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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Organized Crime Sets Fire To Car Junkyard In Los Guerra And More Families Ask For Help To Flee Violence: Tamaulipas

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This article was translated and reposted from ELEFANTE BLANCO 

Editorial Staff EB

The fire at the "car junkyard" in Los Guerra, Miguel Aleman, has caused more families to ask for the support of the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA) and the State Guard to leave their homes and flee the violence.


Authorities confirmed that this Thursday a group of inhabitants requested the presence of the security forces and municipal vans to take their belongings from the town, which is suffering from the confrontation between the Northeast (CDN) and Gulf (CDG) cartels.

Elefante Blanco revealed the exodus of families from the town, located on the northern border of Tamaulipas, 7 kilometers from the United States. Criminal groups have economically and socially strangled the inhabitants, as part of the war for control of the territory.

The fire at the "junkyard" took place in broad daylight, where the fire department and the State Guard were attacked with bullets to prevent them from controlling the fire, which in the end consumed all the cars. The municipal authorities did not report any injuries or deaths.

This Thursday, state sources confirmed that approximately 50 families from Los Guerra and the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the municipal capital of Miguel Aleman have decided to move for fear of becoming victims of criminal violence.

The mayor of Miguel Aleman, Ramiro Cortez Barrera, admitted the serious situation faced by the town of Los Guerra, an area that has become an invisible border and a zone of confrontations.


According to intelligence reports, the CDN controls the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Nueva Ciudad Guerrero and Ciudad Mier, and a CDG faction operates in Miguel Aleman, Camargo, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and Reynosa.



  1. Wow 2 in a row. Something beside cds and cjng . Thank youⓂ️

  2. Crazy event. So why a junkyard? Do they build monstruos there

    1. Junkyard owner involved probably

    2. Since when has cdn controlled mier and guerrero?

  3. just burn the whole state of Tams its rat infested. lets start over


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