhhhweeee

  3. He won't do that again.

  4. Does mexico have a parole system ?

    1. Yes, their parole system is called corruption.

  5. Does anyone know if El Durango or el Noveno have been sentenced yet?

  6. What state in Mexico

  7. CDS members never receive long prison terms like this

  8. There should be loud posters prominantly displayed in perpuity with pics n sentences of these animals, to discourage the impressionables with images of reality.

  9. 175 years? At least the rat bastard has years,unlike his victims


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